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  1. So, you all have been very patient with me. and I apprecate that. but the time has come to get this ball rolling, Preferably downhill so that the momentum can build, but before that can happen, Informationand Character sheets are required. Before you ask, Each CS Needs tinformation on how the kingdom functions. Including Bios of the royals, Their relations with each other, strengths and Weaknesses as a kingdom, and the like. See the Example Set forth below, for this is where the ball gets its airlift.

    *Broken Metaphors over*

    Some things to note: the Valley in the center of all of the kingdoms is hidden and unknown to all kings and queens. most of the princesses and princes don't know about it either, only one from most kingdoms know about it at first, maybe two, depending how things play out. This Valley is a Neutral ground. Falling in love with a sworn enemy CAN happen, and it adds to the story when things like this happen.

    Dragon Kingdom *Still coming up with a name*


    King: Makoto: Black dragon with red chest scales, spines, and horns. Dragon of Fire and water. Headstrong Leader, Often hard on his children.
    Queen: Kiyumi: Blue and Green Dragon of Wind And Earth. Much more Laid back, Cherishes her children, and thinks the king is too hard on them at times, especially Izana.
    Prince: Taiki: Red and Yellow Dragon of Earth / Metal by Earthly extention, and Water. Excellent Tactician, leads the royal army when Makoto can't. Logical and Loyal to a fault.
    2nd Prince: Izana: Blue and Green Dragon (Pictured in my Iwaku Icon) Shy, Dragon of fire and Wind. Often reserved and occasionally a bit shy, Izana is unfailingly kind, and goes out of his way to make sure others are happy.
    Princess: Kyoko: Shares many traits with her eldest brother, Taiki, With the exception that she is kinder toi Izana.
    2nd Princess: Naomi: Essentially a Female Izana, She matches His Personality closest, but has more logic and tactical knowledge than Izana does.

    Strengths: Innate abilities to control elements, usually resilient Soldiers. Elements dictate their proficiency. For Example, Air Dragons are fast fliers, quick to move and sidestep, while Earth Dragons fly slower, are heavier, but are as a result stronger and more durable in combat.

    Weaknesses: Depends on the element Circle. Knowing your elements and what beats what is crucial when in a combat situation with a dragon.

    Resources for Trade: Excellent Blacksmiths, merchants, Travelers, Steeds, Miners of gems and gold, and by extension bankers, and the like.

    Kingdom Terrain: Varied. Lots of mountains and Caves, Including a volcano or two, but at the same time, there are beautiful forests interspersed.

    *More detail is better, but make sure to cover the basic information. I''ll likely edit this a bit later too as stuff comes up and questions get answered.*
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  3. Urgal Head Tribe, Ugrulash

    Nar Unkar: Chief of the tribe, strongest of the known Urgals or Kull. Stands at 9 1/2 feet tall, strong enough lift boulders with hardly a sweat (Largest size of boulder he can lift is 20 by 20 feet.) Husband to a female Urgal, and father to 3 children.
    Nor Lishkalek: Wife to Nar Unkar, kind among most Urgals, but still intimidating to the other races. Stands at 7 feet tall, also strong, but not so much as the males. Mother to her 3 children.
    Children (3)
    Talgresh: Eldest son, a Kull like his father, roughly 17 in human years. Has currently proven himself eligible for marriage by beating 5 competitors, Urgal or not. He seeks to prove himself worthy of being clan chief by beating 20 competitors and the current chief (his father). He has currently beat 7 competitors.
    Ulgalek: Only daughter, second oldest, only a year younger than her eldest brother. She is eligable for marriage now, and she must go out and find an Urgal from another tribe who has proven himself or find one in her birth village that she is not related to. A good cook, as wives ought to be, and quite beautiful among the others of her race. She stands at 6 3/4 feet tall, but she is not fully grown yet, she will be in another year or two.
    Ulgabah: Youngest of the family, a male 13 year old Urgal child, standing at 5 foot 7. He is not yet old enough to take the trial of manhood and begin fighting to prove himself. He is mostly found fighting with the other children, as most young Urgals do.

    Strengths: Strength of the body, not usually good thinkers, they are notorious warmongers though. A natural resilience against the elements of heat and cold, since their blood grants them near impunity towards fire of any sort, and cold because of the environment in which they live.

    Weaknesses: Most do not use magic, only the shamen do, and their lack of intelligence often means that they are easily defeated by strategists or magic users.

    Resources for trade: Urgals are not known to trade except for between tribes, which they trade food and wood, sometimes tools used to build or weapons.

    Kingdom Terrain: The northern regions where the cold is harsh and the living conditions harsher. They tend to stay within the pine forests and snowy mountains where their villages are harder to see.

    History: The Urgals Were originally minotaurs, but some birth defects among their race led to the creation of an Urgal. The Urgal population exploded, and where there were two, there was 50 if you went back in 30 years. The Urgals have been around for roughly 500 years, and now they are common enough to be a threat, though there's not much most people or creatures can do. They have become notorious warmongers, fighting and often killing "competitors" to prove themselves worthy. They do, however, have morales, and they will respect you if you win.
  4. Dark Elves Kingdom - Naggaroth
    Royalty -
    High Priestess - Mistress Morgana, she looks younger than her real age, she use that as a advantage when dealing with other races. She didnt have children since her godess aint allowed it. She didnt trust her actual consort and she plans to change him for another. Master of magic and poisons.

    Royal Consort - Duke Devan, handosme and proud of himself, he caught the attention of Mistress Morgana and thus become his consort. But his flirting and treachery has started to annoy Morgana. He want to give her a child to secure his place as consort. Accomplished duelist and skilled assassin.
    High Chancellor- Lord Malekith, older, and wiser than Devan, hes deeply loyal to Mistress Morgana, he despises Devan since he believes that he should be the Royal Consort. Duelist and magic user.

    Strenghts: More fast and agile than other races, limited magic resistance, can see in the darkness.
    Weakness: Sunlight blind them and burn their skin. Cowards, they will flee if the fight its going against them and they arent afraid of betraying their own if that save them.
    Resources for Trade: Ores and gems, crafts, slaves.
    Kingdom Terrain: Huge caves, they sometimes make their homes hollowing giant stalagmites. Most of their houses are made of stone.
    History: Dark Elves started as surface elves, but, after losing a long, bloody civil war, they had to run underground to escape the wrath of his former brothers. The harsh live in the caves changed them, not only physically but also in their spirits, they become cruel, vicious creatures. They embraced some foul, long time forgotten godess that aid them to find a new home. After many years they have resurfaced and have started to look for trading partners with the other races.
  5. Federative Republic Of Forkona [FRF]

    Capitol - Main region of Forkona. It is in the shape of horizontally bent sand watches, covering central part, west and east parts.
    Major - Region full of resources. It's the biggest region of Forkona. Major is located at north part of country, covering flat territory, north mountain territory and full territory of volcanic park.
    Douro - Region of architecture and war-camps. Douro covers south flat territory, and south short mountain region.
    Fortuna - Region of forests, rivers and nature. Region is in shape of giant ring, going all around the nation, right near the mountains. Fortuna is proclaimed to have legendary "Lake of Fortune", which can forever change luck of person who goes in contact with it's water. Of course, they're just myths... are they?
    Minor - Smallest region of Forkona, being in the shape of ring around central part of Capitol region. Minor is famous for it's gemstones manufacturing.
    In the main meaning, "Royalty" isn't actual "Royalty". These people are just high ranks, often mistaken as "Royalty".
    "Royalty" consists of Interkingdom Senate, which consists of heads of four ministries, and "Head Chancellor Order". State-controlling ranks are also presented as: National Senate(All in-country regional politic, and finances),
    "Head Chancellor Order"
    Head Chancellor: Fereto Du Morien: A tall, old male elf, with long grey beard. He usually wears long dark-green robes, with pointy hat. Expert at proto-science for politics, fortification and number of various war-studies.
    Finance Chancellor: Moblana Fug Duperi: Wise, old female elf. She usually wears long maroon robes, with wavy hat. Expert at finance, proto-science for math, proto-science for economy.
    Federal Provinces Chancellor/Federal Regions Chancellor/Regional Finances and Politics Chancellor: Xylon Aswafo: Tall, young male elf. He usually wears blue jacket, azure shirt underneath it and navy-blue pants. Expert at proto-science for sociology, regional finances and politics.
    "Interkingdom Senate"
    Senator of interkingdom army forces, war resources and war architecture
    : Mira Lokhord: Beautiful young female elf, with bumpy body. She usually wears metallic armor, with metallic helmet covering her head. Mira is a tactician, rootless warrior and offensive leader. She often takes place as generalissimo of main armed forces. Mira also controls and configures mining of hard materials, and creation of fortresses and war-camps.
    Senator of diplomacy, finances and infrastructure: Akal Gejen: Tall old male man. Akal usually wears long robes, with mixed national tricolor. He often brings paper with himself, creating projects for building at various regions of country. Akal is free minded, open person and a protective leader. He usually leads most of building projects in entire region, and also writes professional books on architecture themes.
    Senator of justice, national army forces and "police" forces: Madlen Forgo: Short old female elf. She is usually in tight clothes, with some metallic armor on upper part of her body. Madlen is strict, ruling person, and a wise leader. She is usually seen as head of national army departments, and judge for high justice court.
    Senator of manufacturing, resources and trading: Cekino Klopdu: Short young male elf. Cekino dresses up in rough workers clothes, finding them comfortable. He is strict in some way, and adventurous young man, being dreamy leader. He is seen managing resource transport routes, amount of material manufacture and amount of resources.

    Strengths: Prodigy-level architecture, and fortification studies. High power in diplomacy. Pretty good level of archery and battling studies. High level of state organization.

    Weaknesses: Low amount of army; Selfishness amongst big part of population; Earthquakes; No full connection to sea/ocean.

    Resources for Trade: Elegant, light and beautiful architect materials; high-level builders; studies for most of existing sciences; excellent building tools; huge variety of beautiful gemstones, and decorative ores.

    History: Elves were quite common race in world back then, but in the following years they were pillaged, killed or died from low race communication. After a while, mysterious elf named Forkona began it's deplomacy mission, trying to find and save as much elves as he could. Using its newly found resources, Forkona created nation, as fellow citizens named it after nickname of their mighty leader. Flag of Forkona is vertically bent tricolor, consisting of dark green, maroon and blue. Dark green represents nature and resources, maroon represents agility and force, blue represents freedom and diplomacy.

    Kingdom Terrain: Flat in center, with mountains surrounding country in half-ring at west. Flat part is partially filled with forests and, rarely, with caves. There is also volcanic park at the rear north of country, located at northern part of mountain-ring.
    Notable peaks: Mt. Of Saint Megeron(Southern mount region); Mt. Of Goegol(Short northern mountain, near Maina); Mt. Of Maina/Volcano Of Maina(Center of volcanic park)
    Notable natural landmarks: Giant volcanic park at north of country. It is presented by several thousands of geysers, and quite small mountain in center of park. Scientists of Forkona, and of surrounding countries, have theories that it's super volcan, that can explode at any moment.
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