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  1. This is something I've been working on for a few weeks into a month to make, and it should be a fun ride. I was running through a few of those archetypes for VRMMORPG roleplays and I was kind of fed up with the usual game takes over lives of the players and becomes either death games, or coma patients (SAO and .hack basically) so I was planning a RL and GL storyline that we could do rather than the regular ones that are saturating not only the site but the media as well. I've only got little blurbs for the story and they only consist of a small paragraph each but they both will intertwine and intersect in various ways.

    Real life: You’ve picked the game up after hearing many rave reviews on it, mostly hesitant due to the nature of VR games, how real they are, and the way some people play them. Grabbing some of the lat copies from your local game stores you rush home on this saturday morning and quickly insert the game into your DDIH (Dynamic Dream Immersion Headset)

    Fantasy Quest Online story: Welcome brave new adventurer this is the land of Fantasy Quest Online (or FQO for short) the biggest continent there is the kingdom of Mozinskell-Nevarra, the monstrous and powerful Dragonkin first ruled this land with terrible might until the armies of the subjugated and the free rose and toppled their great empire millennia ago. Now the Humans, the shortest lived but hardest working race now rule over all from the Draconians old throne. The few Draconians left alive fled as far as they could hoping the long years would quell the bloodlust of the other races. Now that the humans have held power and the rest of the races joined an alliance that unified the whole world under the formidable armies of the humans, elves, and dwarves.

    races (open)
    Human: The most widespread and powerful race within Mozinskell-Nevarra, humans hold the most power above ground and have made trade and peace arrangements[​IMG] with the other nations. Humanities emperors have held onto their dynasty for over three thousand years now. Human players, being the most versatile, get an extra attribute from special training[​IMG] they also get +1 to any 2 stats of their choosing. (Both cannot be used to boost one stat)
    Elves: The second largest and most powerful race in Mozinskell-Nevarra they have lived in relative peace with the human dynasties since they rose from nothing, due to their low birth rate and smaller military they rely moreso on their plentiful lands and wondrous crafts to keep peace between them and the humans. Elven players get int and wis +2 as well as a +1 to SP
    Dwarves: Dwarves are a stout hearted and powerful people. They tend to use human traders when dealing[​IMG] with any kind of surface world trading[​IMG] due to their belief that you could get “sky sickness” from being outside too long. Very few dwarves voluntarily leave their underground kingdoms, in terms of land the Dwarven kingdom is as large as the human one. Dwarven players gain an extra 10 hp, +2 to str and +2 to vit
    Dragonkin: These people aren’t born of dragons but have drank dragon blood and eaten dragon meat, turning them into either humanoid dragons or people with scales along their bodies, due to their sheer power they held the world in the grip of fear for millennia until the other kingdoms rallied against them, now humans rule their great nation, dragonkin characters will be seen with scorn or hatred from NPCs unless their dragon appendages/scales can be covered. They start with +2 to all stats but do not get a starting attribute as well as starting at level[​IMG] 0 meaning they can start with higher stats but they will need to level into them (will not get level up benefits other than talent points for leveling to level 1, meaning level 2 is where they get more stats just like everyone else.
    Dravarn: The Dravarnian people are in effect any race that has undergone certain mutations to become immune to poisons and toxins. They are easily recognizable by their yellow eyes and silver-white hair. They are a cold and calculating[​IMG] bunch and thus will never do anything out of their way unless the transgressor/ors or whatever is going on is against their personal ideas of right and wrong. Seen by the world with veiled disgust due to their mutations, many stories were made about how they steal children and the like. Most stories are false save for the ones about their combat prowess. Dravarnian players start with +2 to str and agi as well as immunity to poisonous status[​IMG] affects.

    This is one aspect of the rp out of many, it will have stats, starting classes (think souls series classes where you can multitask later) and many other, I believe, cool concepts that should keep tabletop/gamingRPG fans with me here.
  2. Info dump as well as the CS

    RL CS:
    Name: RL name
    Age: anywhere from 17-25
    Appearance: Use any pic you want
    personality: how your character acts IRL
    Bio: short bio one-two paragraphs is all I ask
    In-game CS
    Class: Stats will just be copied from the class sheet within the Interest check/OOC
    Inventory: your gear and your bag again part of the class list
    Titles: various titles you ahve been given on your journeys, leave blank for now.

    These are the first thing anyone cares about when starting a game like this so here we go.

    When you level up you will get a total of five stat points to add to stats, after level ten it goes to 7 at level 20 it goes to ten, at level 30 it goes to 15, 40 it goes to 20. Basically you see where this is going once you get to levels 20 and up the stat gain goes up 5 per ten levels.
    It is possible to get free Stat Points though. Skills, performing various tasks, training or honing your abilities in various ways, and other such things can increase your Stats. Naturally, it is possible for your Stats to decrease as well, such as certain abilities or other forms of damage or ailments can cause permanent decreases to your Stats as well.
    Health (HP): Health Points or 'HP'. Determines how much punishment your character can take. When it gets to 0, your Character falls Unconscious and is considered to be Bleeding Out (see Combat Conditions for details). Base HP is determined by 10 + VIT (x2) + STR (x2) + 1/2 VIT times your current level

    STR: The same old same old everyone knows what this does (psst it adds to your str weapon damage) But now it also adds to your chi attacks as well.

    Dex: This is your quick weapon/precise weapons’ main form of damage.

    Vit: This governs your overall health and health regen over time, might want to put a few points in here or it’s by by character.

    Agi: This is your character's overall ability to dodge/ move quickly (yeah heavily armored people could try to dodge but just look to the Souls series to see how silly that looks. Uh *fatroll* )

    Int: Your ability that governs spell damage as well as turn multiplier for active effects (amount of ATBx1/2int/2)

    Wis: How wise your character is together with Int this basically replaces charisma as a smart and wise person is no doubt charismatic as well (haha not really sometimes I just didn’t want another stat mucking up the menu)

    Luk: This is overall how lucky your character is it adds to your crit modifier, item locating/type of loot in chest.

    SP(Special Points): these govern how many skills you can use before needing it to recharge, it takes about a turn for one SP or 5 turns for full usage (in the beginning anyway)

    Starting Classes

    Warrior: Your typical fighter starts out with lower starting caps (again only for character creation afterwards BAM you can level indefinitely) but has better equipment than other melee classes.
    STR: 12
    SP:2 (This doesn't change it is universal except for certain classes and races)
    Equipment: Leather helmet, Iron Cuirass (or scale mail for light/medium players), leather gauntlets, leather boots, iron weapon and shield (or second weapon)

    Berserker: A warrior clad only in clothing/ smallclothes (underwear) and a helmet, they believe that their bravery and valor make up for the lack of armor
    Equipment: Either clothing or nothing to wear save for an iron helmet, has a steel two handed weapon (or similar str related weaponry) Dual strength weapons (like one handed axes are also viable)

    Sorcerer: The classic spellslinger they are scholars and adepts at any form of magic, they are not to be trifled with.
    SP:3 (Due to spells being their main form of attack and defense they get 1 extra than physical units)
    starting equipment: Academy robes, scholars sandals and bangles, spell catalyst (staff, wand or totem) bronze light weapon (dagger, knife)

    Spellblade: A fighter who wanted to expand their horizons and learned the ways of sorcery.
    LUK :6
    SP: 2
    Starting equipment: bronze sword, spell catalyst (staff, wand, totem), medium chest piece, scholars armlet, boots, and hood.

    Cleric: A holy man/woman who uses the miracles of Farra the Goddess of Light.
    STR: 7
    Starting equipment: Cleric’s vestment, cleric’s gauntlets, boots and circlet. Cleric’s sacred charm, bronze weapon (any you want)

    Blade Dancer: A very agile and dexterous fighter who deals death on the battlefield a weapon in each hand.
    Starting equipment: two bronze weapons, duelists gambeson, gloves, boots, and helm

    Trap Master: A person who uses orbs and vessels to create traps and caltrops to confuse and destroy their targets.
    SP: 2
    starting equipment: one bronze and one iron trap orb (same as weapon orbs only they create different traps, bronze creates simple caltrops that ensnare and deal damage, iron ones create a small sling that shoots bolas at the enemy snaring them and maybe toppling them) bronze shortsword, leather cuirass, leather boots

    Spirit fighter: A person in touch with the spirits of the land, they have been taught to use their inner strength and resolve to bolster their body and attacks.
    STR: 20

    Starting equipment: either bare fists or studded gloves, fighter's dogi, leather boots
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