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  1. I'm looking to do a fantasy roleplay, something to do with greek mythology. Like a god and a human or something like that. I'd like to play the submissive role but I'm open to playing double characters. Just message me on here or PM me and we can start makin a plot!
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  2. I'll role-play with you if you want to do a libertine rp ^^
  3. @Areona
    If you like playing males, do you enjoy being dominate?
  4. @BionicBrony

    Um, I can play dominant but it's not my favorite
  5. @Areona
    Okay, so what sexualities do you prefer?
  6. I usually do MxF but I enjoy MxM too
  7. @Areona
    If you choose one then we can start planning.
  8. Okay, what types of plot do you like? Like, rape, fantasy, modern

  9. @Areona
    Rape, some fantasy, usually anything with torture or, if you're not into that, I enjoy loving passionate growing relationships.
  10. @BionicBrony
    I like passionate growing relationships if I'm dominant but if I'm not then rape is okay.
  11. @Areona
    Passionate growing relationship sounds good!
  12. @Areona
    Can we like switch back and forth?
  13. @BionicBrony
    Sure! I'll be the girl
    If that's okay with you of course

    Or, if you want, we can do a double roleplay. Like, you play a male and female character and I play a male and female character that way we can both be submissive
  14. @Areona
    Well of course, unless you want to be the male. I'll do whiever you don't want to.
  15. I edited my post, if you didn't see :)
  16. I like the idea! ^^