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  2. this will be longer then a regular message just so that there's a better start to the story hopefully.

    It was a foggy night, all was peaceful in the 3 kingdoms or so most people thought. But at a small village near the edge of the humanoid kingdom closest to the beast kingdom a battle was ragging. Many monsters had attacked the small village and were burning it to the ground. Villagers ran and hid as there houses lit up in flames some brave villagers stood there ground and fought but with no hope of winning. The monster raided and destroyed everything while collecting valuable items. Within a couple hours all that was left was smoldering remains of the village the monsters had won. This had been going on for many months now for the beast kingdom had decided to expand their kingdom and went for the weaker of the 2 rival kingdoms. Only a few villagers survived those lucky enough to have escaped and those unlucky enough to have been captured and would be put into slavery for the beast kingdom.
  3. Nedric had the bad luck to have been at one of the border village when it was attacked and raided by those of the beast kingdom. He'd been eating dinner about the time that it was attacked,
    and without finishing, he ran out of the village tavern to head for some kind of cover. It was absolute massacre, with people dying left and right. Nedric had narrowly missed several arrows and sword swings.
    But he was unlucky enough to have been captured among the surviving villagers that hadn't escaped or died. Somewhere along the line he had twisted his ankle, and limped badly with difficulty. He'd had better luck,
    but Nedric was fairly sure that his luck had just about run out tonight. Protesting that he wasn't even a part of the village only earned him a couple of bruises in creative areas and tugged along with the rest of the villagers.

    Which was what brought him to a distinct dislike for those of the beast kingdom. Nedric had witnessed various raids of the course of his life, and didn't exactly like any of them. Only a handful of those raids were from actual humans among each other, but it was smaller compared to the rapidly expanding beast kingdom. He had to escape, only he didn't really have any options. 'Course, he could just kill himself now and save himself the trouble of doing it later, or he could get himself killed trying to escape. Neither sounded like appealing options-which remained doing as he was told. So with an annoyed tisk, Nedric glared at any creature that wasn't human.
  4. Miles Sighed, slithering behind the hordes of monsters as they headed towards yet another village. He looked to the side seeing giants and muscle bound monsters and prodded his reptilian arm a little disappointed. He shrugged it off and continued forwards. The horde entered the village and he slithered over to a woman "you were probably gunna die anyway." he said then sliced through her clothes before picking her up and opening his maw wide.

    He slid her in feet first as her cries became muffled by his closing mouth. "So goood~" he chimed, patting the slowly moving bulge. "Right, now to help the others." he said to himself then slithered over to villagers running, picking up any children and mothers he saw and taking them to safe areas without being seen by other monsters. He was faster than humans after all and had a recently found a sympathy for them.

    After the village was razed to the ground Miles went to group up with the rest of his kin, rubbing the bulge in his long stomach. He attempted to fit in, as if he'd killed several humans like the others, he was pretty good at tricking people after all.
  5. Fester watched the village from a distance in horror, watching death and murder all over the place, he had been watching the monsters for a while trying to warn people but backed out when a crowd starting coming. Seeing the monsters head toward a near by town he flew ahead of them hoping to be able to warn them before it was to late.
  6. Nedric had seen the Naga kill that woman, and then devour her. Terrified to the bone, it was all he could do to keep himself from looking. He had to flee, he had to.
    He got fortunate enough to slip away before he was shackled, but only barely. Nedric was at least half sure that the monster that had eaten that woman had seen him slip away in the confusion the woman wailing two people ahead of him caused. If the guy had seen him and made chase, Nedric would be doomed as it was impossible for a human to outrun someone of his species. If he was blessed enough by the gods, it could be possible for him to escape.
  7. Miles had indeed spotted the slender, red haired man slip away, he seemed at least slightly interesting but the fact he wasn't helping children escape meant he wasn't in the forefront of the snake boy's mind. He did, however, find the man's attire odd and would definitely remember the strangely dressed man, he liked odd people. Before these two would meet however, Miles had to seem like a vicious, snarling beast along side his kin.

    This was the part he hated most, pretending he wasn't half human, his father lived in the beast kingdom only a few years under the protection of Miles' mother until he found himself beneath a giant's foot. Miles' past always fluttered it's way back into his head when he was in these situations but he pushed it back, distracting himself from the cries of his past along with the shackled innocents of the village.

    He sighed and prodded the still very human like bulge in his stomach and slithered away from the group with ease, the beasts had won, they didn't care what they did now. He moved to the edge of town where he'd saw the oddly dressed man run to. He looked side to side as he slithered quickly through the alleys until he was spotted by a group of people on the edge of the village. He saw them cower behind their hands and run until Miles held his hands up.

    The boy then retched, his mouth opening wide as his eyes clenched shut, pushing the woman out of a hole beneath his tongue. As like some male snakes, Miles had a compartment males had to keep eggs and young safe beneath his tongue, a dry holding compartment. He rested the still very alive and surprisingly dry woman on the floor before pushing her towards the group of survivors, his stomach growling angrily.
  8. He'd gotten tangled among a group of surviving villagers-pulled in more like. He tried leaving, but they would pull him back claiming safety in numbers. None of them would be safe if one of those beasts came for them. The best weapons they had were pitchforks and cooking utensils.
    Then the naga came again, the entire group huddling closer together-as if that would make a difference. Instead of attacking them, Nedric witnessed probably the grossest thing in his life. Apparently he never really ate that woman, only storing her elsewhere. Nedric's stomach did several flips at the sight of her coming out of his mouth, involuntarily blanching. Those in the front made a grab for the woman, pulling the petrified weeping woman to the relative safety that the group had.
    "Um." He started, staring with a mixture of disgust and panic at the creature. Of all of them, Nedric was the one who wasn't cowering, even if he was still very scared.
  9. Miles pressed his fingers together awkwardly as he saw faces retch and turn, he looked back towards the village to see if any others were coming then back to the group. He didn't really know what to do as most of the humans he knew were either used to that sort of thing after being around monsters so long or children who just make noises and laugh at it, some young monsters even found it cosy. "S-sorry!" he exclaimed in a desperate attempted to communicate with them, looking down at the ground before noticing the oddly dressed red haired man within he crowd. "S-see! I didn't harm her! I d-didn't harm anyone!" he exclaimed, trying to look for children he'd saved but they were all at the front, away from his gaze. He stood there, hoping that someone would at least acknowledge his half human side.

    This wasn't the first time Miles had trouble with interacting with humans and it was probably far from the last. He was fine if it was children or one or two adults but a group of scared, badly armed, traumatised humans wasn't exactly the easiest group to get along with, though he thought if anyone, a half human would have the best chance.
  10. Even in the dark of night, the smoke could be seen from the road. A short, hooded figure stood in the middle of the road, facing the destruction of the village. She'd just left the inn less than an hour ago, and the Beast Kingdom forces had managed to stomp through and wreck everything. A sigh escaped from underneath the hood, and the figure hoisted up a large metal box over her shoulder. She'd hike back into town and see if she could help any survivors.
    She set off at a light jog, completely ditching the road and heading towards the glow of flames and the thick smoke trailing from ruined buildings. As time progressed, the girl pushed herself harder and harder, and when she arrived at the edge of the village about fifteen minutes later, she was at a dead sprint. She dropped the box on the ground and leaned against it, panting heavily. "I need a damn horse," she grumbled to herself. She only allowed herself about thirty seconds of rest before she picked up her box and set off again, darting through the shadows between houses, trying to find any survivors she could. She could see a group of villagers that were all chained up and being led away by nagas and monsters. She grumbled to herself. It looked like the beasties already cleaned out everyone. She pulled her hood lower over her face and started slinking away. By the time she made it to the next building, she heard the sound of someone vomiting, followed by the wailing of a woman. There were a few other voices, but she couldn't make out what was being said.
    The girl slid her box underneath a fallen support beam. She couldn't carry it around if she ended up in a fight, and she didn't want it sitting out in the open. A compartment on the side opened up, and the girl pulled out what looked like an ornate rapier hilt, with the blade missing. The tube running through her box had one slit on the side, and the girl thrust the hilt into it. When she removed it, a longsword blade was attached. She dashed around the corner, her hood flying back, revealing her fiery red hair, tied back in a fishtail braid. A lone naga stood in front of a small group of human villagers.

    "Alright, you scaly sunnovabitch!" she yelled out, brandishing her blade. "I'll give you five seconds to leave, or I'll make you swallow your own tail! And that's a promise, Sam Vulpina doesn't make threats!"
  11. All of the survivors jumped at the sudden arrival of the woman, and the weeping woman quieted. They all peered at her with a mixture of relief and joy-why the villagers didn't attack the naga in the first place with their pitchforks was surprising. Finally, Nedric spoke up.
    "He just upchucked that woman," He stated dumbly with a thumb at the still crying woman, who was surprisingly dry. Nedric didn't want to even ask why. The girl-it was hard to tell how old she was, was loud. Much less fearful of the beasts than the villagers combined, but for excusable reasons. The group however, used this moment to escape while they still had the ability to do so. It was unlikely that they could escape elsewhere, but not impossible as long as they were careful. Nedric found that his feet didn't feel like moving, and that somewhere in the run he's lost his shoes. Not much of a loss, they were too big anyway. But then again, everything he was was at least three sizes too large.
  12. Miles was completely distracted by the group in front of him and got incredibly caught off guard by the woman coming up beside. His tail curled and he turned to her, his arms up in the air. "I-I saved people! You don't need to..." he gulps "m-make me swallow my own tail." he said, stuttering with fear of this woman.

    He knew he should probably attempt to seem threatening and dangerous like other monsters but he wanted to stay on the good side of these two, simply thankful this warrior was giving him a chance. He also didn't see himself as particularly powerful.

    He began to slither backwards "I-I'll leave, s-sorry." he said, then looked to the woman he saved and simply nodded to her before turning around, looking back apologetically.
  13. The point of Sam's blade lowered. She looked between everyone with a confused expression on her face, before her eyes found the naga again and narrowed. The wailing woman was still stifling sobs, looking more shaken up than injured. Sam scratched her head and swung her sword up to rest on her shoulder. She casually stepped closer to the crowd, all while keeping her furrowed gaze on the fleeing naga. She looked through the crowd to search for anyone extremely injured, but they all seemed fine for the moment.

    With her initial scan done, her eyes came to rest on the man with red hair. Sam smirked at him. She didn't see many other redheads. She made a mental note to strike up a conversation with him later, but for now she wanted to try and get everyone to safety. "All right. He's gone, but we don't want to stick around to find out if he's bringing back friends. We need to get on the road and book it to the next village and let them know what happened. If any of you are too hurt to make the trek on foot, let me know. I'm gonna stay to the back and watch the rear so we don't get ambushed. I'll meet up with you right away so get going now." After her little speech, she turned on her heel and marched away, back towards her box. She needed to get it back before she ditched town.
  14. Fester arrived at the village thinking of what he could do to make sure word was spread about the attack. He then thought of something instead of getting a group he would find single people and get them to spread the word of the attack. He found a couple of knights walking away from the main part of town and flew over to them. The were startled when he landed in front of them and the he said "please tell other people a hoard of monsters is coming!" In a shaky voice then he flew away. He thought to him self "finally. Maybe this village will be ok.". Before long there were guards and warriors all over the town watching for the attack.
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