Fantasy RP, anyone?

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  1. Yo! I'm looking for some cool cats to create a super duper amazing Fantasy world with. And thing is, I'm awful at writing out my ideas (for now >.<) but I can come up with awesome things that haven't been seen in a story before! So I do kinda need a few people to help me here. Oh, and after we fully develop the world, why not turn it into a group RP? I think that would be totally epic.

    Um, so is anyone interested in doing this with me? ^-^
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  2. Fantasy is kind of a huge genre, haha. Do you have any more specific niches of fantasy in mind?

    I'm probably in regardless, haha, I'm hungry for a roleplay and I love most fantasy, but to get started, a basic idea of what kind of fantasy would help.
  3. Most likely Medieval Fantasy. It's a pretty nice genre. Realistic physics, mythological creatures- but not magic! No magic. I haven't been a fan of magic in a long time.
  4. Well, I had a plot rolling around awhile ago that involved the human and fantasy creature struggle, but it was less about the humans and more about warring factions/species within the fantasy world. The war was between those who wanted to come out to humans and those who wanted to remain secret. So that was set in the 'real world' with a kind of ancient (and mostly unnoticed) magic that seemed to keep the fantastical realm safe from wanderers.

    Or are you more thinking an entirely different land and world away from reality?
  5. I want to focus more on the Humans in a different world. A brutal world with no mercy for its inhabitants, you know? I've been wanting to do something like that for a while now. Though I guess there could be a small amount of magic. Not fantasy without it, I suppose.
  6. Mm, fantasy can be fantasy without magic, I'd argue fantasy could be just mythical creatures and strange lands. Magic isn't always a must.

    Brutal world? Poor little humans? I can handle that, haha. Did you have any other ideas? Especially in regards to whatever their struggle and plot is?
    Or would it be more of an explorative, character driven story?
  7. A bit of both. Maybe a group of exiles are sent to a forbidden land where no one has dared to go before? There would be lots of room to surprise the roleplayers, which is essential to keeping everyone interested.
  8. Does it have to be group? Or do you do one on one as well?
  9. I most likely won't have time for another RP, but the pull of fantasy is strong. XD I'll be keeping my eye on this and I'll see if I can procure myself some time.
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