Fantasy Masquerade Ball

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  1. As the forum suggests, jump in and role play! Both humans and mythical beings are allowed in this RP.

    Setting: A 19th century style mansion in a 21st century world.

    "Hello madam, shall I escort you to the ballroom?"

    The butler offered a peach-skinned girl with chestnut hair and a formal emerald green dress his arm. The girl was a shape shifting mountain lion, and the snow white ears twitching a bit on her head made it rather obvious. The young adult girl looked about as she and the butler walked down the hallway and into the ballroom.


    The lights, the fashion, the decor, the very feeling of being in this ballroom was, to some extent, overwhelming to the girl. It was all so beautiful to her, and it caught her off guard. The butler had to snap her back to reality.

    "My name is Julius, and your name is?"

    "Nn, Delia sir..."

    "Delia...I'm pleased to meet you." Julius smiled. "If you ever need me during the course of this party, you may call me."

    Delia could only nod as Julius was already being summoned by another group. The mountain lion girl was then left alone, and began to feel out of place. Not wanting to be a sore thumb, she saw a section of tables and chairs and quickly went over to sit.
  2. jake saw the girl in the green dress hurry over to the chairs and tables.
    he smiled his toothy grin and gulped down a glass of scarlet liquid.
    he got off the wall he was leaning on and scratched his big black ear sticking out of his blonde wavy hair
    his red eyes darted around the room and he fixed his navy coat, he was underdressed or every one was overdressed he'd been warned to dress appropriately but he didnt own such clothes and if he did befor he had thrown them out.
    he began walking along the edge of the room towards the girl with the emerald dress with his hands in his pockets and head straight on smiling.
    a woman in a huge white gown pulled him aside "what are you doing in those clothes?" she hissed "get offa me you witch" he growled like a wolf.
    "id expect this from a werewolf boy such as you" she scoffed and tugged his ear. he hurried over towards the girl rubbing his ear
  3. Delia looked around, and her eyes caught the werewolf boy walking up to her. Her ear flicked once as she watched him walk up, and then get pulled back by another woman. Once they had left from her eyesight, she chuckled a bit. A very smooth move. she thought, thinking the boy got caught in the act of unfair flirting. The mountain lion girl took a breath and then let it out softly.

    Julius was tending to other people when he saw the two people walk away from Delia. He walked to Delia, a glass of champagne in his hand for her. "Any trouble, here, madam?" he asked.

    "No, but thank you for the champagne," Delia said politely, smiling.

    Julius smiled back and left Delia to her drink.
  4. jake looked back at the woman with the white dress who was now smiling politely and laughing with some other idiots.
    he also caught the girl chuckling and smirked "hello there" he said when he got to her table he then put a smirk on his lips
  5. Oh? He came back. Delia noticed. It was obvious that he wanted to talk to her, and she would talk with him. But Delia made sure to be careful of her words. In case he was flirting around when he already had a significant other, Delia absolutely would not want to have to deal with that sort of thing. She had seen her other friends get caught in love triangles before, and they usually were not pretty.

    "Hello, how are you?" the mountain lion girl asked. "Are you enjoying yourself?"
  6. "im bored as hell, i was forced to come here" he said as he noticed a waiter walking by with more scarlet liquid he grabbed on and gulped it down then handed the glass back to the waiter "and you seem like your not over the age of fifty so i thought id come talk to you" he said as he sat on a chair balancing on two legs of the chair
  7. "...I see." was all Diana said as she watched the wolf boy. Her ear flicked and she blinked. "May I ask why you were forced to come?"
  8. Chi was siting down near a table in the corner. she was waering a flowing poffed dress she had made with out her family knowing. they didnt want her to go but she want anyways. she had a human mother and a demon father. she told her mother that she was going and her mother let her. she never gived Chi her mask that father saw her in and it was love in first glance. theres more but i dont feel like bring in it up right nows but anyways her mask had raven feathers. her make up that her mother put on her made her look more misterious. her black hair is pulled into pony tails on both sides. and one side had purple flowers.

    Chi watched everyone dance she didnt dance with anyone because no one wanted to asked her to dance. where is a kight in shining arm? she thought to her self looking at everyone
    [​IMG] (black dress, black hair and purple flowers)
  9. "see that puffed up fool in the white circus tent?" he said pointing at the woman who grabbed him earlier "she made me come... she's was my fathers wife after my mother died... BUT she's not even a werewolf ridiculous! anyway i was supposed to come to show me off to her friends a right pigs tail she made of that" he chuckled "what are you by the way? you're not werewolf you smell different and i cnt see your tail under your dress so its hard to tell." he asked curiously
  10. Delia looked over to the woman and then back to the wolf boy. "I see..." She wasn't going to any more questions, as she feared that he was the type to get offended easily when annoyed. When asked what species she was, her ear flicked. "Ah, I'm a mountain lion..."
  11. "cool.." he said as he followed her gaze to the girl
  12. his ears suddenly pointed upward and eyes gleamed brightly..."SHHH I SMELL SAUSAGES OH MY GOD"
  13. Delia jumped back. "E-Eh? Sausage...?"
  14. he stood up as fast as a bullet knocking his chair back which led to the table behind him falling over.
    his red eyes squinted and ignored the shocked faces from the people who were sitting at that table.
    he found the waiter that was carrying a platter on cocktail sausages.
    "YESSSS" he howled and ran as fast as he could through dancing couples and pushing people aside.
    "NO JAMES!!" the woman in white hollered but she was to late jake was on top of the waiter grabbing at the sausages he snaffled them all down
    in seconds. jake looked up "oh huh" he smiled an innocent smile and waved slightly
    "james.." the woman whispered and walked out of the room as fast as she could grabbing jake by the collar of his shirt leaving the room
  15. It just so happened to be that Julius was the waiter bringing the sausages. "Hm? Sir is there something wr--WRONG!?!"

    When James jumped onto him, he nearly fell into the table. "Sir if you could please get off of my shoulders!!" he yelled. The weight on his back was alleviated when the woman in white called James out. Julius rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. "I'm...terribly sorry, everyone." he said as he went to fetch another plate.

    All the while, Delia just watched the scene, dumbfounded. She knew that she thought that this dance was going to be exciting, but not THIS exciting.
  16. jake came back into the room with a red mark now fading on his cheek.
    the woman was behind him "sorry everyone i let my.." he sighed and looked at the woman she nudged him with her elbow "... i let my stupidity and foolery and stuff take over me" he finished then went back to the wall he originally was leaning on and looked down at the ground.

    the woman in white went over to him and began talking but he acted as if she wernt there. she walked away back to her posses of friends
  17. Delia looked to the to wolf boy, and then to the crowd to see if anyone else was looking. There were only a handful that were close to him that looked over, but once he was done, there were only a few nods and then everyone else went back to talking or eating. Delia shrugged and then looked back to the boy. Her ear flicked and she got up to visit him at the wall. "Apology accepted?"
  18. he looked up and smiled not like the smirk from earlier but a genuine smile.
    "hah" he said "i never got your name.. im james but i go by jake" he said holding out a hand for her to shake and his left ear flicked
  19. Delia took his hand and shook it, returning the smile. "My name is Delia. A pleasure to meet you!" she said.
  20. he got off the wall and looked in her eyes, still smiling "delia... never heard it before... nice name"
    "why are you here?"he asked "i dont mean to be nosy" he laughed and his smirk came back
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