Fantasy RP Partner Search.

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  1. Greetings!
    To start things off, I would like to add that I don't generally post here much, but I do have roleplay experience. I am trying to transition over to this site due to the fact of my old site shutting down and the craving of new content.

    The Roleplay~

    So basically what I am wanting to do is write about fallen angels in a fantasy setting. My character would be a fallen angel who is exiled from the heavens, she falls to the earth, a totally unfamiliar place and something she knows nothing about.
    My character will experience significant appearance changes and possibly have some mental illness after her fall. She will dabble with dark magic and be immortal. Doomed to live a life of absolute misery.

    as you can tell, there is no set in stone structure to this, I wanted to create as we go.
    I don't have any real preferences on what you play as, You can be immortal, and any gender or race. My only request is that you stay some sort of humanoid.

    I am open to critique on the idea and any opinions you may have. Please, message me if you are interested, and have a nice day! (:​
  2. I'm so down. :) I've been focusing on over complicated roleplays as of late, and this seems like a nice change of pace. Got any sort of plot ideas? Or shall it be off the cuff, for the win?
  3. well, I got a message from someone wanting to do the RP, but I'd be happy to do something similar with you! Message me?