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  1. Greetings everyone, I am wishing to start a quest RP centered around a heavy fantasy setting. I myself will be playing as both a Male Drow and Female Tiefling. Though I am playing as Multiple characters I don't care if my partner plays as one or more.

    The plot.

    Rumors abound of a goblinoid army gathering within the mountain ranges of Sherketh. These Goblinoid beings ranging from Goblins to Gnolls (Hyena goblinoid creatures) have recently been raiding the nearby small settlements Out of fear the local towns created a pool of wealth to entice adventurers who are willing to stand as their champions. Most goblin like creatures are cowardly, often fleeing and only proving dangerous whenever backed into a corner. But this group fights with an unusual sense of ferocity. Never giving any ground to their enemies and accepting death before retreat.

    These unusual traits have birthed concern and fear, whispers abound of something far more insidious at work behind the shadows. An ominous presence, nefarious by nature, can be felt emitting from the earth. Many ambassadors have been sent, only to never be seen again. No corpses adorn the winding paths, a sign that these beings are taking captives. Another trait that is in opposition of normal Goblin behavior.

    I tend to keep my plots short and avoid revealing too many details. so pardon me if it seems rather light.

    Your character can be a mercenary, adventure, scholar, or a recent slave of these goblinoids. Restrictions are simple, purely fantasy characters with mild powers. Your character can have no knowledge of the identity of this evil presence aside from feeling it's influence. Any race and or sex is welcomed, romance not required. I am looking for someone 18 years of age if not older in case the rp should head that way. This can be short term or long term. I would love to have another character to join in the many adventures of this pair that are to come. But a one time encounter can prove just as sweet.

    My post tend to be long, but not perfect. As long as you read my post, and put forth effort, I am content. If you wish for your character to have a sub plot that is fine, something that tangles them to the plot more deeply. It can be a simple as revenge, or seeking to free a brother or sister kidnapped by these beings, even something more complicated. All I ask is that you run it by me.

    If there are enough interest this may just become a group RP. I do not wish to limit and or rob other RPers of fun for the sake of a solely one on one thread.

    Thank you for your time, and you can either post here or hit me with a PM. Both avenues of approach are welcomed.

    -Sincerely, Mr.Fox.-
  2. I am interested in this roleplay, however my age got messed up. I think I clicked the wrong age by when signing up and just now noticed it. I am currently trying to get it changed D: But I do love the plot idea and tend to roleplay fantasy very well. Only if interested, reply back? Thanks!
  3. As long as it was a simple error, than I am fine once it has been corrected.

    What role will you or your characters play?
  4. It got corrected, scouts honour. And most likely a female who was a recent slave. As to a slave of what, I have yet to be determined. Is that okay?
  5. That works, though it might be best if she was captured by the Goblinoid army. Either escaped and or she could be trapped within a wooden cage and my characters could free her. Just some suggestions take them as such. If you'd like to discuss this further send me your response via a PM or as a post on my profiles wall.