Fantasy Month Ad Banner Contest

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  1. Okay!

    So, we're all getting super excited about June, right?! I know I am! Fantasy Month is going to be absolutely fantastic and we have a lot of great things planned for everybody! If you've got an idea for a Fantasy RP, get your plot together and put up those sign-ups! We've only got a week left until it starts!


    We need to advertise and make sure that everybody knows what's going on in June!

    This contest is for an ad banner - the ones that you see along the top for different RPs on the homepage? We're not talking the ones next to the site name - below the nav bar. This means it can be full color and a nice size to show off everything that you want it to!

    The winner will get their ad in the rotation for the entire month of June, plus reputation points.

    Be creative!

    PS There will also be a signature contest - be on the look-out for that!
  2. Quick question:

    What is/are the measure of the image?
  3. If you're running an rp for fantasy month, make sure to PM me or Layne or Doxa the rp you're running, or post it in the Festivals group, or on my thread in the community hub!
  4. So do we just post the entries here?
  5. Yep! The contest ends June 1st and the entries will be judged that day!
  6. Is the banner for a Fantasy roleplay, or just advertising Fantasy Month in general?
  7. Advertising in general! ^^
  8. I have added mine! Check out my signature down below!
  9. Untitledrgarg-1.png

    Please click, for a possible viewing pleasure. =)
  10. was bored (open)

    not very good but at least it kept me occupied and not doing studying stuff : D
  11. The entries have been judged!

    Pirogeth! You are our winner! Your ad banner will be featured in the circulation all this month!

    In a very, very close second was

    You all did SUPER! Thank you SO much for your participation! Feel free to add your ads to the signature banner thread so that others may use them this month!