INTEREST CHECK Fantasy RP Idea; Spontaneous and Character focused.

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  1. Okay so this is a sorta chaotic idea and is quite similar to some others I have seen, but not exactly the same.

    Basically the idea is that a group of characters wake up in a cave with amnesia. They are basically helpless; they have lost all skills or powers they may have once have, any sense of identity or memory of their past lives, but their general intelligence is unaffected and most characters have a basic knowledge base, maybe even more, that is up to the character to decide. Physically they look like they have been starved or malnourished and then nursed back to health so that while they have they have enough muscle to function they are quite weak. These characters are of various races, which you can make up or use as you wish within reason.

    They will leave the cave and try to explore the world; no matter what happened to them another fact will become evident with time that fate will not allow them to be separated at least not permanently, whenever they try to split up fate always pushes them back together though sometimes it takes longer or it allows times to be slit, but they will always return to each other.

    Now this RP is set in a fantasy world, but basically anything goes and the world will be created to fit the plot and characters, so it is complete up to the players what the worlds lore is, but basically in this world everything and anything exists within some limits. The tech level goes up to steampunk and magitech but no modern technology, though steampunk or megitech may have the same sort of results as modern tech the style is still steampunk or magitech-ish, and the lowest level of tech is basically stone age so the world has lots of variation.

    Now keep in mind the RP is focused on the characters and the world directly effected by them. So I would generally like characters to be very deep and interesting, now they don't have to be that way at the beginning, they could lack any characteristics and be created as we go, but we might go into some deep things depending on how we go. I also plan this RP to go on along as possible, and you are allowed to jump in or out whenever you want with only slight trouble. The RP is focused on the characters and how they go through different adventures so their is no one set plot is is just made up as we go. They also will gain skills, power, etc. as we go.

    Post-wise I don't have any word limit or anything, but I would like your posts to have enough information to RP off showing your characters, emotions, thinking, physical reactions movements, etc. But you can if you want write huge flowery posts full of fluff...I like reading fluff >.> But we will need summaries at the bottom of posts for people that don't.

    Plot wise I have a basic plot to start off with, but I'm mainly just going to wing it depending on how it goes from their or the characters. GM wise I may ask people ideas or opinion and roll a dice, or take polls, or may even give over the power to drive the plot and to RP out the world and NPC's over to other players if they have story arc ideas. Plus I'm don't generally like to GM so I may just do that because im lazy. :P

    So if anyone is interested, has questions, or is interested, but has some problems, post and we will talk. I'm just trying to see how many or if any would be interested in this. I know their are similar-ish concepts out their for RPies, but I generally have some slight problems with or their concepts. Besides I've had this idea in my head waaaay longer.
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    *squints* ...Do I have enough room for another rp?

    *looks* ...No.. not really...

    ....*will join anyway*
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    :P Cool

    Also your avi fits your post so well :P
  4. Sounds cool! :3 I can already think of a couple of characters I could use; it'd be pretty interesting to see how things would go if they were suddenly stripped of memories and powers.
  5. Oh Damn. Either I unbleachify My Character, Either I create a new one.

  6. Cool I'll just leave it up for a few more days, and eventually get to writing out the OOC then IC. At least we can get some more people during that time.

    Edit #1: FYI It may take me a long time to set up OOC and IC im abit of a perfectionist and I do have RL stuff to do first so, it may be awhile. But its good to know someone people are interested in the idea.

    Edit #2: I have now me reminded of some previous commitments in RL and I now realize that I am unable to do this. I may eventually get to it, but not I can't see it happening for the foreseeable future. Sorry for those who where interested, feel free to do it yourselves if you would like.