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  1. hello I am looking to do a rp with a small group.

    The base for the rp is: there is a jungle planet were there is 3 kingdoms (at war with each other): the humanoid kingdom, the beast kingdom, and the Almighty kingdom (taking suggestions for specific names). And in the those kingdoms there are 12 main species. Humanoid kingdom: Humans, Elf's, Animalians (animal people), Merpeople, . Beast kingdom: Naga, Giants, Monsters, Serpents . Almighty kingdom: Dragons, Phoenix, Demons, Angels.

    The world has been in war between these 3 groups and their empires. when making a character you will choose one of the following 12 races and choose your own path weather that is to conquer the world of to save the world. Spies and peace activists are allowed. Character death is allowed and if your character dies you will have to make a new character and keep on playing.

    Race basics

    Humanoid Kingdom
    Humans: highly adaptable to their surroundings, they use physical weapons, and are fast learners.
    Elf's: sneaky, ranged weapons physical and magic, high intellect.
    Animalians: roaming tribes; physical weapons, animal abilities and features, great variety, fast learners.
    Merpeople: water bound, high intellect, magic preferred but will use physical weapons.

    Beast Kingdom
    Naga: high intellect, physical weapons, half serpent half human.
    Giants: low intellect, physical weapons, great attack.
    Monsters: elemental weapons and magic, great variety, high intellect.
    Serpents: high intellect, no weapons or magic, high defense, high attack.

    Almighty Kingdom
    Phoenix: fire magic, high intellect, extreme attack.
    Dragon: Fire magic, superior intellect, extreme defense.
    Angel: holy weapons and magic, high intellect, peaceful (mostly).
    Demon: demonic weapons and magic, high intellect, blood thirsty.

    Character creation

    Appearance (photo/description):
    Other info:

    Please put character info in this forum please.

    1. make sure every ones having fun
    2. no 18+ content
    3. be reasonable (for self and character)
    5. each role player can have up-to 2 characters if you want
    6. small combinations between races within the same kingdom is allowed
    7. changes can be made to character before it is used

    Thank you for considering this rp! if you do not think this is the rp for you I hope you find the right one for you :D.

    Sorry for any new people but we have enough people and not allowing more role players at the moment.
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  2. Name: Selinde' Astrakon

    Race: Phoenix

    Gender: Male

    Age: Thirty-Five

    Appearance (photo/description): Despite his age Selinde' looks no older than twenty years old due to his race's lasting youth and vitality. He is of a slim build with slight muscle tone that is barely visible. His skin is brown and his face is well structures with a clear jaw (under his full beard) line and high slightly noticeable cheek bones. His eyes are orange lit, a pupil being apparently absent from the orbs. His hair color is slate and long. When he reaches any kind of emotional high flames of the same color travel along his hair. Often times his hair may be pinned up in some form of braiding or dread locks.

    While in his humanoid form it is possible for his wings to appear from out of his back, the plumage being the same color as his hair and able to summon fire spontaneously in the same manner his hair does. When Selinde' is actually in his bird form he stands no taller than an eagle. Atop his head can be spotted a thick crest of feathers like that of the Harpy Eagle. All his plumage is of a slate coloring or silver. Thick tendrils of seemingly decorative feathers sprout from his tail feathers and are three feet in length total. Slate and Silver colored embers often dance in the air about him with out setting anything ablaze. When flying in either form fire is often left in his wake but quickly disappear as the conjurer does. His bird form is noticeably slim as well and elegant in appearance.

    Personality: Adaptable, Open-Minded, Non-Judgmental, Pragmatist

    likes/dislikes: N/A

    Other info: None.
  3. Name: Nedric She'valla

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Appearance (photo/description): Nedric is slender built, with an incredibly vivid shade of red wavy hair that grows faster than he can cut it, and rests just below his jaw. Sometimes he'll wear a pair of goggles, though it normally rests around his neck. His skin is very fair, and he burns easily but doesn't retain a tan. Standing at 170cm, he's shorter than most men his age and it's unlikely that he'll ever grow any taller. His eyes are a dull copper color, which appears more gold in the sunlight. He constantly has clothes at least three sizes too big, and it looks more like a patchwork of different odds and ends than anything else, and has to double tie his pants to his body. Nedric never really complains about his clothing much.

    Personality: He's very cheerful, ready to smile and has a strong sense of duty. He doesn't like letting people who need help pass him by without aid- though this sometimes gets him in trouble with his peers. Surprisingly he's very observant and hardly ever lies- though no one ever believes him. Nedric is openly honest which sometimes causes friction between the people around him.

    likes/dislikes: He doesn't like the cold, since he feels it very easily. However, he doesn't get hot until around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite that, Nedric has a fondness to cold foods and doesn't mind eating uncooked food.

    Other info: Nedric is used to living on his own, but isn't used to traveling in groups.
  4. Name: Miles Lorne
    Race: Snake person (Naga)
    Gender: M
    Age: 21
    Appearance (photo/description): (Without the hood)[​IMG]
    Personality: Rather playful and frequently messes with others. Enjoys doing snake like things such as eating things whole rather than human things as he prefers to be referred to as a snake. Often found playing with people, eating people or sleeping most of the time. He's not great at dealing with people who don't like him so he often either plays with them until they get too mad and he ends up killing them, usually through digestion. He would be considered neither a spy nor an activist while traversing the other two kingdoms. He simply dislikes his own home and would prefer to reside in the other two. He also often enjoys playfully tricking people around him or tricking people into being his meal.
    -Playing with humanoids.
    -Going hungry.
    -Not being able to sleep when tired.
    -Feeling trapped.
    -Feeling unwanted/threatened.
    -Getting in trouble (mostly being caught eating someone.)
    Other info: Although he often travels alone he does like travelling with people, he just ends up making them emergency rations when nothing else is available. He has a tough gut, preventing people from stabbing through from the inside or trying to harm him. Isn't proficient in any weapons and usually fights end in him running away from or eating the other combatant.
  5. cool character thats 4 of us now :)
  6. If that is in fact what you meant by snake person then they are called Full Nagas ^-^
  7. ok ill change that, though i was thinking of something a little different then your character, it works.
  8. Snake people could be naga if aquatic or lamia if terrestrial. Granted, Nagas are completely serpentine while Lamias are human from the waist up and serpent from the race down.
  9. Ah, sorry I was going off of the Hindu myth of Nagas which look completely human from the waist up and serpent from the waist down, full nagas are snake everywhere but kinda humany up top like my character ^-^ I forget people aren't quite as nerdy with myths as me ;-;
  10. I know about nagas and lamia but i was thinking in between them
  11. Sooo...a mermaid but snake instead of fish tail style?
  12. I phrased my post wrong, I meant that nagas were completely reptilian, with human torsos covered in scales, while lamias were entirely human from the waist up. Sorry ^^;
  13. that would be a lamia
  14. No I know but in Hindu mythology nagas have human skinned torsos ^-^ So Lamias are just Hindu nagas :P Eh, I'll just stop trying to be right ;-;
  15. So then we're sticking to the term naga then?
  16. Oh! Oh! I was also wondering if serpents and/or nagas should have illusion/hypnotism magic as they quite frequently do in games and mythology ^-^
  17. Gotcha. I just know fuckall about Hindu mythology. Not saying that you're wrong, I'm just saying what I know.
  18. Hehe~ Yeah it's a frequent misconception because WoW introduced the merfolky version and DnD then made the accurate hindo version a race to which loads of people made OCs and the sorts with on FA and DA etc so then Lamias were made when people were confused as to which was which because Hindu mythology is weird and confusing ;-;
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