Fantasy-Romance-Drama [ Dream Droplets ] Needs you!

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    genre romantic f a n t a s y

    status needs players!

    creator s a k u r a

    inspired by Swii-tee

    Dream Droplets is looking for anyone and everyone who has been wanting to do a romance roleplay! Set in an alternate universe, where love is nearly a tale of Romeo & Juliet, but with a twist!

    Welcome all kinds of characters; pretty princesses, quiet girls, hulky dudes, and even the occasional hopeless romantic!

    The roleplay was inspired by Swii-Tee's nearly-bursting-feelings-of-a-need-for-a-romance-roleplay & Sakura's angsty-feelings-towards-True-Tears-the-anime.

    Just a cute warning that maybe will make you interested! vvvv

    Dream Droplets, the name, stands for the dream itself, the romance takes place in a 'dreamland' of sorts, and droplets - meaning tears.

    You can't have a beautiful dream without tears!
    So expect lots and lots of drama!