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    That's right! The magical moment that you've all been waiting for has finally arrived!

    It's officially the first of June! LET THE FANTASY MONTH BEGIN!

    Now, let me give you a little bit of a taste test of all the SUPERDUPERAWESOME things you'll see this month!

    The Merchant's Journey! This chatRP will be going on June 6-7!
    Do You Know The Muffin Man? This chatRP will be going on June 24!
    The Wizard's Feast! This chatRP will be going on June 29!

    One workshop will be coming out June 1 [Yes, later today!] displaying many of the minor fantasy races!
    Another workshop will be coming out June 15 that is sure to be fascinating -
    The Softening of Myths!

    The ad banner contest for Fantasy Month ends TODAY. If you want to submit, do so before 5pm Iwaku time!
    The Bard Contest will be June 7-14!
    The Coloring Contest will be June 18-21!

    In addition to all of that, all Challenges this month will be Fantasy themed, as well as the polls!

    AND we have several Fantasy RPs starting up this month! Sign-ups may already be up, so be sure to check the forum!

    Be sure to check the Signature Banner thread in the Community Hub for public banners made by members that you're free to use for the month! We have a lot of talent on the site and it is FANTASTIC to see it showcased!

    Whew! I think that's everything that we have going on so far, but feel free to comment and promote your own ideas and RPs!

    Please check announcements for times on specific events and such. Some are yet to be decided. Thank you!

    Well, that's it! Get excited, people, this is going to be a KICKBUTT month for Iwaku!


  2. A great big thank you to all the volunteers and all those running rps! Let's make this even bigger than Sci fi Month!
  3. It's so rainbowy~

    I'm super excited! Happy Fantasy Month! >:3
  4. All the colors in this thread please me.

    Fantasy Month will be so legit!
  5. Happy June! Happy fantasy month!
  6. Fantasy month makes me happy! ^_^
  7. aaaaaand epic av/signarute change time

    I love fantasy so much ='D
  8. YAY! name and persona change time... tomorrow ...
  9. hmmm. Time to get input on a new Theme Month Nickname again.~ <3
  11. My favorite month!!
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