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  1. Sorry sign ups are now closed

    Please sign up for my fantasy roleplay here
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  2. [​IMG]

    Yokai werewolf
    Father- demon wolf ( rip)
    Mother- priest Human (rip)
    Kojis family owned a dojo in japan which he inherited from them when they were killed from his mothers side of the family since his mother had fallen for the very thing the priests were suppose to kill. He has bin alone since he 15 and ran the dojo with his fathers servants .He decided to travel when he turned 18 leaving the servants to watch over the dojo
    Koji is a mysterious man who has a bad habit of pissing people off due to his lack of kindness towards others, but has a sweet side.
    He travels with two shadow colored wolfs he had raised since they were cubs. they consider him there pack leader/father . He has the a mix between demon and werewolf abilities.


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  3. so is my charater good?
  4. Cool how will this rp go you think with a wolf boy and a cat girl?
  5. well i made my charater to travel the world and i guess hes going to run in to the cat girl
  6. Wait is this were I ask to sign up?
    I'm confused =~=
  7. make your character here and i dont know if she has to approve it first.
  8. Its fine i said i dont really care to much about character as long as every one is having fun with those charaters.
  9. Its ok to get confused im a little confused by this myself (still new to this).
  10. I'm interested in joining. Give me a moment to get my character.
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Arcturus or Arc

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male (Preferred form)

    Species: Unknown

    Physical Description: Arc is a shifter, meaning he can shift forms. His favorite form is a Male Elven youth of about 15 with brown hair and neon-green eyes. He wears a black cloak with a blood red inside with a hood. He also wears a blue shirt and black pants. He is small in size, making him agile. He is acrobatic as well. He doesn't have much muscle and prefers to fight with a dagger.

    Personality: He is carefree and friendly. For the few friends he has, he is very protective.

    Other details: He shifts his molecular structure to morph into any organism. When he comes into contact with an organism, his body absorbs a small amount of DNA and stores it for later use.
  12. Welcome GeminasM you can join in when you see thers a good spot
  13. So is this RP open to newcomers or no? I noticed that the main RP board is in the "invite only" section, but the ooc/sign-up is not, so I'm a little confused.
  14. Im also new to this so i was doing things that confused myself but ya you can join.
  15. M'kay. When I have time and see an opening, I'll hop in.
  16. I also do not understand what you mean by this being an "interaction RP." Does this mean that detailed posts about setting and actions are discouraged? What exactly does that mean?
  17. Read over what we have done already in the rp and i think youll get it. Also its good to know whats happened in the rp anyway before you join
  18. Interaction meaning conversation not long stories i guess i can just say that
  19. Also read our character info to know who we are basicly
  20. I'm reading it and its all very short posts with just dialogue. I didn't know if that was intentional or if you guys just don't like to or aren't able to post more. It looks like this is intentional and desirable here. I'd be posting about a paragraph, probably more each time, so it looks like this isn't the RP for me. Good luck and have fun!
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