Fantasy rp anyone?

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  1. I don't have any ideas right now but I'm wondering if someone is interested to be in a Fantasy rp with me.
    I'm wondering if it should be a Good vs Evil thingy or if it should be a more calm one that don't have a lot of action in it.

    I'm not too into romance so if you want to have some ridiculous overrated romance, no thanks! Just action, serious business and maybe comedy sometimes. (If I've a "funny" character or something)
    I can rp both male and female but I prefer male and if you've an idea on the rp please tell me. I can probably cook something up as well. C:

    Maybe fantasy with a lot of magic, or a little RPG-like or MMORG would be fun to roleplay!
  2. I am interested.
    But I feel like this belongs in 1 on 1.
    Just me ;)
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  3. I put it here if in case more were interested.
    But what do you've in mind to rp? Do you've any ideas or so?
  4. What, out of ideas? Well, allow me to stock them up for you.

    1) Dark Kingdom vs Light Kingdom. Basically war, playing as major characters in it. Generals, Kings, Princes, etc... Maybe end up compromising? (I don't like killing my characters too much D: )

    2) Same idea as above, except with Heaven and Hell.

    3) Civil war within Hell.

    4) What is it with me and war? Well, how about an adventure of a small group to kill a secret army trying to take over the kingdom? (Geez, that's still kinda war X_X )

    5) An enormous building the size of a country, with wonders in every room.
  5. Hmm... the light, darkness thingies sounds a little like this one I've made;

    And all the talk about war sounds like my sci-fi idea:
    But that's sci-fi and not fantasy .-.

    But it do sounds like that you like war-like-ish rp's. So maybe we can make something out of that, evil vs good ones?

    The only thing I can think of is this typical; one evil guy wants to take over the world and he builds up an army and then the heroes have to save the world. ( > ~ < )
  6. I don't know what it is with me and war >.< I want to be more diverse than that. And that idea you gave is the most generic thing ever. Can you cook up something like the 5th one? Unless you didn't like it. Gah, I feel troubled.
  7. I know, I know.
    And I can rp anything, so it's no problem. It's just the bringing up an idea that is hard to do.

    Like the 5th hmm....?

    I've an old rp idea that is a mix of steampunk/fantasy where two bandits are on the run from their own group. They're in the forest and suddenly find a hidden area filled with a huge old city from who knows what. And there's a treasure hiding in this city that they want to find. :I
    This rp idea is old and I don't think anyone was interested about it ._.
    But maybe that's not really your style?

    Or how about this? A king is sending out two warriors to find... uhm... a treasure, maybe his relative or something that is overseas? And they have to find this thing but don't know how and they'll have to go to a fortune teller that is not too far away? And then they go on their adventure, doing small guests for people (like an rpg) and so on.
  8. I like steampunk.
    A lot.
    I like your idea.
    A lot.
  9. The first one? Well, okay then!
    We can do that one :D
    I think I've the old OOC somewhere... (Cause I'm too lazy to write a new one) Buut, I can probably change it a little.
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