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  1. Looking for someone to do a Fantasy RP with.

    I'm usually on once or twice a week at bare minimum, though if I'm lucky I get on a once or twice per day.
    So, Casual really

    -Pretty much anything really.

    After a siege on [INSERT CITY NAME HERE] by the dreaded Orc legions, two lone survivors set out to take their revenge.

    So, it's a pretty thin plot and all, but I'm just looking to get to know some people on these here forums.
    I'm welcome to other plot ideas, and I don't mind playing a Female or Male.
    Also okay with having multiple characters for plot related purposes.

    -Must be open to random nonsensicallness. Too much sense is bad for the mind.
    -Must be open to the possibility of relationships (not necessarily romance though)
    -To apply, simply give me an idea of what your character could be like, how often your online, and how interested you are :)
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  2. I'm up for it. Interested in the fantasy and classically play revenge-driven females. Plots and twists and occasional craze is cool. I'll try to post daily but I post more often as I get more into it.

    I also tend to play multiple minor characters along my main character purely for plot purposes.
  3. I'm interested in role playing with you... If you are still looking that is
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.