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    This will be an iteraction fantasy rp (not long stories and stuff, but conversations). This will be held in a less advanced time (no technology but magic is allowed). Please dont be saying I killed you and stuff that makes the rp not fun but murders are allowed. I mostly dont care for what your characters do but minamize bad language. When making your character please tell your race, background story (job, pets, family, past, etc...), how you look/pic of character. I didnt mention some of these detales in my previous forum and might make changes later on depending on how things are. Please make sure every one is having fun.
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  2. My characters name is Sasha, she is 19, Canadian, she is 3/5 human, 1/5 cheeta and 1/5 house cat. She is a kind and generous girl but is not some one you want to get on the bad side of or you'll be having a face full of claws. Her dad was human who married a cheeta, house cat neko. She has long purple hair that reaches her waist, she is 6 feet tall, her hands and feet are paws, her lower legs and lower arms are covered in brown sploched cheeta fur, she has a brown house cat tail, her face is slightly extended into a cat face. She wears a red robe with a black belt, she has a black collar with bell on it around her neck, she wears black gloves and shoes which she made her self are not like human gloves and shoes because she has paws. Her dad is a black while her mom is a tailor, Sasha has learned how to do both but is more interested in blacksmithing and has learned a bit of sorcery and fighting styles, she has managed to enchant some of the things she made. She can speak to anykind of cat. She hates dogs and water but loves chassing mice and birds with her hands and mouth or a bow and arrow, she loves her family, she owns her own small smithy at a small town of 800 called argos thats surronded by montains and is a days walk from the ocean.
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  3. "What a nice day today" Sasha siad to herself looking out of her smithy. It was a bright spring day with only afew clouds in the sky above the town in the mountains "Argos" she was just working on a new sword of a magic infused material that was suspose to make it a stronger material. She was going to the town resteraunt for lunch when in the disstance of the street she saw a strange looking man.
  4. Koji's travel's has brought him to the town of Argos earlier this morning. He found a place to stay at the inn while he stayed in Argos. The town was not that big so it only took Koji a few hours to learn the place. On his way to check out the Smithy he notices a woman that was heading back towards the town. " hey girl" he says running up to her. " i hear there is a master blacksmith some where around hear , you know were i can find him? "
  5. "That would be me. But i wouldn't say I'm a master. What do you want?" Sasha asked him looking at him slightly puzzled.
  6. Koji raises an eye brow and grins " your kidding right?" he says as starts to laugh. " im sorry" Koji says as he trys to calm down. " i was going to ask him to make me a sword"
  7. "For your information i happen to be pretty good even if im not a master and I'M the only backsmith in town." Sasha says glaring at Koji with her paws to her hips
  8. " yhea yhea.. sure you are" He says with a sarcastic tone while patting her on the head. " ill find it my self" he says he walks up to the Smithy. Koji begins to knock on the door when he gets there " hello" he says as he knocks " is any one here?, i would like to make an order"
  9. "Im not in there yet duu." Sasha says says holding up the keys. She unlocks the door and inside theres pictures of Sasha. "See now dumby!" She says gestering to the door and walks in.
  10. Koji was surprised when she opened the door with her keys " uh...." he begins to laugh awkwardly as he scratches his cheek. He couldn't believe she was the blacksmith " i guess you was not joking"
  11. "Great grammer dumby. You're more stupid then i thought." She says sarcastically. "Now... What do you want?" She says her voice happy again.
  12. Koji stood there with a confused look on his face ~ was that suppose to insult me~ he thought to his self. He pulls out a note that had a picture from his pocket and holds it out to her " its long sword Katana"
  13. "And what would you like to be like?" She asks
  14. He shugs his shoulders " i dont know" He said with a confused look on his face. He couldn't help but look at her ears that were pointy .
  15. "Come back in a couple days it'll be ready then." She said
  16. Koji nods " alright" He turns around and begins walking back towards the town. "Im staying at the local inn " He says turning his head and winking at the girl as he walks away.​
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  17. Sasha nods and smiles awkwardly at the wink. And then remembers she was about to have lunch when she was intrupted by Koji.
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  18. Koji places his hands in his pockets as he heads back into town . " hm she was kinda cute" he says to his self as he walks. He makes his way to a shop that sold food. He takes a seat at the counter and asks for some type of alcohol, The man brings him some Ale .
  19. Sasha walked into the resteraunt only to see the same guy at her smithy, she decided to sit at the opposite end of the building in hopes not to get into an awkward conversation espectialy since he was drinking she just met him and meeting him drunk was not something she wanted to do.
  20. Koji looks to see the same Black smith girl from earlier . He smirks " you following me now" He said before taking a sip of the ale.​
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