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  1. The idea is a fantasy kingdom RP. Every player picks a fantasy race to control, though the primary focus is on thr prinxes and princesses, The kings, Queens, Daimyos, etc all play an important part.

    Once each player has chosen a race, Amongst them dragons, Gryphons, Vampires, Insects, Werewolves, Etc, The story can then unfold.

    the premise? there is a secret natural park like meadow in neutral territory in the center of all of the kingdoms that only the princes / princesses know about. And not all do. In that meadow, Regardless of alliances and allegiences, Love and allies can be made. Even if two kingdoms are mortal enemies, EG, Dragons and Gryphons, In tbe meadow a Dragon Prince could fall in love with a Gryphon Princess, or plot strategies with vampires when every other dragon fears them. Not 100% set in stone those are alliances, but it does illustrate what can happen.
  2. So, a fantasy nation RP?

    I'd be down, I love nationbuilding.
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  3. Yep! On a bit grander scale. The predecessor that was the brainparent to this idea had about 12 people and 12 kingdoms interrelating. xD
  4. So, you've done this before? I would totally be down to play anything.

    I was thinking a massive, glorious brass kingdom of sentient steam-powered/magic-powered clockwork robots.
  5. I'd have no issue with that. ^w^ It'd certainly be interesting.

    and Yep, Done it once before.
  6. Hm...
    Would try to rule Aristocratic Kingdom Of Elves, with main state facility - Proto-Ministries
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  7. That works with me. ^w^ I personally Like Dragons so that's my most likely choice. xD
  8. so far we'd have three kingdoms. Ideally we'd get more, Bit we could indeed start more, Or control more than 1 if you feel up to it. xD
  9. I'm down if I can create a kingdom of imps. I know that's a pretty vague term, but basically a variety of small child-like mischevious creatures.
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  10. Does the kingdom have to be a well known species? Like Werewolves and vampires ect, or can it be something exclusive to a game or a made-up concept?
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  11. @Vivian Adlet

    So long as sufficient information can be given once we get to a CS Stage, photos, Descriptions, etc, then exclusivity should be fine. ^^
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  12. I'm biting.
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  13. Count me in too, if you're still accepting
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  14. THANK THE GODS!! I thought this was never going to get off the ground.
  15. I'm Yelping.

    Sure, a few more won't hurt. ^^ The More the More Political, or so someone never said.

    I couldn't agree more. Gotta set up the thread so Hopefully in a few hours it'll be up and ready. I have another IC to make too so wah.

    Now now, Thank Overwatch. XD They protect the world so people like us can use the Interwebs to webinate freely.

    Or, I was just allowing a little time to see if other interested parties would sign up. ^^ Now that we're starting, it should have a much more frequent posting frequency. ^^
  16. I'm interested! Can I, Can I, Can I, please please please?! O.O
    Don't ask me, weirdo.
    Oh, okee! <3
    How does this sound? *Shows random spectator a paper.*
    Don't you think you should ask them, not me? I mean, it's a good idea, I think... Sorry. -_-
    Okay! ;P
    [BCOLOR=#dba976]A small race recently created and growing, barely large enough to even be able to choose chiefs, as there are roughly 50,000 of them. They are a sub race of Minotaurs, properly known as Urglurgla. They stand at around 7 feet tall, and they have the bodies of men, with the exception of horns that grow out of their heads. They are thick boned and muscular, as they seek out battle to prove themselves and to gain mating rites, and their skin color can be anywhere that humans have. There are a special few (roughly 500) of them that are of a larger variety, standing at 9 to 9 & 1/2 feet tall, with larger horns, larger muscles, and larger expectations from the others.[/BCOLOR]
    That... Sounds surprisingly good, but don't you think you put a bit too much detail in to it for just a summary?
    Oh, right sorry. _^_
    Also, what's with all the faces at the end?
    [BCOLOR=#dba976]A sub-race of Minotaurs known as Urglurgla, more commonly known as Urgals. Don't follow a king or queen, but there is one clan that reigns over the others, so the clan chief and his family are counted as the overall royalty (Although War Chief would be a better term).[/BCOLOR]
    It still sounds like too much...
    I TRIED, OKAY! _v_
    There there, all that matters is that you tried. *Kind smile*
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  17. I like it. But the Signups are linked above. xD
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