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Fantasy/Modern Romance: Seeking Male

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Inati, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. Story Idea:

    A female explorer with magical abilities, some would even call her a witch, finds herself on the run from bounty hunters that had gotten too close to actually capturing. She is wounded, but tries to run for cover, needing a way out or somewhere that she can take the time to heal herself. She unintentionally runs into another fight, this one between a vampire and vampire hunters. The two unlikely duo band together to fight off their pursuers, succeeding in the end, but not without severe injuries. The woman staves off unconsciousness long enough to heal her sudden companion before he perishes from loss of blood, but then ends up passing out as soon as she's finished. Despite his distaste for humans and witches and mostly anything that isn't another vampire, the man offers thanks and gratitude in the form of his own kindness, taking her back to his clan where she could have time to heal. She is intrigued by him and his people, talking with him, getting to know him, even adventuring through the colony to see how they live. They grow so close together, vampire and witch actually falling in love with one another, feeling conflicted since she has a hard time staying in one place and traveling in the sun is risky for him. Nevertheless, they don't want to be apart from each other, so they take to the road together, adventuring through the greater unknown, the man assisting her in languages and history and she showing him that not all people, or witches, are so bad.

    This story has a lot of room for a lot of creativity, which is what makes it fun for me. I'm looking for someone who wishes to partake in this creative story actively to play the vampire. I request nothing less than at least two paragraphs each post and for my partner to be active more than once a day. My rps have slowed to the point where I won't get a reply for two or three days and it's not exactly something I'm happy with, though I do understand that life gets in the way.

    No one-liners, ever. I really can't stand those. I do not need a passive-playing partner; I would like someone who's 50/50, someone that can let me take the lead, but isn't afraid to take the lead themselves or has an idea for a plot twist, turn, or way of continuing. If I'm the one making all the decisions for every adventure in the story, that just gets boring and feels as if my partner just isn't as invested as I am, which will then cause me to end the rp altogether.

    Although the vampire character is male, I do not require for my partner to be male as well. I know there are some lady players who do a great job at portraying male characters! Therefore, if there are such players, I will not discriminate against gender. If you can play a convincing male for my character, you will be my best friend.

    So, if this is a story that has captured your attention and you're someone that feels they can meet most of my requirements, then please send me a PM and we'll discuss it further. Thank you for reading.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.