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  1. OK I'm open to a bunch of things I am new here and I'm not sure what people want so....ask and we shall see.

    I do MxM and MxF RPs. I have no experience at all with FxF so please do not ask. I will not do it justice.

    Pitch me almost any idea you have. 18+ stuff is really iffy for me, so you have to be both 18+ and actually catch me at a time where I want to write it. Which is not often. You're better off not asking.

    I don't have a list as of current since I am compiling it. It's a work in progress. You can literally pitch your ideas to me and I will either say nay or yay. Replies will range from multiple replies in a day to one every couple of days.

    I have a bunch of interests. I love romance. Romance is yay. It can be dark but like I said, always ask first.
    I will always respond more often to PMs rather than this post so PMs are encouraged.
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  2. Perhaps you'd be willing to discuss what kind of genres of roleplay you enjoy?

    As much as it helps to be 'open' to many types of roleplay, if we'd go to conjure a story up together, I'd very much like to know your interests so that we can make the roleplay equally enjoyable for both of us. c:
  3. Gosh I'm not good at making these lists because I always want to them and then there are ideas that I would love to do but forget.
    Note that I respond to PMs more than to this just for future refrence. I'll try to edit the top a bit more to have something there.
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