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  1. If you could be any fantasy race which would you choose and why?

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    From any form of literature/game/movie. What say you Iwaku!?
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  2. Slaanesh! :D

    ...No. An Elf! My favorite is a bow and arrow so...yeah, obviously. And pointy ears are cute~

    Plus...maybe I can be romanced by
    Legolas... :D
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  3. All Legolas is good at is staring into the distance and saying lines that make no sense but are deemed important. >:C
    <3ily, Ili-sama. <3
    I'd like to be a...
    Pixie Ruler of Cupcakes and Sweets (open)
    Pixie Ruler of Cupcakes and Sweets (open)

    You may think that I am weak and little,
    but then that delicious thing of sugary goodness you just ate?
    It expands suddenly in your stomach.
    And then your insides burst out from the pressure against your pores until you basically are nothing but a body that has 'sploded everywhere.
    You are then dead. Death by sweets manipulation.

  4. A Cimmerian. MAYBE Atlantean.
  5. I would be an Elf. Immortality. Hawtness. Magic. Fighting. Awesome.
  6. I pray to Corelion that you're talking about Tolkienian elves. (YEAAAAAH D&D+LOTR)

    I'd like to be a tiefling. I like demons.
  7. Of course im talking about Tolkienian elves, there isn't any other kind. Any others aren't true elves.
  8. I would be a dragon. High fantasy, awesome dragon with enormous life span and fire.
    This. So much this. (open)

  9. 8| Slaanesh is a chaos god, fyi. Slaaneshi daemonettes are less of a race than... some other descriptive word for people who get warped.

    And I'd probably be an ewok for a very specific reason. SHUT UP SEIJI.