Fantasy Roleplay: The Expidition

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  1. I'm looking to do a roleplay that's based to a fair degree on the game Demon's Souls. I know there are a couple of other interest checks up right now dealing with a similar setting, so I hope to elaborate on how mine is different. Hopefully.

    Primarily this roleplay deals with small groups of people, from soldiers to priests to criminals, who venture beyond a wall that's been erected and manned to safeguard against a potential demonic invasion. Our characters would have to focus on uncovering what happened to the armies that were sent to wage war with the demons, and potentially vanquish a few if they can manage, otherwise they need to worry about surviving. I don't want to say this roleplay would be unforgiving, nor do I think it's necessarily dark, but I do adhere to the belief that if you want to write your character trying to fisty cuff a giant, that they're probably going to lose and maybe get dead. Real dead. After all giants are big.

    I will put it out there that I have very little GMing experience so this is a bit of a test for me in that regard and I want to try some things. Of those a skill list is up there. I don't want to have to crunch numbers or anything so I was thinking a simple system would be better fitting to the roleplay. For example a warrior archetype could have the following skills:
    • Martial Skill (Swords)
    • Martial Skill (Shields)
    • Martial Skill (Heavy Armour)
    • Physical Skill (Strength)
    • Mental Skill (Intelligent)
    • Character Skill (Persuasive)
    This character, although primarily focused on a heavy build, would also be able to persuade others to help, or to not fight if the situation was too dangerous for him to survive. In the case of combat he would do well using a shield and sword, but that would not limit his character. Just because he's untrained in spears, doesn't mean he can't use them. They would simply be used less effectively and baddie mobs would be harder to kill comparatively than with a sword.

    Another thing I'd like to try and implement is not always having to fight your way out of situations. I see a lot of roleplays where characters are faced with two to one numbers from the enemy, and never really consider trying to bluff their way out, setting a trap, or heaven forbid running away. I'd like to see if I can get players who are willing to try and do more than fight their way out of everything.

    Lastly I'd like to try something where players would leave posts open ended, so that I could tell them if the action succeeds or if there was a reaction from a NPC or baddie, and then have them edit it in. I know it seems kind of like extra work, but I think it may do well to help with the fluidity of the roleplay and would prevent any characters from unintentionally being unbeatable. I want to specify that in this case I'm not entirely set on enacting this rule. It's more of a "Huh lets try this and see if it works" kind of thing than a dead set rule I want to impose.

    I'm not sure what else to ram into this interest check, so if there are any questions just @me or something to make sure I get an alert and I'll answer them as soon as I can.
  2. Mhm...I like the sound of where this is going. You have my interest.
  3. Seems interesting. There's a few RPs around that use a similar system to what you propose, but still I'm keeping my eye out for this one.
  4. Seems cool.
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