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Hello! My name is Mynx and I am a super-fresh newbie to Iwaku. I have been role playing for quite a long time but I'm most certainly a little bit rusty.

To summarize quickly :
- Looking for One x One
- I am comfortable playing a Female or Male role
- I would prefer one main character with NPCs where needed
- Heterosexual, Lesbian, Platonic is my order of preference for role play pairings
- I am not interested in full anthro / furry
- I am not interested in extreme kinks (i.e. water sports, mutilation), incest, or impregnation.

Everything else - I'm super flexible and open to discussing your needs and requests!

Plots / Ideas

These are super brief, and some of them I wrote some time ago so they're a little fragmented until I re-write them, but all are open to manipulation and adding in any ideas you have! If I don't explicitly mention a preference for setting, time period, character, etc. then I have no preference.

1. Two slum rat orphan kids. They get caught running secret messages, drugs, whatever it may be for the underground criminal scene or rebellion. One of them sacrifices themselves so that the other can escape. The captured one is subject to different degrees of testing and training until they are a properly conditioned, loyal soldier to the state. Their memories are gone and replaced with stories about how the state saved them as a child from some child trafficking operation or something like that. The childhood best friend that escaped assumed their friend had been killed in the encounter when they were young, spurring an intense hatred for the state. They become more involved in a secret resistance cause in order to seek vengeance, and that resistance starts to gain some ground in their territory. News of this unrest reaches state officials and they increase the military presence in the area to try and quell any embers of rebellion. One of the officers deployed - the long lost slum rat orphan kid turned military prodigy.

2. One slum rat orphan kid and one well-to-do child, likely the son/daughter of a bureaucrat. The kids are just being kids, playing stupid games in the park and what not. They don't realize that their social standings are so vastly different and they're able to form a strong bond of friendship. Eventually someone finds out that our wealthy pre-teen has been gallivanting around with 'filth' and they immediately move to remove the negative influence from the situation. The slum rat kid is captured and see #1 plot for the gist of the rest of the story. The difference here would be that the slum rat would be coming back on an assignment either as a bodyguard or some other role that would put them in close proximity to the now grown and probably politically involved wealthy child. Wealthy adult now has to figure out wtf happened to their first best friend and why they don't remember anything, aka privately investigating the government they're supposed to be championing publicly, and long lost slum rat turned military prodigy is just trying to do their job while fighting memory flair ups and trying to keep someone intent on digging into the government's tightly guarded secrets safe.

3. I know pretty much nothing about the game frostpunk but I am very interested in the general setting/premise. World is pretty much frozen over, people are dependent on steam and coal based energy sources to stay warm and survive. I don't care what kind of story is thrown into this setting, i just think it would be interesting to have as a backdrop. Slice of life, throw in some magic, who knows!

4. Cliche ass magical academy (early college setting, preferably). The school chancellors pair students up at the beginning of the year based on their magical affinities, personalities, etc. and from that point on the students have similar class schedules with the exception of their concentration courses, lodge in the same dorm suite and, most importantly, are dependent on each other to obtain their passing marks for the year. If one of them fails, they both fail. If one of them pisses off a professor, they both go to detention. In order to pass pairs must obtain a certain number of points. points can be awarded for good grades, unexpected acts of heroism, or for winning school sponsored competitions. Points can be deducted for poor behavior, skipping class, you get it. (welcome 2 hogwarts) It's all supposed to be an exercise in teamwork, not to mention the chancellors pair up students that they believe can bring out the best in each other. Of course, it doesn't always go according to plan.

Our characters are students that are paired. I'm open to every type of dynamic from being friendly off the block to being mortal rivals. I would expect this storyline to be more on the fun side, with our pair trying to navigate everything from duels to cooking competitions (look I'm sure there is a way to make that a valuable lesson and worthy of points) to learning how to share a dorm common area. There's always room to add in some dramatic flair or seriousness if that's your cup of tea, just let me know!

5. Blitz Ball is an intergalactic sport that's taken the universe by storm. Teams of 5-6 players go head to head in a kind of capture-the-flag game where each player does their part to ensure victory. Three nodes per game are released in an arena (an array of which are available; forest, traditional, desert, etc.), one at a time in random areas. The first team to get to the node and capture it wins that round and the match operates on a best two-out-of-three basis. (One node is released and the second is not released until the first is captured; I realized my explanation was a crock of shit when I reread this.) We can make up the functions of players to be close to anything but some of the titles I thought of before hand are as follows:

Runners – These players are fast and have extreme stamina; their sole purpose is to get to the node and capture it with the cover of their team mates.

Snipers – They sit back and set up post where they can pick off pursuers with long range rifles.

Muscles – The fighters, per say. They barrel into / shoot up anything that isn't a team mate and try to put them out of commission for the match. They also function as convoys for the runners and even human shields at times.

Communicators – There's usually at least one. They sit back, possibly even out of the arena, and relay information to the team from a birds eye view via com links (as a side note, all team mates can openly communicate with their team mates in the same manner. )

6. "1.8 people die every second. Natural causes, murder, suicide, accidents; it doesn't matter how, only that death will inevitably come for you. The Grim Reaper was able to get the job done in the past when the human population was manageable but things have gotten a bit out of hand in recent centuries. Even a God has limits.

To deal with the increasing death rate, the Grim Reaper created an assistant, a doll per say, that could go out and reap souls just as he did. After seeing the success of his creation he sought to summon more of these hollow dolls to do his bidding, stopping only when he had enough to carry out the death load while he sat on his throne and, for the first time in centuries, relax.

These dolls were good at their jobs and were complaisant as can be but they were never meant to last. To Grim's misfortune his creations began to slow and rot until they could no longer function, much less carry out their duties as reapers. He was suddenly spending less time lounging and more time summoning new servants to replace the ones that fell everyday. There had to be a better way.

To give the dolls substance would mean giving them emotions, thoughts, personalities, and worst of all, some form of free will. But, it would provide structure to hold up the otherwise empty sack of skin that his dolls were turning into. By giving them souls he could extend their lives a thousand fold, and that's exactly what he did.

Using a reaped soul in it's entirety was too risky; it essentially meant bringing the shell of someone back from the dead. Too many emotions, too many memories. Instead Grim collected fractured pieces and carefully assembled them into the complex masterpieces that would become the new generation of reapers. Once again he made himself a horde of servants and kicked back, but once again he was denied his rest. As he had feared, giving his dolls a semblance of a life was quite troublesome. "

Reapers live in Purgatory, an Underworld city that hangs between Hell and the Living Realm that houses all manners of creatures from demons to minor Gods. They're sole purpose is to collect on souls and meet daily or weekly quotas and in return they're paid and given lodging. Reapers are not human. They are merely creations of Grim, dolls with a purpose and some stuffing to keep them upright, but they do have souls. Every Reaper's soul is made from pieces of other souls and they can still harbor the connections or emotions attached to said pieces. This would be problematic if a Reaper had a soul that was made up of Girl Scouts and Grannies, as they probably wouldn't be all too interested in reaping, but every Reaper has a small piece of Grim's soul that makes them obedient to their creator. That's not to say they don't rebel from time to time, but Grim's word is law whether they want to accept it or not.

My idea for this particular plot is to have a pair of reapers, my character and yours, who are part of a special unit that deals with collecting Forsaken Souls. Forsaken Souls are souls that were not collected for one of two reason; something stopped a reaper from completing his/her job, or a demon subjugated it before it could be collected. Both cases are rare and, more likely than not, when one happens the other preceded it or is soon to follow. These Forsaken Souls become dangerous and tilt the balance of life and death and so they must be dealt with accordingly. Only specially trained Reapers are up to such a task, and our characters happen to be such.

The big thing to toy with in this idea is the composition of each character's soul and how it defines them. There's no limit to how many soul fragments make up one Reaper soul, but I would say three is the minimum. Perhaps you're made up of a school teacher, a serial killer, a teen that committed suicide, and a grandfather that died peacefully in his sleep. It's up to you how much each effects your character and how they handle the differences they harbor, but it's sure to be interesting. I think it would be splendid if one of our characters had the rarest kind of soul fragment; a demon.

We can flesh this out, of course! And I know it seems only the dreary side, but I would love to throw in some humor to lighten it up. I imagine Purgatory being just like your average city, aside from the aesthetics, and Reapers don't spend all of their time on the job after all.

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I'm interested, though moreso for post apocalyptic mixes of sci-fi and fantasy, but I am down for other ideas.
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