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  1. Good day to you all and thanks for stopping in to check out my new plot idea! :)

    Well I say new, but it's actually something I've had kicking around for years. But it's new to you, so that's what matters! First things first though, we need to get to know each other a little before I go on. I know it's a little boring to read through, but bear with me.

    • Length - This is always a tough one for me to decide on. I prefer quality or quantity, but I also don't like getting really short posts. If it's possible, I would like you to be able to post 2+ paragraphs. The more you can give me the better because it give me more to work with when I reply, but don't feel like you need to force yourself to be overly wordy. Just be sure you focus on giving me some good content to work with and I'll do the same for you.
    • Style - By this I mean how you usually roleplay. For this particular plot, I'm going to need someone who isn't afraid to take charge. I've got the majority of the plot thought out as well as a pretty detailed history, but I want you to be able to add your own ideas to this. I'm also going to need you to be comfortable taking on multiple side characters because we're going to have a pretty big cast and it's no fun if I have to play all of them myself.
    • Grammar - I'm hardly a grammar nazi, but I appreciate a well-written response. When I get a response with butchered language and run-on sentences, I quickly lose interest in the roleplay. Just listen to the wise words of Weird Al.

    • Activity - This one is also tricky. Right now I'm on break and so I have a lot of free time (wink wink), but I'm usually pretty busy with school and what not. I would like it if you could reply about once a week, but my own posting schedule may vary depending on my work load.
    • Limits - Okay this one's important. Romance is going to be a big part of this roleplay and I just want to make it clear that I like to keep all the physical implications of that to a PG-13 level. That means we stop at kissing. As for violence, I don't have any limits here. Though most of the beginning will be focused on personal relationships and politics, there will be fighting later in the roleplay. Just listen to the rules the site has. Language is fine as well, but I prefer you keep it to a minimum. I find it very distracting when a character cusses every other word. Use it when you need it, but don't go overboard.
    There we made it. Now if you're still here I can get into everything. There is a lot of history that I will be glossing over. If you decide this sounds like fun to you, then I'll be sure to give you a full overview.

    Basically there are two countries: Natel and Arx. Natel has had a run of bad luck with its ruling family in the recent generations. First a sickness swept through and took the king, as well as two of the royal children. This left only the queen and their youngest child, William, who survived but was greatly weakened. A few years after that, the queen died as well, leaving William in charge of the country. He did his best, but his duties kept him very busy and that worsen his health. Eventually the people began to threat about the security of the throne. William had yet to marry and his current health was far from ideal. As a result, he went on the hunt for a wife. He ended up marrying a minor noblewoman named Emily Kinlan who he met by chance, but fell deeply in love with (she's important, but I can explain later). They had a child a few years later, a daughter named Erin. Sadly, Emily died during child birth and so Erin became Natel's only heir. William knew his own health was failing and there was no guarantee he would live long enough to see his child grow and marry. He did not want to leave her without any plan for her future, so he approached his country's ally, Arx. The two ruling families had been good friends for years. William himself was very closer to the current king Edwin and his wife Claudia who a year earlier had a son. He met with them and explained his concerns, hoping there would be some way to convince his friends to watch over his daughter. Claudia thought of something even better and proposed they have their children betrothed. In doing so, they would secure both of their futures as well as the future of their countries. Thus we come to the beginning of our tale.

    This story is going to be a big one. It will begin with our two characters meeting for the first time as children. What I want to do with this plot is to slow add in other conflicts the first few will be simple (you know, boy vs. girl and other childish things) but things will grow more complicated as they get older. There is a an overarching conflict that will be building behind the scenes as well which will become the main focus later in the story once they've grown up. I know this is a little vague at this point, but I'm trying to keep this simple so that we can build the story together. I've got a lot of ideas and a basic plan for how the story will progress. Once I find someone whose interested, we'll talk about all of this in detail.

    Just so you know I'll be playing Erin, so the character I'm looking for is the male heir of Arx. You'll get plenty of creative freedom, except for his history. I've already got his family history built into the plot, so you won't have control over that, but everything else will be yours to decide. Also this world has magic and that will become important later.

    While the beginning of this story will be more slice of life, it will eventually become a romantic and political drama, and then take an action/adventure turn before we reach the end. This story has a heavy emphasis on character development, so be prepared for a lot of that. If any of this sounds like fun for you, shoot me a PM. I look forward to getting to try this story out.
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