Fantasy RP Sign Up and Planning

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  1. Light:
    Dark: Astrosloth
    Water: Posting Owl
    Air: MkVibe
    Earth: Emi
    Fire: That LARP Guy

    Once we are all signed up post bios in this format:
    Height and Weight
    Hair color
    Eye color
    General description( doesnt have to be very long if u have a picture)
    Personality: A few paragraphs please
    Strength ( on a scale of 1 to 10, based off of how close they were born to a solstice)
    Weapons (Air usually uses two short swords, water usually a sword and shield, earth a spear and a big ass shield, fire uses a two handed weapon, light doesn't matter because it is a female and uses magic
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  2. So, for clarification, are girls not trained in weapon based combat at all?
  3. I'm interested in light~ :3
  4. They better have some training. I think it's just because females are more attuned with the goddesses so they are usually more powerful magic users.
  5. lol, yeah okay.
  6. But then again this is all just an assumption.
  7. Signup & OOC threads should go to the appropriate subforum, so I'm going to bump this over to Fantasy OOC for you. What belongs in Roleplay Talk and what belongs in the Genre OOC boards can be a little confusing, and is easy to mistake, so I'll explain here in the thread so more people can see it; it's learning time! 8D

    Roleplay Talk is for:
    Partner Requests: These are for people seeking one partner to do a roleplay with. They have achieved their purpose when the OP has found someone they want to play with. These are sometimes double-posted in Roleplay Talk AND One x One Requests

    RPADS are posted to draw interest in a roleplay that the OP already has mostly figured out.

    Group RP Plotting: This is for roleplay creators who are a little fuzzy on some points, or who just have an idea and need help plotting it out; they're working on putting together new roleplay ideas

    Interest Check: This is for when you have an idea, but you're not sure if people would be into it, or you need help figuring out what people would want to do in it, so you vet it out here.

    Seeking Roleplay: These are players who either have a character they want to play, but no roleplay to play them in, or are just jonesing for roleplay and want people to shoot them invites and ideas.

    OOC forums are for:
    Signups & Discussion forums are for signups (postings of character sheets or memos to help players keep track of the characters in the story), joining requests (although those can be done in a Roleplay Talk board, too), and OOC chatter about the IC roleplay once its started.

    This thread belongs in the Fantasy Signups & Discussions forum, because the RPAD already achieved the purpose of attracting new joiners and generating story ideas; once you've got something to start, the signup thread for players to "officially get started" in, should go in the genre forum!

    I hope that made sense, please PM me if you're still confused.
  8. Thanks for the advice! I'm used to proboard format ( Hammel y u do dis) or whatever swfans amd swrp are based on.

    To answer your questions: males simply imbue elemental power into the weapons (normal sword and presto a flaming kick-ass looking greataxe). Females can do weapon training though their weapons are not physical, more like magical conjurations. This allows more mobility in case the lines fall apart. Think of it as artillery. You make stuff go boom boom from miles away and then try to blow stuff up oif it gets close. However there have been women who chose to stabby stabby bash bash instead of boom boom bang bang. It is more common then the reverse side; occasionally males can blow stuff up.
  9. lol got'cha
  10. Okay hmmm. I'll have to think about what weapons I want my character to use.
    I was thinking air could maybe use those Japanese war fans.
  11. I thought of fans, but then felt that was probably too expected. Plus, I personally dual wield so, if I use any weapons I'm think either dual broadswords or weapons like Talim has, bladed Tonfa.
  12. Well whatever you want to do. It's your character :D
  13. Indeed ;p
  14. [​IMG]
    Something like this ( 2 of them) for my character. Just imagine it shrouded in darkness instead of ugly blue
  15. D: The pics are broken on my end.
  16. Oooh fancy. So kinda like Zed from League of Legends? (If you don't know what I mean you should google him. Seems a lot like what you're going for.)
  17. Actually it is a sword from Halo. I liked Zeds blades but they were too short for me. Used to play Zed all the time too but ofc once I hit gold I played Master Yi and Xin Zhao.
  18. OMG you're in gold? So jelly! I'm too scared to play ranked :( and also it's hard to gain elo when you main support.

    Wow this got off topic.
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