Fantasy Plot (Dragons)

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  1. Loosely inspired by the Dragons of Pern, I had an idea for an RP and will need one male or female additional lead character. Romance may occur but the main goal of this rp is a political adventure.

    The last Great Dragon (Metalic) laid clutch of eggs before dying-- enough to fill a small cave. Of a typical clutch only a hand full of the eggs will hatch and give birth to dragons. Even so, dragons will only hatch in the presence of another dragon. Well, that was close to 300 years ago. Since then, dragons have all but been hunted to extinction and the clutch has laid dormant.

    The country is filled with all matter of magical folk-- and humans. Humans are known for their technology and science. The slave trade is a common thing. Slaves aren't mistreated-- there are laws in order to protect them and if they work loyalty to the age of maturity they may be released and hired by their families. (Think Greek style slaves).

    Our story would begin with two children-- one a slave the other a noble's son/ daughter-- taking shelter from a storm in a cave after the master decided to run away from home and take the slave child with them as a companion.

    The slave is human, but a decedent of a Dragon as well. Not enough for huge physical traits to be obvious, but they can have powers akin to a dragon of some sort... Their presence is also enough to awaken the clutch of dragons in that cave.

    Three dragons hatch. One likes the master the other likes the slave-- and the third flies off.

    I need someone to play the master or the slave, I will play which ever role you do not choose and we will build the plot from there.

  2. I'm very interested in this. (: