Fantasy/Misc Academy based group RP?

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  1. Yeah this probably looks pretty typical, but I was actually thinking up a fun little idea for a small(ish) group RP. Or community anyway.

    Basically I was thinking about doing some sort of academy based group RP sorta.
    What I had in mind was something along the lines of a head master or mistress, then you have a few teachers (at least to start with) then you'd have students and like ,I don't know, three or four houses competing for points.
    Like there would be 'classes' (more like mini-contests) may be based around doodling or writing. Yanno, write a 6 word memoir, then the teacher would pick it's favourite two or three and stuff, then those students get 3+, 2+ ,1+ points to their dorm? Small little 'competitions' like that. Which, I suppose, would all depend on how large the group becomes.

    The RPing side comes in maybe between little groups of us or one-on-ones with students or teachers or whatever in individual little forums, with periodic events that might occur. I don't know much about an over-all plot for it yet, but I am sure something can be arranged and made over time, but getting it established first would be best. I figure it would be a hell of a fun community for all of us, and given that it'd not have one set genre, you'd have all sorts of characters and people interacting with each other.

    I'd kinda guess it leans more towards fantasy/modern more than anything, but like the odd sci-fi prat would be fun (such as idk, a character with mechanical arms or something or ridiculous technology knowledge) but that's all...information that cna be discussed later.

    Sooooo anyone interested? QWQ I would love to at least get about 5+ people in on this, but 2-3 to begin would be great. I don't really want to have requirements for it, either. I figured it'd be a good place to constructively and kindly learn maybe how to strengthen your writing and RP skills through classes. So I guess anyone can join so long as they make the effort and look to improve and just have fun?

    Reply here if anyone is even remotely interested or has questions!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.