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    Welcome to my interest check! Make yourself at home! But first...let's set down some ground rules shall we?

    Rules and Gudielines 1. You need to be of an adept level of writing to advanced, able to write multiple paragraphs, I simply can't get interested in a roleplay if my partner isn't up the challenge, nor will I dumb myself down.

    2. Being a polite individual is a requirement that has no exceptions, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, go straight to jail if you cannot abide by this rule.

    Simply put, I want a partner who's friendly and polite.

    As a bit of a information, on forums I might seem a little brusque or curt, I'm actually very friendly and difficult to offend, I promise.

    3. Decent grammar and spelling is required, if you are uncertain as to what constitutes 'decent' then be sure to contact me, remember, it never hurts to ask! The worst I can say is 'no'

    4. I only ever do MxF pairings, I'm straight, and that's what I roleplay, if you have a problem with that, I'm sorry, but that's the way it must be.

    6. If you get bored or have problems, please let me know, but most importantly, please do not refuse to try and work them out before quitting.

    7. I do not do libertine content, sorry

    With that out of the way, let's get to creating some stories shall we?

    The Valley of Dying Things (open)
    A land undiscovered, far from anything resembling human civilization, he was the first to see it, a large valley cradled by the gentle embrace of towering mountains, and full of magic...magical creatures that is, of the sort never seen before.

    Elves, faeries, gnomes, and more, there were many places in the world with creatures like these, but rarely in such concentrations, it was a dream come true for an explorer like himself, this is why he spent long periods of times far from the comforts of a home, this is what he lived for.

    It was too bad there was something dreadfully wrong.

    The southern entrance of the valley he had entered, everything was lush, green, and overflowing with plant life, tended to by the inhabitants of the land, but there was a quiet and desperate fear growing in the populace who lives there, for to the north of the valley...

    Everything is sick, and dying, something is poisoning the land, killing it and anyone who stays there slowly but surely, the only thing holding back this sickening death, were the dryads, all led by the most powerful and eldest of them all, their unofficial 'queen', bonded to the oldest tree in the forest, she alone is holding back the worst of the toxins.

    Can this new stranger in their lands who is both part of nature, but disconnected to it help them save their valley?

    Aftermath(Skyrim) (open)
    Returned from the Great War, a venerated war hero, a mighty warrior, he's all those things. But he's also more then that, he's also a broken and soul-weary man who has seen horrors in the battle against the Aldmeri Dominion, spending his days and coin on drink, and trying not to think of what the White-Gold Concordant has spelled out for his people

    Few things we can do here, MC is the Nord soldier with PTSD, your character can be any number of things, but the idea is she'll get to know him and help him break free of his despair

    Those are the only plots I have on hand at the moment that I can think of, I'm sorry! I'll be working on creating more though!

    • I'd really like to do something involving World of Warcraft, note that I have no desire to strictly follow it's lore at all, but I'd like to do something involving MC with a Night Elf
    • I'd really like to do something involving Dungeons and Dragons
    • I always enjoy doing roleplays with dragons :)

    That's all for now! If you have any other ideas be sure to let me know! I'm open to a lot of genre's, anything but slice of life!
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  2. I love WoW, and my favorite character to use is a Night Elf~! So We could definitely work something out. PM?
  3. updated with a new plot for skyrim
  4. The Valley of Dying Things sounds quite interesting. If it's still available and you are up for it I would like to play it out with you.
  5. Go ahead and give me a PM
  6. I'm really interested in the Valley of Dead Things. I love the plot, and I love fairies.
  7. I like dragons. Dragons are cool.

    Can we do a rp with dragons? Cause ya know... Dragons!

    Sorry if I sounded like an idiot then, kinda sleepy at the moment but whatever.
  8. Considering you're not into Medieval, I don't see this working
  9. Hi!:) I'd be willing to do an rp with dragons in it if you're still looking :)
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