Fantasy Role Play Ideas

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  1. I have a few ideas for a roleplay. Let me know if your interested in any of them.

    OnexOne RP's:

    Gaurdian Angel: An average high school girl begins to get this weird feeling that she is being watched and one day when a mysterious boy appears at her school she finds herself strangely drawn to him. As time moves on, she starts to get into riskier and more life-threatening situations. All of these seem to stem from the mysterious boy, who now seems to be stalking her. She begins getting dreams of fire and wings and she gets the feeling hat they are prophetic. Eventually she discovers that a great evil is trying to kill her because her father implanted the key to this evil's success in her body when she was a young girl. She is also made aware that the boy following her is her guardian angel. The strange attraction between them is a sacred link that is invisible and that drives them to need each other. However, is there possibly something more blooming between them?

    Up for Bid: The human slave trade. Or, not so human. Humans for sale, monsters that bid. A demon, handsome in his human form, who was looking through the crowd, spotted a young female up for bid. she was defiant and spit or clawed at anyone who went near her cage. Upon inquiry he discovered her parents had sold her into the business. Being the demon of temptation, he couldn't resist owning such a peice in his collection. he approaches and offers a bid. Leading her to his domain he delves into the task of seducing her, which proves to be difficult even for him.

    Group RP's:

    Insanity: Everyone in Greenwood Mental Institution has a stor. Most dark and frightening. These teenagers are, for lack of a better term, crazy. Paranoid Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder, and various other psychotic disorders affect these kids. some of them drug induced, others genetic. This asylum is nothing like the name suggests. It is the creepiest place imaginable. Illegible writings on the white walls, secretive whispers, and kids who want to escape. Five teenagers gather together, each out of their minds crazy, and plot their escape. But, how will it end? Who will die? Who will love? Who will escape?(7 other people needed)

    Keep in mind that I would prefer to have fellow role players that post atleast a paragraph per post and use proper grammer. It would also be appreciated if the spelling is correct atleast 98% of the time, as I understand typos and difficult words may come into play.
  2. I like the group idea and the second onexone idea~ ^^
  3. Is there one you want to try more than the other? Or we could start in both.
  4. I'd be more interested in the second one if I was the slave, I just think I could work with that better, but I'm fine either way. The group idea is very interesting to me, but I'd need capable roleplayers who at least have a basic sense of when to capitalize letters and when not to.
  5. lright we could start the second one and you could be the slave. Do you have a specific plot you'd like or do you want to just wing it?
  6. I'm good with winging it~ ^^
  7. I like the Second one. Would you mind starting one with me??