Fantasy one on one partner needed.

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    I am looking for someone interested in this thread. The concept is simple enough, a half giant who abandon his people looking for acceptance in a world that dislikes his kind. The premise will shift at one part when the enemy appears, becoming a more adventure/quest rp. But like everything it must have a starting point...

    I don't care about your sex and or race for your character. Would I prefer a female? Sure, but it's just that a preference.

    I don't care about "skill level" All I ask is that you read my post and reply with your best effort. Though at least a paragraph or two would be preferred.

    Your character can be good or evil, maybe wanting to befriend the half giant or have more of a self serving aim. Whichever your approach, know that it won't impede me from responding. Sometimes conflicts breed great character interaction and development.
  2. If you're fine with a fairly new player such as me, and haven't gotten any other offers, would you like to play with me?
  3. That's fine with me. Do you like the setting of the posted thread? Or would you prefer I start another?
  4. It's fine, I'll write there :)