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I want to run a game that is fantasy in space along the lines of Thor and Treasure planet. Swords and ray guns and ships that look like sail ships/early steamships and they have solar sails and cannons and broadsides and the like.

So this is a dual purpose Plotting and Interest Check. Is anyone actually interested, and does anyone have ideas they'd like to share? I've got two ideas at the moment as to where to go with this.

The first is high fantasy conflict... in space. Interplanetary empires in an uneasy peace start to spiral into another war, manipulated by shadowy evil forces. We'd be the elite of the good guy kingdom's knights, have an awesome personal ship, and have high fantasy war-type adventures.

The other idea I could go with is to put my old idea for The Library into action. We could even twist both ideas into one and have the search for the titular library lead to getting trapped in it and having to decipher its mysteries. Players would be either scholars/treasure hunters or the crew of the ship the scholars/treasure hunters have chartered to take them between planets.

Any comments or preferences?

The second idea might lead to the first.
I am not sure why but I imagine lots of blood in the first idea, kind of like a gritty kind of Rp.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea, just don't have the free space to join. D: I want to see it!
I am not sure why but I imagine lots of blood in the first idea, kind of like a gritty kind of Rp.

I... don't see it as being gritty or bloody. No more than the source material, at least.
I guess it's just my brain doing that crazy thing it does. I will continue thinking about this.
I don't have anything to add right now, but I am interested Spammy! I'll check back in later once you get some more info down. Also, I'll check out the Library thread.
As I mentioned before in the cbox I'd be interested in something like this. Twist in an idea like your library (it reminds me of mass effect a bit), and you've got me. I love mystery and larger plots building up in the background of smaller ones (and vice versa). Interested to hear more.