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  1. I've been a bit hesitant to put this up but here it goes! I'm just seeing who all would be interested in it.

    There's a mafia that frightens everyone and not many speak of it because of it's reputation. This mafia is ruthless and could care less about who they go after. They don't care about killing anyone and everyone either. What people don't know is that this mafia is full of dark creatures. Creatures that the lighter and more innocent fantasy creatures don't speak of. There are gods of death, grim reapers, dragons, demons, and many others that are in this mafia. The leader happens to be a young woman who is quarter dragon. She just took over her mother's position and isn't sure if this mafia is good or bad... It's your job to pick a side and show her if the mafia's good or bad. With dark creatures being within this institution, anything is possible.

    Yes, there will be a lot of dark aspects to this role play, that's the whole point of this. I do also plan to make this a libertine RP because something like this might get to be too violent and with a lot gangs, there's sex.
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  2. I'm interested, but that's a given.
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  3. Curious. Mind if I keep an eye on this for now?
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  4. Go right ahead :)
  5. Yes, I like it! I'm always drawn to quirky concepts, and you've got one of those right here. So, I'll keep an eye out for the OOC. How many players do you need to give it a go?
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  6. I want at least 5, excluding me and Mits :)
  7. I like where this is going. Need more creature type Rps to be in :)
  8. Okay. I'll sit tight hoping that another two people show interest. That woud be fun.

    Have you envisioned the rp's technical level? Gunpowder, or not, that kinda thing. Just me being curious. :)
  9. Color me interested ~
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  10. Hold on and I'll explain what I had in mind :) Can't type all that well on my phone.
  11. I said excluding me and Mits so that'll be one more and I'll put the group up.

    I envision it to be more modern or maybe even more historical but I'm not all that sure yet. I want to make it modern, I know that much, but I want to add a sort of historical kind of aspect to the weaponry. Meaning, use swords and stuff like that.
  12. Yeah, I noticed you said excluding. Thought I had rectified. Overlooked the 'two'-thingy, tho'. :)
    I think a modernist take would be cool - with some guns and stuff. But most demons and monsters probably don't even need a gun to be effective. I'm curious to hear what others would prefer.

    Anyone havin' solid ideas about it?
  13. Most likely not but there are some humans in the gang so you do have to consider them as well. So with weaponry, it all depends on the creature, their powers, and all that.
  14. I'd like to play this if we can see what a gangster does in it's life. I'm interested in having a nigromant, and his hordes of undead, if you let me. So, up to you.

    PS: if we do this, my guy can get innecesary nasty, but that's the way i like him to be
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  15. I'm sure that'll be just fine.
  16. Interested
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  17. I'll get the group up today.
  18. Will get over there tomorrow. I'm really interested, so I'll set up a cs in a couple of days! Looking forward to this.
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