Fantasy Mature MxM Story Adventure Quest [You should read this ;) ]

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  1. MxM Mature Rp, heavily plot based, also got mature scenes but its not porn without plot (there is plot and some plot related sex).

    Setting is a fantasy medieval style world (not futuristic).

    My character is a different race (a fae). His kind live in total isolation, however MC has moved outside of fae territory and YC has been sent to track him down and arrest him for trespass.

    Of course once YC finds him he doesn't have the heart to turn him in and eventually they fall in love/lust. YC learns MC's mission and has to decide to help him, or stay loyal to his duty as a law-enforcer and turn him in and hope he gets sent back to his home (worst case scenario, he's killed as punishment ...)

    Of course there will be little twists and turns in this forbidden romance.

    Message me and we'll see what we can do ^__^

    CS Template

    Appearance: photo and/or description
    AOB (any other business):
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Thread Status:
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