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  1. I'm currently writing a couple things for a fantasy group roleplay, but I don't know how I want to present it. This world consists of new and unique races and will have a deep history behind it. Sadly, these races had to flee their world due to a fantastic occurrence. This, of course presents many options, so here is what I am thinking.

    The Options:

    1. Have the world already moved past their state of moving and set the adventure within a large capital where there are warring guilds trying to rule the capital.

    2. The races have just entered the world, and from the races factions have been formed. There are many deep and dark mysteries that surround what this land is, but they will have to strive to let their kingdom's reign. This will cause war, the destruction of families, the murder of thousands possibly... It's up to you.

    3. Post war kingdom, Peace has been temporarily achieved between two kingdoms. These two kingdoms have been feuding for 2 years. The war has reached an armistice. The two sides are now coming together to build back both kingdoms into a true empire, but there are underground groups who are unwilling to form and want to tear the kingdoms asunder.

    We can discuss this in the thread, but feel free to just pick one.
  2. If I had some information on "the Races", I might know whether I'm actually interested or not. As is, it doesn't seem much different from any other fantasy roleplay, and I'd like to see what unique elements are present before putting my hat in.
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  3. I really like the first idea and third idea, but the first idea could fit into the third.

    Edit: Plus, I'd also like to see something unique to this that distinguishes it from other roleplays and plots in the genre.
  4. This is how our races began according to legend.

    There was a beginning. All stories tell of a beginning, but sadly this tale does not have a beginning. So, instead, our beginning will be The Awakening. A millenia ago, an ancient race of humans began to make civilizations. They were efficient, powerful, and intelligent. Sadly, their want became the only driving force behind their civilization. Through this a rivalry came. The wealthy and the empty handed. Of course, the wealthy fled their civilizations to search their world for a greater entity.

    Their salvation was found in a place where darkness came to live. The only source of light came from a crystal. It swirled with black, containing an obscured light inside. The being they stumbled upon was called The Taminar. It was a marvel, a great spectacle kept from the greedy eyes of the world. The leader of the humans stepped forth to The Taminar, laying his hands forth toward the being. Inside, the lights swirled within The Taminar changing the blacks and whites into a dark green. The crowds shuddered at the immense being, feeling it's power course through the chamber. With a flash, the green evaporated from the crystal only leaving the white light inside. The magic that had pulsed through. The Taminar exposed itself to the humans. They were astounded, bewildered, exasperated... In their bliss they were ignorant. The Taminar commanded forth it's magic into the humans. Screams erupted from the masses, changing the scene of wonder into a massacre.
    Everyone was changed...
    The World had changed...

    From this fantastic incident, the races were born.
    The Demora, the human form imbued with the soul of an animal.
    The Forgotten, the humans who were weak in their fight against the Taminar, leaving them without a soul.
    The Husk, the souls who had escaped from their Forgotten bodies to seek a stronger vessel.
    The Essiant, nature's children who sought life.
    The Greenskins, those born from the grime and the waste of the world.

    The Power that had erupted from The Taminar spread throughout the world into every crevice. Screaming. There was only screaming.
    Such a transformation only brings pain and suffering. Many of those who had stayed behind died from The Taminar's magic...
    At the end of it all, the mystical crystal vanished leaving only it's lifeblood in those who saw it.
    Humans were almost left extinct.
    Nature had sprung up from it's roots and began to walk. The essence became the Essiant. Creatures who sought redemption
    became whole. For just a moment, the world had stopped entirely. Leaving a great silence.

    It was said that the humans who once lived within that world, the beings that had resided, left.
    From the poisoning of The Taminar, they gained power. They found magic.
    With this power, leaving the world to find another was difficult but not impossible.

    Many died in the process, dwindling the great races. Then, they settled on a new world and made it their home.
  5. The Races in depth:

    The Forgotten

    The Forgotten were originally humans, but were transformed by a fantastic event.When they were transformed their soul was torn from their body. From this fallen state, they became The Forgotten. This undead race cannot breed, use magic, or die. The only way they are able to use magic is by finding enchanted runes. Unlike the usual undead, they do have thoughts and feelings.

    The Demora

    The “Taminar”, changed the race from human to Demora, which gave each of the humans an animal-like power/personality. Sadly, to those that The Taminar did not accept, it took their soul and made them into a race of soulless beings as mentioned before. Families were ripped in two, relationships and bonds wasted as The Taminar decided their fate. Both sides forever hated each other because they blamed themselves. Traits that the mother and father share will be past to their child. (Aka lion Demoras will have a lion Demora child.)

    How the Dremrora Works: These humans are far more advanced than the normal humans, they have evolved. They are faster, stronger, and better than humans, but in truth they really aren’t. Their souls have been replaced by the beasts of our world and it has made them into something almost not human. Their actions are animalistic, their thoughts are animalistic, and everything they do reflects the way the animal kingdom works. Their appearance on the other hand is human, but with flairs of what animal soul they possess. For a hawk Demora their eyes may be hawk-like. The Demora are the best connected with magic and are usually the most adept. If you are looking to play a mage, this is what you are looking for.

    The Essiant:
    The Essiant were born from nature, from the smallest of leaves and the tallest of trees. It is believed that when the Taminar cast it’s magic into the world then The Essiant were born.The Forest Essiant are born of the tress. The Fire Essiant are born from fire. The Water Essiant are born from the sea and the Air Essiant are born from the wind. This race has a particular connection to nature, and has many attributes that come along with them. The spells they are able to cast are usually influenced by their element.

    A downfall of the Essiant is that they cannot mate, and the only way they can pass on their lineage is to be able to give their life to their element. To be able to conceive, the Essiant must give their life to their element. For example, if an Essaint would give their life to a plant of their choice and from that plant new life is born.

    The Husk:
    The Husk are a race of spirits. They are bodiless and are not able to perform many tasks when they are in their ethereal form. To be able to interact and move within the world they must enter a host. These hosts are usually suits of armor. In the other world, suits of armor are made or summoned so that these souls have something to manifest into. This race was also created by The Taminar. The leftover spirits became their own being and were able to do what they wished. Sadly, the connection with their human body was severed and their emotions as well as memories are lost. This race is also magically adept like the Demora.

    Two Forms:
    Manifest: When a husk manifests it has a body and can perform basic tasks. Wield weapons, speak, and do other various tasks.

    Ethereal: This is a husk’s form without something to manifest into. When in this form a husk can move through objects and cannot be hurt, but they cannot speak and are unable to hold anything.

    The Greenskins:

    This race doesn't need that much explanation because it is all the green races you have come to know and love. From Orcs to Goblins.
  6. I'm confused.

    Do these races apply to all of the options or only the second? Because I wanted more information on what you wanted to do with all the ideas, and the post with all the races doesn't answer my questions. The effort in the races is nice, but I don't think you should figure all of the specifics out if what option we're going with is unclear.
  7. The ideas are meant to fit with the races, and they do. Most of the ideas, as seen, are very player oriented. These ideas just range from larger world to smaller. The second idea is small undiscovered while the first and third are worlds that have a set map.

    The uniqueness to this is that there will be a base and the players will be able to interpret the world as they see fit. So picture these ideas as just a frame for a picture you will paint.
  8. So, are we just waiting for more interest and participation in the poll before it's decided what idea will be chosen by the players?
  9. Yep, so this is just open for discussion until there is a consensus.
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