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  1. I want to run a forum or chat (likely chat, as forums don't appeal as much) RP based in a kung-fu-esque monastery set in my own world. The focus will be on attaining enlightenment and will have lengthy processes at the monastery for character learning and growing as well as tests of cunning, puzzles, riddles, mysteries, and challenges of patience. There will be opportunities for quests and peril, but the focus will NOT be on saving the world or fighting or material gain. You are here to unravel the mysteries of the self and the divine. There are a lot of gods and philosophies, and you get to work it all out.

    What this is:
    -- a monastic roleplay with elements that differ from traditional earth monasticism
    -- a chance to build and develop a really complex character
    -- a fantasy setting where anthros, humans, and all genders can all join.
    -- a chance to make a big splash in a bigger ocean (metaphor)
    -- a philosophical opportunity of a lifetime.
    -- something that requires GM approval of characters.
    -- something that requires serious and mentally mature players.

    What this is NOT:
    -- Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, or any other earth world religion.
    -- Kung Fu Panda
    -- like a movie
    -- a superhero scenario
    -- a Naruto/DBZ/Anime setting
    -- a screw-around RP
    -- for kids, 18+ in body and mind please.
    -- as boring as you might think. Give it a chance.

    If you're interested, please say so. We can discuss it further if you wish, though I'd prefer that you request chat time with me rather than bog down the response list.
  2. Name: Coren Elis Age: 21 Gender: Male Species: Human
    Primary Vice: Envy Primary Virtue: Benevolence

    List Three Physical Strengths: Strength, Stability, Resilience
    List Three Physical Weaknesses: Speed, Under Average Stamina, Reach
    List Three Mental Strengths: Imaginative, Creative, Compassion
    List Three Mental Weaknesses: Easily Discouraged, Self-Pessimism, Common Sense
    List Three Emotional Strengths: Caring, Friendly, Humorous
    List Three Emotional Weaknesses: Depressive, Insecure, Emotional

    There are five goals of Perfection at this monastery. We pursue them all in our own way, but they must be pursued one at a time. Which will you pursue with the most fervor? Balance

    Physical Description: Corey Ellis is a burly male. A bit short at 5’9 but he manages. Short, brown hair covers the scalp, and a pair of sky blue eyes are just south of it. Though, he has to wear glasses to make sure those eyes can see. His clothes are generally simple with a splash of color, here and there. Loose, comfortable fabrics are most common. He bathes most days, so hygiene isn’t a problem.

    Personality Description: It is really a spin, on the wheel, for him. He can wake up feeling anything, from hyper and motor-mouthed to reserved and silent. He tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. Though, he can deceive the naked eye. His behavior really depends on the environment and people in it. If he is in a more professional, conservative setting, Coren will probably be more quiet/polite. If the environment is friendlier a more relaxed, outgoing side may come out.

    Origin: Coren comes from a collection of very small villages, in one of the larger hills of Romanji. He lived a somewhat sheltered/quiet life. In youth, he played by himself. Not that he had chose to. He just didn’t live near anyone his age. The only real interaction, with people, was in school. Adolescent development was unkind to him. His peers began to see him as a bit of a “crazy”. Coren began to act out and get into lot of trouble. Eventually, the teen was forced to go to special school for the “emotionally disturbed”. Even there he didn’t quite fit in. Everyone thought he was too normal. After a lot of private counseling, Coren grew into an overall lawful, nice young man. He had really come into his own. He participated in sports, art, music, and expanded his hobbies. However, as much as he tried to move on, to a better life, there was still things that plagued his mind. Upon completing a secondary school education, he had to get out. For all the personal success, there was a hole in his mind and soul. Things that always seem to plague. His emotional state became all sorts of disarray. Something needed to happen or Coren would drown.

    Previous Life Experience: Not much beyond schooling. Coren had some success in sports with awards and a scholarship or two. Art and Music ended up being a personal and professional passion. It was his little home away from home.

    Describe your Philosophy: People have the ability to do just about anything. The trick is that most have to work for it. People have good hearts, if they choose to have them. Individualism is very important. If one male or female chooses to commit adultery, it should not condemn the rest. If a single pack of wizards destroy a village, it would be wrong to eradicate all magic users. Neither good or bad deeds should go unnoticed. You should always be fair. Treat others as use would like to be treated.

    Why have you come to the monastery?: To seek the ability to become well and become better.

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  3. Interested. The only problem with it being a chat rp is for me finding time to do it. XD
  4. I'm also interested! I'm also a fan of chat RPs. ^^
  5. I'm interested! ^_^ Sounds great!
  6. awesome! The info is in my showcase on Magrathea.
  7. Very interested. I have a character in mind who is heavily in need of spiritual guidance and enlightenment.

  8. Uh.... I'm lost... Can you send a link?