Fantasy In Your Eyes (#1)

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  1. Thanks for Checking this Out!
    Today I have developed a challenge for you. Well not today, I had it in my head two days ago. But today you are going to hear about it!
    All your fantasies have been running through your head day and night but now the very people
    you know are becoming fantasy. Your father turned into a dragon, and your mother is a hag. It is like you are in a dream or... LSD. I won't tell anyone though.

    Your challenge today for Fantasy In Your Eyes #1 is to imagine your
    parents or your legal guardians turning into a creature you would imagine them being.
    Got a grumpy father? Might be a troll! List below the following.

    1. Who They Are (Don't have to give names Ex. Father, Mother, Grandma)
    2. What are they becoming?
    3. Why?
    4. What do they do as their fantasized form?
    5. Write an RP with them as their fantasy form and you in it.
    Bonus: Sketch A Picture

    If this gets enough attention there will be more including: Siblings, School, Friends, Home and more! I am handing out nifty Hearts for Great Posts and Likes to Participants. Good Luck~