Fantasy RP ideas?

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  1. To avoid awkward conversations, I'm looking for girl roleplayers! I'm a guy, and feel really weird playing sexy stuff with another dude! And READ THE PROMPT! If you ignore half of the things I put on here (this included), I'll deny your request.

    Ok, so I want to do a fantasy based RP. I'm not concrete on the plot. I'd like our characters to go on an adventure, possibly to kill some ancient evil, evil dictator, crazed mage, etc. something like that. Maybe Dragon Age: Inquisition style.

    Basically, I just want to play a swordsman. I was watching some people play Smash Bros on YouTube and saw someone play as Ike and I thought, "He looks cool, I kinda want to play a character like that", so yea, I want to play a badass swordsman guy. I won't make my character just like Ike, but sort of similar.

    There will be a CS for your character at the bottom. You can be a mythical creature (female of course), furry, monster girl(encyclopedia for reference, ask for my favorites), ancient creature, whatever. The more wild the better, for more plot stuff :)



    Kinks I enjoy: Sub/(affectionate)Dom, BDSM, mind break, petplay, cat/cow/monstergirls (goes with petplay), slave, collaring, spanking , nipple play,lactation, harems (optional, but would be enjoyed), public, transformation, anal (not on me), deepthroating, yiffs/furries, assorted others.

    ^ These are all just things I like to do! We aren't limited to these and we don't have to use all of them! :)

    Limits: Blood, piss, shit, vomit, hardcore BDSM(can be discussed/explained), ageplay, incest, assorted others.

    I've kept everything a bit open so we can be creative with our characters and whatnot. If you have any ideas PLEASE send them to me, I'd love to hear them. Even post them here if you'd like, so other people can see them.



    Species(of monster girl, type of furry, elf, drow, etc. No orcs/dwarves):

    Disposition(Nice, sweet, shy, mean, bitchy, etc.):


    Eye color (you wouldn't believe how often I forget this fuckin' option...):

    Hair color/length:

    Cup size(Shrugs I like boobs, preferably DD cup to I cup):

    Body type(also like wide hips, large butt, nice thighs with long legs .__. But it's your character.):

    Profession(Warrior, mage, ranger, etc.):


    Special Characteristics:

    Other(Stuff I should know that won't be in exposition later on):
  2. Hi there, I'm interested in doing this since I've been playing Dragon Age Inquisition and LOVE it. But yeah, I've been in the mood of some adventure with a side dose of sexytimes so before I make my character sheet, what furries or monster girls are your favorite?
  3. Well for monster girls...

    Valkyrie/Dark Valkyrie
    Nekomata/Cheshire Cat (Or any of the cat girls ;) )
    Inari/fox girls
    Blue Oni (maybe)
    Wight (possibly)
    And a few others.

    For furries, I like wolves/canines, felines, and a few others. Not really reptiles. :)
  4. Oh ma god so many. At least I know my options aren't limited. Did you want me to PM my character sheet? And discuss more of the plot there?
  5. Of course :) That'd be appreciated.
  6. Would you be open to another?
  7. Yup :) response will come tomorrow most likely.
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