Fantasy/Scifi RP, complete with dragons!

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What should the main area of the story be?

  1. A kingdom

  2. A republic

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  3. A city-state

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  4. Some other form of government/nation (please comment!)

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  1. Hello!

    So I've been formulating this concept for a rp the past couple of days, but it's still kind of rough. I'd love some help brainstorming some more ideas if anyone is up for it. Also, I'll be looking for a co-GM as I'll be a little in-and-out.

    Alright, my concept so far: It'd take place on some other planet; whether its humanoid inhabitants are the world's original or not I'm not sure. I think it could be interesting if they're descendants of interstellar colonists now long passed from memory. Another option I've considered is that they were simply visited long, long ago. I'm open to whichever we decide is best. Anyways ;p

    So on this other planet, the plot would largely focus on this one particular kingdom(?) (nation, large grouping of people lol). In this kingdom/nation/whatever we decide it is, everyone is "linked"/partnered with a dragon. These dragons come in all different kinds. Some are more like small animals. Others are large and can be ridden. There'd be a pretty even divide of dragons that can telepathically communicate (especially with their partners) and those who can't, but their partners would still have an uncanny understanding of them. Essentially, I'd like to keep this open for player creativity as to what they want their dragon to be like. I'm also open to some players opting to play a dragon rather than human.

    Another thing to note is that many of these species of dragon live very long lives, causing them to far outlive their partners. So, some dragons will have multiple humans they connect with before they finally pass on. However, if a human losses their dragon, it is rare that they will be paired with another.

    I don't know if this kingdom is special on account of their dragons; I could see it going either way. I do think that there would be at least a group of outlaws that trap and smuggle dragons for various reasons. They would be a good plot device to stir up some trouble. Beyond this, I was thinking that there would be some ancient ruins that house some very old secret. Not sure what it should be, but thought it would be cool. Maybe it could something related to their past either as colonists or the otherworldly visitors.

    Anyways, these are my main ideas so far. :) The only other thing I have mapped out so far is I know what I want the kingdom/nation/whatever to look like (if nothing else, the capital city). I'll hunt for some pictures to give a good idea.

    Thank for reading!
  2. wow your idea is really cool i would really like to do it
  3. Thank you Dakota ^_^

    Got any suggestions? Or maybe which way you'd like it to go as far as if these are original people or not, etc.?
  4. well whe i her this it reminded me of my chareter i made some time ago would you like tosee her
  5. Sure, if you want to :)
  6. ok here look she toke some time though yes shes young but do you see what i am sayig like being blessed by them and geting well just read

    Name Lilly may
    Age 6-12
    Gender Female
    Hight 4"2"
    Skills ice magic and can fly abit
    Likes Snow, her mom, nature, the moon and ruff houseing
    dislike Thunder storms, being alone and eivl people how hurt her mom
    Sepses half human half dragon
    Bio She was found as a baby in the ice wood by a dragon, the dragon name is Tezcacoatl the king of the ice. Tezcacoatl disused to takes her in as his own and bestowed blessed of the dragons that made her half dragon and she raised her as her own. Years pass and they stay as a family Tezcacoatl teach her a lot oh things like dragon langue and englesh, she also teach her ice magic as well. They spent a lot of time together but one day her dad came home with cuts and gashes on him, he was attack my humans. But her dad reinsured that she was ok... later that night in the cave they lived in, it was ambush by the same men that attacked. Lilly father hid Lilly so they would not hurt her or worse kill her for being dragon as well, he was cot by them after fighting for a long time they weeken him and drag off him off they had plains on useing the dragons misticle powers for there own gain. after things died down and became quiet Lilly finale came out she was cryshe wanted to help but was to scard as she walks out of the cave the sun was just riceing at that ponit she diced to in search of her dad where ever he may be

    heres more pics of her

    Lilly useing her powers (open)

    Lilly with her dad (open)
  7. Love this idea! Currently, I don't have any ideas- to decide on whether the planet will be a nation, kingdom, or something else, you should put up a poll. I'm thinking the layout (by your ideas) would be a scifi world with dragons. Do you want there to be more scifi elements or fantasy elements? If fantasy, I suggest having elves, dwarfs, half-elves (human parent and elf parent), etcetera. Or if scifi, I suggest having only human characters. Are we still suggesting a name for the planet itself? Will there be multiple continents on this planet?
  8. I like this, and it's got me thinking. Nothing I can say at the moment, though.
  9. I'm sure interested in this, but as much as I like fantasy I suggest we try to stay away from the the basic four main race structure and stick to humans and dragons.
  10. \finally awake now = w =; lol

    @Dakota J. Martens: She seems very sweet :3 Though, she's not a real sure match to this particular rp. But I can see where my concept reminded you of her!

    @InspiredShadow: As to whether this is more scifi or fantasy, I'd say very scifi-ish fantasy. This meaning, I know usually "fantasy" is associated with past things and things like swords, etc. I don't imagine this world being feudal or medieval like, even if they have a monarch. (If it does, it would behave more like Naboo from Star Wars as an example). They could still have swords, and the like, but I think there would be some technology and very little magic. However, at the same time I'd like to have more a fantasy feel. So I don't want it to feel super futuristic. If we decide that the tech is actually very advanced, the way they would treat it would be to only use it as necessary. lol, sorry if I'm rambling. I guess I'm going for more organic and ornate style than the typical metallic and clean/minimalist usually associated with scifi.

    @EchoRun: That's fine ^_^ I appreciate the interest!

    @TheGDeer: I agree. I'm only wanting dragons and humans in this.

    And in regards to magic and typical fantasy, I'm not opposed to there being some magic in this world. However, I imagine it to be very limited. Also, as much as I love the elements, I don't think elemental magic feels right to this. More generic casting of spells to achieve specific effects feels more in sync. Though, it's up to what we decide whether to have it not.
  11. @mkvibe : Gotcha. And my other questions? :)
  12. Oh, yes I forgot to mention a name is still needed. Lots of names actually: the world, the place where the story takes places, and any/all other countries that are in the world.
  13. Okay. Is each country in this world all on just one continent or many continents with different countries?
  14. Umm, hmm...I'd say we have two options with that.

    A) The dragon connection of the story's nation is not unique. So yeah, probably most of the world is one large continent with islands, etc.

    B) The dragon connection is unique. Then I'd say there'd be multiple continents to give that space that would require. (It'd be strange for so many species to behave in one way in one location and the opposite everywhere else)
  15. Great! Thanks for answering my questions! Whenever I have any ideas or suggestions, I'll be sure to come around here and let you know~ :)
  16. No problem! Thanks for your suggestions and interest!
  17. I'm thinking that the dragon connection should be more unique, or least different types for different areas.
  18. Different types for different that sounds intriguing. :) Ooo, that could be played with a lot!

    It could even connect back to whatever was in the past. Like a group of founders differed on how the dragons needed to be "addressed". They spread across the globe, and the different nations eventually formed on these varying opinions.
  19. Exactly, now having them be different to specific areas causes them to be a little less special.
  20. \nods. Not necessarily a bad thing though.
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