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  1. 'Sup, V here. I'm new to the site, so I hope I'm doing this right. I'm interested in doing a fantasy RP, maximum of 9 RPers, with three factions: Evil (3), Good (3), and Neutral (3). The world will be called Arisav. I've already claimed a class in the Evil section, that being the Dark Lord. The other classes are as follows.
    For Evil: Monster [I expect a unique idea in this concept, don't just throw me a generic demon or dragon (maybe a combination?)], Evil Sorceror, and Dark Lord.
    For Good: Paladin/Knight, Cleric/Healer, and Supreme Force of Good (I don't know, let's say an angel).
    and For Neutral: Mercenary (essentially a generic warrior or barbarian), Elemental Magician, or Assassin.
    There is no interfering with another's character, though I suspect you already knew that. Romance is allowed. No godding out unless your character demands powers of the sort, and don't use them frequently in the RP. The roles Good characters would be playing are those of the adventurers going to hunt the bad guy; the Sorceror and Monster would be the objects between the adventurers, except for the Dark Lord, who basically gets angry at the others for failing, manifests himself in your nightmares, or manifests a shade of himself to legitimately fight the Good guys, until the end with the final showdown between good and evil; and Neutral characters I encourage creativity with, but they must interact with the others in some constant manner, but not as a team. Them's the basics. Anyone up for it?
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  2. Oh, and post your character sheets if you're interested here, using this character sheet:

    [Include a picture, armored and unarmored, (or in the case of a Dark Lord and SFG true form and preferred physical form. Monsters only need one image), and a short description. Remember, this is a Fantasy from a Medieval-esque era. Don't use a guy with a shirt and tie. Include usual armor and weapon(s) the character uses.
    (Explosive, chatty, sadistic, benevolent, etc.)
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  3. Name: Xanethus

    Age: Unknown to Mortals. It is rumored he is as old as darkness, and thus has been in existence since the beginning of recordable time, and perhaps even longer.

    Alignment: Evil

    Class: Dark Lord

    True Form (top) Preferred Physical Form (bottom)
    146482.jpg untitled 2.png
    Most people (and even his own followers) only see Xanethus as a hunched skeleton dressed in simple brown robes, tied at the waste by a rope. The only intimidating thing about this creature would be the wickedly sharp scythe and glowing hourglass he carries wherever he goes. But when he truly wishes to personally spread fear and destruction, he releases his true form: A tall, skinny, hooded figure, lacking a face, armored in ornate plate armor and robes, without any visible legs. Tendrils of energy reminiscent of wings spread from his shoulders, and his scythe splits into twin sickles.

    Powers/Abilities: Telekinesis, astral projection, control of darkness, capable of opening rifts to release new minions, flight, energy "wings" used as extra limbs, teleportation, telepathy, nigh-invincibility, energy and matter manipulation, incredible weapon skills, god-like stamina, and resistance to light.

    Personality: Cold, calculating, fatherly to his personal creations, sadistic, cruel to any who fail or oppose him, and sociopathic.

    Biography: Born at the beginning with the other Great Spirits, Xanethus has had millennia upon millennia to brood and fester over his hatred for the living world and his "brethren" itself. Now, he has set his sights on conquering the world and replacing its population with his demons, undead, and self-created spawn. Only now have the Spirits begun to oppose him, though it is far too late. His power has grown, his army expanded, and it appears nothing can stop him.
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  4. I'm not new to rping but I'm new to this as well:), hi.
    I'd love to join, my character sheet will be up tonight >.<
  5. Name: Anettia
    Age: Anettia was born in th 1200's
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class: Assassin
    Appearance: (Preferred form)
    [​IMG] She stands at 5''5 and doesn't like to be called short
    (True Appearance) the tiger stands at 5''5 in human height just like her preferred appearance
    Powers/Abilities: She has a great deal of both agility,speed and strength; she can see the dead and focuses mainly on both potions, poisons, herbs and medicines. Psychometry: She can see the past/future of an object (this takes a lot of energy and she likes to keep this ability a secret).
    Personality: Anettia is a secretive person who can easily play something off with a smile, if something goes wrong she won't take it seriously and pretends that she doesn't know what's going on but in truth she knows and she tries her best to learn new things. She likes to keep her mouth shut sometimes but if you actually try to speak with Anettia she will start to talk back. She can be a bit nervous when she speaks to others but she hides it under either a smile or blank look. When in battle Anetta is merciless like a wild monster who lost control, she will knock her enemies down and try to make sure they stay down.

    Biography: Anetta was born and raised by a single woman who was a Neutral, she raised Anetta herself when she found Anetta when she was 10 years old. The woman was named Lilith had found it hard to raise a child who could see the dead but she managed to show her love to Anetta in a different way... training her to be an assassin. Sure it was tough love but Anetta had gotten attached to Lilith while also being emotionally detached from other people. Things happened, Lilith had died, years had passed and many life learning lessons came upon Anetta's life.

    If you want me change anything, I can:)
  6. I'd like to join also and reserve the evil sorcerer, but I'll post my character tomorrow. (it's pretty late here right now)
  7. LonaLove20: Great character, love the creative take on the assassin as a shape shifter rather than just a woman with knives, and you're in unless I get a better offer for an assassin, thought I find it difficult to top that. I'm changing up the character count to 9, because I feel that it might be a little useless to have 3 Neutral classes, and only accept one.

    zenith: Take your time, quality over quantity, etc.
  8. Name: Matthias
    Age: Depends on how you look at it. His current body he's had for almost twelve years, which is a pretty long time for him, but his soul is thousands of years older.
    Alignment: Good
    Class: Healer, spiritual as well as physical, as he often likes to say.
    Appearance: A rather plain-looking man with long brown hair and deep brown eyes, Matthias is usually set apart only by the look of supreme gentleness and forgiveness on his face.
    This is the only picture that really captures his physical appearance. For battle, the only clothing he will wear is a plain white linen schenti (Egyptian skirt) or full robes if the weather is too cold for a schenti. His powers prevent him from carrying weapons, and he finds armor a bit useless. It suits him better to ride into battle on a white donkey wearing nothing of any protection.
    His spirit takes the form of a Phoenix, symbolic of his ability to be born time and time again without dying permanently. His spirit is usually taken to another realm, where his mother can walk in her true and terrible form, so it is rarely seen on Earth but for a few seconds at death and rebirth.
    Powers/Abilities: Matthias' most unique ability is immortality. Instead of being indestructible or healing, however, his soul simply cannot leave the Earth. He will regenerate into another body, usually within moments of losing his earlier one. Aside from that, his biggest "offensive" ability would probably be his forgiveness. His death bestows a blessing on his killer that fills them with the love and kindness that Matthias had in life, which can often shake even the evilest of villains to the core. Of course, it is only as strong as his love and forgiveness, which requires extreme self control on his part.
    Other blessings are also within his capability, and also dependent on the strength of his love and kindness for the person. Healing is arguably the most useful of these abilities, and certainly the one he plans on using the most within the team. These blessings can be very powerful, but are draining on him and limited in number and duration. Additionally, blessings cannot aid or add any offensive capability, only healing, defense, and spiritual perks. In fact, he is physically incapable of lifting a weapon or harming a living creature, and cannot harm a living thing, even indirectly through the endowment of blessings.
    Personality: As can be expected, Matthias is extremely loving and kind, a big brother for all of humanity in many ways. However, there is a deep sadness in him, the knowledge that he will never be allowed to do anything but serve his fellow man as long as there is evil in the world. His purpose is to fight evil, and he cannot refuse his purpose, as tiresome as it may get. He has recently started to get very weary of his role in life, to the point of questioning whether or not he can continue this path.
    Biography: Born when mankind was still young on this world, Matthias is the child of a mortal man and the World Goddess, Gaia. Though he is limited to his few blessings and the natural abilities of the body he's in, his mother has the ability to place his soul into the physical form of her choosing. He likes being turtles and doves, and sometimes harts or hares, but usually winds up being human. Over the centuries he has battled increasingly more evil foes by ruining their evil resolve with love and kindness, which are the only true antidote to such destruction. No amount of magic or light-wielding swords can destroy evil; it must be purified from the inside out- or at least that's the theory that guides his mission.

    Hey look, I'm not an art thief! Full credit to the majestic Carlzeno of Deviantart! Used without permission.
    second picture credit to
    same as before. Many thanks!
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  9. I hope you don't mind, honestly. But in an SFG, I'm looking for a continuing character, one who stays in the fight till the end. And in the ways of powers, he's not even that useful. He gets hacked to pieces. If he is forgiving, than he purifies the guy. If he's not, than the swordsman keeps fighting, and hacks the rest to pieces. He comes back as another guy, or a bird, or a turtle. But how is he going to go anywhere? How does he find anyone? What stops him from dying again? I'm sorry, I really am. He's a good sounding character, but not for this role, nor even as a cleric just yet. You can revise if you want, enter a new character, or give up, but I cannot accept Matthias at the moment.
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  10. Well, we already have numerous fighting figures. This can be a gigantic brawl, if you want, but so many RPs just descend into a measuring contest where no one is willing to have their character lose. I didn't want to include just another sword-wielding brute killing a killer and being righteous about it. XD I figure it would include another level of emotional depth to the RP if, instead of having characters locked in a physical fight, things are suddenly taken into a psycho-spiritual level as the bad guys try to defend their "bad-ness" against the face of overwhelming love and forgiveness, which is probably a new concept to most villains.
    I would also disagree about him being useless. Hack him down, he just comes back again in a matter of seconds, and gets in the way again. Every time he does, there's a new wave of magical assault against the very core of the villain's character. He could also be useful for healing/blessing his fellow good guys and keeping them going. As for finding people, I suppose he'd do it the same way the other heroes do? Nothing stops him from dying again, but imagine an enemy you can't get rid of. Chop him up, burn him to a husk, crush him, maul him... he just comes right back, and every time he does, there's a new psychic assault. That has to get to you after a while. Like stepping on a spider just for a new spider to walk up, and every time you squash one, it melts your shoe a little bit.
    I didn't go for the traditional approach, but I think if you'd give him a chance, Matthias could be the insidious side of goodness. He's not a warrior, but you know what they say about pens and swords. ^^
    I suppose if you want the SFG to be a warrior, he could maybe take the healer? I'd rather not make another character, but I might have a monster that could work... also not very traditional, though.
  11. For Neutral characters, I'm looking for a lot of betrayals, last-minute loyalty changes, etc. A lot of expectation lies on you. As for Good and Evil (perhaps to help Lady Sabine), make sure you're character fits the role, and can help the party during the quest. Matthias WOULD have been a perfect cleric if he wasn't as godded out as he was with his instant purification thing [maybe capable of converting minor demons, beasts, etc. If he had the power you gave him now, the RP would be over the next time he met the main Evil characters. It wouldn't be very enjoyable or long (that's what my imaginary wife said)], and if he had something else to go with it, like blasts of light, or healing. I definitely can go with Matthias if something was added or revised, and he stepped in as a healer or priest-like character. Everyone loves the pacifist. I'd be fine with that, and would love such a character on board. Can't wait to corrupt him. But allow me to explain. Anettia works because of she can blend in with a crowd (of course, if I met that chick on the street, it would be hard to forget THAT face), seduce a target, and maul them to death as that cat thing. And nobody could distinguish the killing as that of a human, as it would be that of an animal. Xanethus works because he is practically a death god, is cold, cruel, and evil to the core, and has no qualms about extinguishing all life. See where I'm going with this? And pens and swords? The sword slices off the hand controlling the pen.
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  12. Speaking of Anettia and Matthias in the same post, another revision. Anettia can see the dead. Where's Matthias's true spirit form?
  13. Well, I never said his instant purification will convert anyone instantly. It's an instant effect but like I said, it's dependent on his own emotional state and, of course, the strength of the malice and hate it has to dilute. Just because it's worked excellently against everyone he's faced so far probably won't mean anything- after all, a creature as old as darkness itself is definitely bigger and badder than anything else. I figure that my character and yours will be similarly pure to their natures, sort of a yin and yang. He kills and corrupts everything he touches while Matthias heals and purifies with his own presence. Xanethus doesn't die while Matthias always dies. A sadist and a masochist. While I wouldn't mind having Matthias step in as healer, I figure there's a nice roundness to having the "leaders" of the teams complementing each other at every turn.
    I think I see where you're going. Matthias works because while other forces of goods are going in with fire and trying to burn evil to the ground, he's greeting them with open arms and love. He has no qualms about accepting all life, is good to the core, and makes up for in persistence for what he lacks in resilience. I think the visual you're getting for good versus evil is these two great armies locked in valiant struggle in a huge battle that goes on forever. Matthias isn't really that sort of good. He's more of a "one single candle can push back the darkness for leagues" sort of guy.
    As for his true spirit form, it seemed a bit redundant to include a picture of a form he'll only have for a few seconds at a time, and in a different dimension. I suppose I could search for something if you insist.
  14. As a technicality, please do include the spirit form. Shit, just use Ben Kenobi (that's a joke. Try harder than that). And I'll compromise with you. We leave Matthias as is, minus adding an image, and include some skill in healing. No magic powers, just a field doctor of the middle ages. Sound good?
  15. And remember peeps. Time is different on Arisav than on Earth. The 1200s in Arisav will be quite different than those on Earth.
  16. Well, just a field doctor would mean some CONSIDERABLE changes...
  17. How so, my dear? It would only mean adding a few skills to the CS. That need not mean you change his personality, nor his power.
  18. Still accepting right? If so I'll get a CS up!
  19. I would think that an immortal with blessings and magical healing would be a bit more than "just a field doctor", haha. Last time I checked "just field doctors" usually rely on a kit, not magic.
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