Fantasy Romance, Please. ^.^

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  1. Admittedly at this point I don't have a firm grasp on the plots in question, just the characters who would be paired. However, I think that their dispositions will lead to some interesting developments, so for anyone who's intrigued, we'll see how things develop. ^.^

    First, a female ranger and an Elven prince.

    A human boy and a fallen (literally) angel.

    And a prince with the girl sent to assassinate him.

    Each of these could be elaborated on, and I do have some ideas as to how, but send me a PM if you're interested in hearing more.

    Just as an addendum, I usually write a paragraph or two for replies, and usually fairly detailed. I'd like a partner who can match me. >.<
  2. I'm interested in the prince and the assassin girl :3
  3. I'm interested in the second one, sent you a PM.
  4. I'm in love with the third one about the assassin girl and prince guy. PM me if interested.