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What sub-setting you like the best?

  1. School life in Moon City

  2. Construction of the Great East Railroad

  3. ITS Isana

  4. Nomads of Snowlands

  5. The Peninsula War

  6. The Breaktrough Out of Stonedell

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  7. The Great War

  8. The Human Resettelment

  9. Unforseen Consenquences

  10. Other (I like Aerethia but not the given sub-settings)

  11. Not interested

  12. I don't like Aerethia

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  13. I hate Aerethia

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  1. Lands of Aerethia
    Aerethia (Aeretiya both names can be used equally) a lush continent roughly the size of Europe and enclosed by oceans from three sides. North of it lies the harshly cold Snowlands which are as large as Africa.

    Aerethia c.c. 350 A.A.F. (open)

    Short History (open)
    In times long past a single race, the Aeternus, ruled Aerethia and it's world Aethia with might and magic. But over 10000 years ago a magical experiment went wrong and most of the world of Aethia was ravaged by magic and most of the population of the world died or went crazy. Only Aerethia, protected by the most powerful magical shield, survived intact but cut off, by large magical vortexes which appeared on the edge of the magical shield which protected Aerethia from the harmful effect off the event.

    During the next 10000 years civilization rebuild itself under the three races which were once ruled by the Aeternus: Humans, Canis and Felinae fought wars, build momentous and sought new knowledge. But then mistakes from the past were repeated again, when a team of mages unlocked the Shrine of Winter Mountain and recreated the event which destroyed the Aeternus on a much smaller scale, destroying the grandiose City of Asker and marking the beginning of a new era for Aerethia. The Asker Valley was closed off after all survivors left it. This event marks the beginning of the Aerethia calendar since the Kingdom of Asker ruled over all races of Aerethia.

    A small group of refuges from Asker came to the Moon Lake and fearing that war will engulf the continent. They founded the core of what is to become the largest city of Aerethia, Moon City.

    Later some five centuries after the destruction of Asker Aerethia reached the technology level of WWII Earth and old differences fueled by growing nationalistic and militaristic tendencies brought the last great conflict on Aerethian soil - The Great War.

    Races of Aerethia (open)
    Humans, major race
    Your ordinary humans. Unlike other races humans posses a variety of cultures and languages.

    A human gunner from the early 4th century A.A.F. Those made most of the armies until the introduction of rifles. Armed with a musket, pistol and sword they made a powerful force.

    An 4th century A.A.F. human Assassin. This stealthy killers utilized crossbows, blades, poison, magic and extreme athletic skills to kill their targets. Trough silent guns existed they were still not good enough to leave almost no sound so crossbows were still used by assassins long into the 5th century A.A.F.

    A human mage. The significantly higher amount of mages that humanity had compared to Felinae and Canis was one of the main military and economical advantages of humanity.

    Felinae, major race

    Felinae are humanoids which greatly resemble cats and are around 5 feet 2 inch tall. They are covered in dense fur, have cat ears, eyes and a tail. Their affinity for magic is smaller then those of the humans. They usually prefer agility over strength. Most Felinae live on the Catis Peninsula in south Aerethia or in the western part of the Moon Plato. Humans and Felinae can interbreed, giving a half-Felinae which retain their cat ears, eyes and a tail as well as some of the agility of the Felinae but have almost the same affinity for magic as humans; those are commonly called Nekos. Nekos can breed with humans, Felinae and other Nekos.

    A typical Felinian from the Southern Island of Moon City. 332 A.A.F.

    Nekos, just like the one on the picture, were often a significant part of both human and Felinian special forces.

    Canis, major race

    Canis are muscular dog-like humanoids which like aggression and warfare, their height varies greatly but most are around 5 feet 5 inch tall. Although their ears and tail have shortened greatly they still retain a dog-like nose and short fur. Canis are extremely loyal to their nation. Most Canis utilize strength in combat. Of the species which can use magic Canis have the smallest affinity for it. The largest part of Canis population lives in western Aerethia. The interbreed ability with humans is proven and a half-Canis will have have Canis ears and a tail as well as a much larger affinity for magic then the ordinary Canis; given the rarity of such cases and their sterility there is no common name for half-Canis.

    A Canis Imperial Guard in a ceremonial outfit. Those elite forces were deployed when there was no choice but to hold the enemy or face total annihilation of the Canis Empire. Strong and well trained they were usually made out of hand-picked 20 years veterans with no trace of any disloyalty to the Canis Imperator. The loyalty check they had to pass trough was so rigorous due to one more thing - they were the personal guard of the Imperator as well as the police of the Imperial City of Sarta.

    A Canis intellectual. During the late 4th century many of them were against the militaristic government and the aggressive outer politics and voiced this concern publicly leading to the execution of a large portion of them for faked charges.

    Aeternus (Ancients), minor race

    Ancients are humanoids which resemble humans a great deal. The main difference is the height since the average Ancient is 7 feet tall and their inhuman hair and eye coloration which ranges from light yellow to dark violet, as well as their pale skin. Most Ancients have weaker bodies then humans, but all are born as mages. Humans and Ancients can interbreed and the result is a human with a weak body but which usually is a strong mage.

    An Aeternus female using magic. The natural talent for magic that the Aeternus had resulted in many of them serving as magicians in various Aerethian military forces.

    Lowers, minor race

    Lowers is actually the term for a group of sentient species which are not intelligent enough to develop a civilization of their own but can fit in some roles of the Aerethian civilization since they posses some intelligence. Lowers are split by the magical element which dominates their habitat.

    An amphibian Lower. Common near most water bodies.

    A forest reptilian Lower. This particular species lives in the deep forests and is extremely territorial, especially males during mating season and females when they have children, attacking anything that enter their territory.

    A fish-like Lower. Most of those are considered delicacies or good fishing omens.

    An avian Lower. Many of those were be enough to be ridden but the advent of guns removed them from military use.

    A desert insect Lower. Here being used by a nomad from the Great Desert as transport. Good for small groups of travelers but their cargo capacity is limited. Also they will never leave the desert making them only good from going between the oasis inside of the desert.

    A plant Lower. Trough not rare this slow creature is so good at hiding on the tree it decides to live on that finding one is really hard.

    A humanoid Lower Shaman. Shamans are the usual leaders of Lowers which form tribes. Many of them know some human language and work together with humans if there is a human settlement in the vicinity of their tribe.

    Countries 4 centuries A.A.F. (open)
    Canis Empire
    A militaristic country with the Canis as the main population. The regions of this country are: The Waring Ridge Coast of Vor, Sed Valley (AKA Stonedell), Great Canis Plain, The Coast of Sarta, The Long Swamp. Parliamentary monarchy.

    Felinian Federation

    Split in half the Felinian Federation is made of three provinces, two automatons provinces and two territories. Those are: Catis Prov., Senor Prov., Tekor Prov., Salimar AP, Marsor AP, Felin Province and Military Territory. Most of the population is Felinian with the percentage of humans increasing towards from Senor to Marsor, where they are a majority. The Felinian Federation is made of two parts, the South "Great" Felinia and the North "Small" Felinia. This is a result of a migration after the Fall of Asker when humanity granted North Felinia, then a low populated woodland, to Felinians due to fear of a Canis invasion. The Federation is ruled by two parliaments.

    Human Confederation

    The top country of Aerethia, just like USA in our world but more similar to the European Union, the Confederation is a union of human countries spanning across the whole continent. The countries are: Aranodorian Kingdom, Moon Territory, Military Territory, Beros Territory, Bay Territory, City of Teras, Esur Territory, Sarasian Kingdom, Three Oasis Union and Valorian Union.

    Pirate Union

    The Pirate Union is a country with no government, no law and only one rule: survival of the fittest. Known cities are the Wall City and the City of The First Pirate.

    Moon City's role in 4th century A.A.F. (open)
    Moon City
    Moon City is the largest Aerethian city and has just a little over 2 million people living in it. It's spread across many islands which dot the large Moon Lake (roughly the size, and shape, of Switzerland).

    Moon Lake is located roughly in the center of Aerethia and the largest Aerethian rivers flow into the lake. North, west and east of it lies the large Moon Plato which is a lush lowland are which supplies large quantities of food. South-east lies the Small Desert, a area of arid conditions, south-west lies the Ore Mountains which are full of mining communities. Directly south of the lake and connected with it via the gigantic 114 m high Moon Falls is the Grand Canyon which connects with the Great Bay and then the oceans of Aethia.

    The basic setting of Aerethia when I started working on this colossal project was a Steam Punk Fantasy setting in which technological and magical breakthroughs push the world forward. From this most of ideas, information and maps up until recently were concentrated on the first half of the 4th century after Asker fell into ruin. For that I will have four sub-settings with basic info attached for this period while a few others will concentrate on other important periods of Aerethian history.

    Sub-settings of the first half of 4th Century After Asker Fell (A.F.F):

    School life in Moon City
    This sub-setting now has a Group RP Plotting. Click on the title to reach the Group RP Plotting.

    Moon City, the largest city in Aerethia and the place with the best education. Now we follow those which are about to embark on their third year of Moon Academy's Lower School. Note that those are fourteen years old by Aerethian birthday system in which all born during the same calendar year have the same age. Meaning that all the character which will be part of this would need to be born during the same year or failed a year.

    Also if you want we can follow one of the many clubs of Moon Academy's Lower and Higher School.

    In 312 A.A.F. a major reconstruction in the style of Futurisam was done on the entrance to the Moon's Academy Lower and Higher School complex. Here it is as it appears around the start of the school year (starts 5.1. each year).

    Construction of the Great East Railroad

    The Great Desert, for centuries it was a area trough which only camel caravans and desert nomads could move freely, but now one of the greatest engineering undertakings of Aerethia is taking place - the building of a railroad straight trough the desert. But the harsh desert, the unwelcoming locals and even the logistic and other problems of such a project will put all the people involved into situations which might threaten to end the project and stop them from making history and building the Great East Railroad.

    A group of Esurian ranchers lay the first few meters of the line into the Great Desert, marking the start of the construction of the Great East Railroad

    Independent Trading Ship (ITS) Isana

    Valor, the city of traders on the far south east end of Aerethia, center of salt production and the most important port of humanity from the times of Asker. Now as Aerethia rushes forward many opportunities arise for the people of this city and such one is the Lamar Independent Trading Company, a recently founded company which seeks to start trading both the newest mass product build in Valor - the Music Box along with the usual cargo of salt and other products. To do this they will use a new ship which was named Isana, after the Ancient name for the Wayfarer Gull, the bird which travels over larger distance without losing it's way. The ship is now looking for crew of all kinds, from the ones needed to operated the ship to the traders which can make use of the extra cargo space to fighters to combat pirates which might appear during their voyage trough the notorious Pirate Sea. Now the Independent Trading Ship Isana is to sail as soon as the crew assembles, with the capital of Felinia, Catis, as the first stop.

    ITS Isana on the Valor dock waiting to set sail for the first time.

    Nomads of Snowlands
    This sub-setting now has a Group RP Plotting. Click on the title to reach the Group RP Plotting.

    North Aerethia, know as the Snowlands, except for a few small fortifications along the roads of the Ancients and a few settlements where there are some ways of growing, catching food or keeping cattle which give a constant source of food it lies full of scattered nomads or covered under glaciers. Everyday is a struggle to survive. But now even darker days are coming with their origin from the south. Lured mostly by rare herbs needed for powerful medicines or animal furs needed for expensive clothing, hunting parties and then large expeditions are now coming into the Snowlands. This will not be just any conflict, this will be a fight for survival for the nomads which live in this land.

    Many frozen mountains dot the Snowlands and from them massive glaciers run out covering much of the land.

    Other sub-settings:

    621.-601. Before Asker Fell (B.A.F.) The Peninsula War

    For centuries the Felinae have lived in peace on the far south-west of the Catis Peninsula. Even when Saras came they were content with paying a small tribute in return for peace and the right on their lands. But in 623. the Sarasain King Bilin the Third called a risen tribute to the Felinae of the Catis Peninsula for the increasing numbers of Felinian pirates which attacked and looted Sarasian ships and coastal outposts. Angry at this the Felinae refused to pay tribute at all and two years later Saras, to save face, was forced to declare war to the Felinae. Now with the two sides readying for war on which one shall you stand? Humans? Felinae? It is up to you to decide.

    Many of the battles in the Peninsula War were fought in dense forests. Humans unprepared fur such environment suffered heavy loses in those battles.

    807.-802. B.A.F. The Breakthrough Out of Stonedell

    For centuries has the large fortress of Stonegates kept the Canis isolated inside the Stonedell. But now it is time for the Canis to charge forth. United under the first Emperor Selag the First they now gear up. Follow the epic tale of how did human and Canis clash for the control of the Stonegates and the lands south of it.

    In the battle for the Stonegates the human garrison fought to their last man, all dying in the process.

    429.-437. A.A.F. The Great War

    In winter 429 without any provocation the Canis Empire and three rebellious parts of the Human Confederation: the Kingdoms of Arandor, the Territory of Beros and the Kingdom of Saras thrown Aerethia and at that time the far-stretching colonies that it had around Aethia into the greatest conflict in the history of the continent. It would the last great war to take place on Aerethia and the last total war on the planet. In the sky with airships and airplanes, on the sea with shells and torpedoes and on the land in a multitude of way the war will be fought to the final defeat of one side.


    Various types and designs of military airships were used during the Great War. Kept in the air with powerful magic and protected with heavy armor they were the most notable cooperation of technology and magic in the Great War.

    Somewhere in the 10-9th millennium B.A.F. The Human Resettlement

    As the Snowlands start to turn to the cold and harsh environment they are in the 4th Century A.A.F. a massive migration is under way. Millions of humans are moving south, the catch is there is someone already there. In the west of what is now known as Aerethia live the Canis. In the central and east live the Felinae. In the west the Canis Targ(Chief) Garmar leads the northern horse riding nomads against the humans until his death and the fall of what is to become the northern part of the future Canis Empire. In central Aerethia, at that time a lush forest, from the Moon Lake at that time called Sunya Myas, the last of the Felinian Princes Yusya Myasu is mounting a resistance. But they have a more then worth adversary the human Klhan (Clan Ruler) Lossan. Now with this three legendary figures as focal points we shall live the legendary time after the fall of the Ancients.

    The probable look of a campsite of a human clan, some 10 millenniums ago, recreated using wall pictures in caves.

    Anytime between 414. to 449. A.A.F. Unforeseen Consequences

    As the Great War ended the sudden drop in the needs of military industry coupled with women taking the workplaces of most men and the sudden return of thousands which now had no job or income turned all major cities, especially Moon City, into a blooming area of crime and black economy. To combat this the size of Moon City's police force tripled inside a year. But one type of cases would require a new type of policeman, methods and equipment to be quickly and efficiently solved, those were extremely violent or cases involving magic and the unit that was created to handle such events was the Special Cases Unit. Following the stories of those living in this time this are the time of the Unforeseen Consequences of The Great War.

    By the time that the Great War ended Moon City, the greatest human and Aerethian city was completely transformed with many of the old city areas now replaced by skyscrapers such as those seen above.


    You like the idea of Aerethia but not any of the given sub-settings.
    Plese vote & post!

    Feel free to ask questions, comment and so on to!
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  2. This is all really interesting and I admire the thought put into it. I'm intrigued and there's a lot of variety.
  3. Thanks. This is the fourth time I am trying to start an Aerethia roleplay (the previous three were on another post-by-post roleplaying site). I hope that my first try on Iwaku with Aerethia bears fruit. Also none of the sub-settings were to your taste? What kind of story would you like to see in Aerethia?
  4. I think the ideas are well thought out and unique, I just didn't really feel must towards them. Nomads of Snowland interests me the most though. I'm not really into war or action in general, too.

    I'm honestly not sure, I think a smaller scope is all I was really looking for. Which should be available in any of the subplots.
  5. Well the first two sub-settings are both capable of going on without any action. The first more then the second but still both of them can have no action at all if the players wish so... I focused on the conflicst since they are good plot dirvers and when a players lives his characters are easily removed. On the other hand I think that characer interactions better work 1x1 or in small groups of players which know each other's posting ability, dedication to a RP and so on.

    Well if nothing else I am always open for a 1x1 in Aerethia focused on some of the more peaceful lives and times.
  6. Wow that was beautiful. Very thought and structured, nesscary of a roleplay this scale. The races are intriguing but me personally like stealth characters but I don't like playing a cat. The bit on the war is interesting and it is not confusing like other roleplays I have come across. Another note, I love all the choices for sub topics, I had a hard time choosing!
  7. Thanks. Hope more people join without me having to hunt trough the Seeking Roleplay threads.
    Trough Felinae were the first Assassins all other major races of Aerethia have also expaned into this field. The advent of guns and the increased avability of enchanted items meant that humans were also able to mach Felinian Assassins, due to their higher body mass (which makes using bigger caliber guns easier) and higher affinity for magic (more efficiant use of enchantments).

    Still the most of the best of the Aerethian Assassin world are usually human-Felinae hybrids (Nekos) due to them having advantages over both humans and Felinae, trough most Assassins working in Moon City are or pure breed Felinae (from the Suthern Island which is a part of Moon City inhabitated by almost purely them) or humans. Neko Assassins are more offten in the areas with siginificant Neko population - like the eastern half of the both parts of the F. Federation.
  8. A major update of the first post has been made! It has shinny images, formatted text and a title. The name of the thread has also been changed to make it clear what are the main parts of Aerethia!
  9. Alright, lets see if I do this right.

    The setting that's most interesting to me is: ITS Isana

    The time period that would make me the most happy would be either the Great War or the Human Resettlement.

    :D Do I get a cookie?

    Edit: Yay!~ Cookie. :D
  10. Yes you do deserve a cookie.

    You get a heart if you bring in friends 'cuz I really need more people to show up, vote and post. You know to get the idea which of the sub-settings deserve a Sing Up thread.
  11. I have no friends on this site. :( Sorry. No hearts for me.
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  12. Thanks anyways.

    Well then. I think I will probably be going away soon. Have to sleeeep.
  13. Okay. I'm off to play video games. :)
  14. *Craves more votes and posts*

    No really if I started this on the older RPing site while it stil had the poll function I would probably get twice or triple the amount of voters in much less time.

    *Goes on praying people will show up*




    Fell free to post what kind of setting you would like to see OK? That helps me get an idea of what you like to RP about so I can invite you to similar future RPs.
  15. I don't know which setting I like the most anymore they are all really nice, and all the races are just as great!
  16. Do it like this - make three catrgories:
    1. I like this very very much!!!
    2. I like this very much!
    3. I like this.
    And just vote for all which you consider to belong into the first group AKA just pick your favorites out of the bunch. OR just vote for all of them and watch this thread in the anticipation of a Sign-up for one of the sub-settings. You might want to check out the dedicated interest check for the Aerethian Middle Ages called Lords of Aerethia.

    I shloud probably note that a sub-setting will get a Sign-up when it reaches 5 votes.
  17. Anyone else interested?
  18. People are need for this ASAP!
  19. How many are needed and I'll see what I can do!
  20. As much as possible. Each idea that gets four votes will be made into a plot discussion (if feel it is needed). Six votes will mean a Sign Up thread being opened! So I basically need more people to vote.

    I thought of making a banner for the ads but even if I do start working on it, it will take some effort and time.

    So if you know people which are free at the moment and interested in settings in the manner of Aerethia then please call them here!
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