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    Hello! And welcome to Fantasy High! Here you are able to express whoever you want to be! Whether you're monster or witch, sorcerer or sorceress, all are welcome, except mortals. Everyone is a friend, so no being mean! Here are some basic rules! (Please don’t hate, this is my first time doing this >.<)

    -Be nice! Everyone is a friend!
    -You can swear all you like! You don’t have to use *** at all!
    -Have fun!!
    -No being OP or ‘God Mode’ it’s annoying

    So the setting is a boarding school, summer break is over and students are returning from their holidays.

    The orange building in the middle is the reception/ head masters office
    *Ps all the teachers are special to so they are demons and any other sort of monster

    The two brown And white buildings next to it are the dorms

    The rest are for science, English and maths etc. When Cry returns she might change things (it was originally hers)
  2. Yami yawned as he sat up and rubbed his bright green eye, he had been sitting on the roof of the reception office excitedly waiting for the students to return, but he had fallen asleep by accident when he was waiting, he looked at the gate as the some old faces and new ones strolled into school in their groups of friends wearing their school uniforms which consisted black trousers or a skirt with any colour shirt and a black blazer. His was the same, he wore a plain white shirt but he also wore gloves and a black mouth mask to hide his shark looking teeth. He smiled under his mask as he saw students "Finally I won't be sooo bored anymore" he said excitedly as he stood up on the building.
  3. Matthew entered the school almost jogging excitedly ready to enjoy another year of school, he looked around seeing all the faces of fellow students. Instinctively he turned into his crow form flying into the sky to get a birds eye view of the school, he spotted the dorms and all the school buildings, but he wouldn't be able to remember it all so he tried figuring out the important things like the cafeteria. Angling downwards he glided down to the ground reverting back to his normal form to land as he continued to observe his surroundings for anything he might have missed.
  4. Willow was so happy to go to school that day. She didn't know why because she wasn't exactly close friends with anyone. She was maybe just excited to go to a school. When she walked in, she was wearing her school uniform skirt and a black shirt. She was wondering what it would be like. Her eyes were darting around as she looked around the campus. She had never seen so many people in one place before. She waited until everyone had went into the gates before stepping inside, not wanting to be near the crowd. She kind of wished she came as a wolf, instead of a human.
  5. Iona made her way to the school, looking at everyone in wonder as she walked past some people. It was her first day of school and she hoped she would make a good impression on everyone. Her beloved pet wolf trotted along side her, carrying a bag in his mouth. Looking at him put a small smile on her face and she pet his head gently. "Today is the big day, Sir Winter. Ready to meet everyone?" She asked, getting an excited bark out of her companion. "Then let's go."

    With that, she marched into the school, ready for anything that could happen in a school of fantasy creatures.
  6. Yami jumped down from the roof and landed on the ground with a thump before walking towards a massive board in front of the reception which had every ones magic tables. These where pieces of paper that would react to that person and tell them where to go and what lesson it would be (How convenient) he held the sheet of paper and it shined a bright blue colour before it faded, leaving the words maths and the class room. Seeing this he crammed the paper into a pocket and walked of to his maths lesson excitedly...
  7. Willow followed the rest of the students to see where they were going. It turned out that they were getting some sort of magical paper thingy. She picked one up, and it started to glow. She dropped the paper in shock. She picked it back up, and saw that it had a class on it and a room number. She was going to math. She didn't think she remembered anything about this subject, so she knew she should probably go there straight away and talk to the teacher about it. She hoped it was a small class, and she wouldn't get embarrassed.
  8. As Matthew re-joined the group he quickly spotted the wolf and began to grumble under his voice a bit as his dog half began to get territorial in the presence of another dog (sort of). He was able to shake the feeling remembering that what he was doing might have seem odd, he searched for something to take his mind off it spotting the papers people where getting. Picking one up for himself he looked at it as he shined blue for a moment before saying Maths, he tilted his head to the side confused at the piece of paper for a few moments before writing it off as the same magic he uses to change shape and he carried on to what he believed to be the right way. On his was he did see another person ahead of them who oddly wore a mask.
  9. He sighed, maths was one of the further buildings away from the reception it was a pain to walk without use your powers. He had noticed some where heading in the same direction as him, he smiled beneath his mask. He wondered if they where in his class, each building had round 10 classes for each subject, he was in class one for maths...
  10. Lily looked around the campus, noting the beautiful flowers and trees. It was so sad. Most people thought she couldn't appreciate beauty, just because she was a demon. But being a demon was just a job, nothing more. She loved plants as much as anyone.

    As she entered, she bumped into a girl leading a large wolf. "Oh, excuse me. I'm so sorry."
  11. Iona stared at the paper in her hand for a few minutes before following some people that were heading in the direction that paper told her to go. Putting it in her bag for now, the young snow witch made her way to the class. She heard her companion growl at someone but shrugged it off when someone bumped into her. Turning to look at the girl, she just calmly smiled and bowed.

    "'Tis no trouble. I should have been more careful to where I was walking." She replies, some of her blue hair falling down over her shoulder when she bowed.
  12. Willow looked at her map, and saw the building maths was in. She started heading in the direction of the building. She saw some other students, which she didn't particularly like, but she was going to have to deal with the population. She just ran ahead faster. She just wanted to get to class.
  13. Aurora walked in she looked around and smiled she loved meeting people and was so excited her red plaid skirt flowed as she ran to the reception and grabbed a paper and it glowed then showed class one for math so she skipped all the way to the room and saw yami and said hi there!

    Alexander walked in his parents death gun tied to his jacket and was inside it safe and sound he then walked to the reception and lazily picked up the paper then walked to an English class and sat down quietly once he arrived in class.
  14. Yami stared at he weird girl skipping towards him "Yo?" His voice kind of muffled from his mask, he kept walking towards maths presuming the strange girl would follow. Entering the building he walked straight to class one, surprisingly enough he wasn't the first on there but it didn't matter. Walking to the back of the class he slumped in an empty seat by the window.
  15. she smiled she would enjoy her life even though she had lost everyone she would be happy that she had a school she could go to now. she sat in the middle of the class room and pulled out a small notebook and her dagger fell out of her small bag and she grabbed it and stuffed it back in the bag. she sighed hoping no one saw she didn't want anyone to think she would harm them. she had just always kept it on her for safety in case something happened like when she was little again.

    Alexander went and sat in the back of his English class not really caring who saw him he sat in the back and played with his necklace he knew his sister went here and he was determined to see her and tell her what really happened that night so long ago.
  16. Lily returned the bow in kind. "I'm Lily. First-year student and demon. And you are?" she asked anxiously. It was always nerve-wracking, speaking with those who were a different species. The fact that demons had gotten a bad rap over the years didn't help. She could really use a new friend in this place.
  17. Etain wasn't scared. Fae didn't scare easily, and it would take more than high school to frighten her. She moved lightly over the street in front. The school was absolutely gigantic, and frankly, overcomplicated. The school back home had been small, and it suited its 200 students just fine.

    The schedule glowed blue when she picked it up, revealing the first class of the day.
    "Math." She said disdainfully, "My favorite! I can't wait to hear about numbers and sh-"
    Etain, you need to stop being such a brat.
  18. Sayuri Endo was something of an airhead.

    "Gotta go fast or else I'm gonna be late again! Aghhh!"

    But she was a spunky one. Perhaps that was why she could come off towards some as endearing. Energy was something a lot of people liked, whether they admitted or not. Sure beat looking at people who always looked so gloomy all the time. No reason to be a glum chum when you could be a happy sailor!

    "C'mon c'mon c'mon!!"

    Sprinting towards school with a peanut butter jelly sandwich in her mouth like a damn living trope, the orange-haired girl managed to enter the school grounds just in time, biting into some more of what appeared to be her breakfast as she would briefly sigh in relief upon seeing a few of the other students. Mmm, returning to school was such a bittersweet thing. On one hand, it was nice to see other people like this again, but on the other... ugh, school. Right?

    "Phew... Alright, alright! Time to see where I'm supposed to be! I can make it yet!"

    With that being said, she marched right over to the paper that the others were gathered around, seeing that she was headed for Math. Woo. How convenient. And how quaint. Beginning the day with her least favorite subject. Ugh. What a pain.

    "Huuu, this stinks. Oh, well. May as well get it over with," Sayuri would sigh to herself, jogging over in the direction of the buildings.

    Alright, time to put on my game face! Time to shine! Time to apply myself! Time to--!


    Craaash! Like some sort of cliched klutz, Sayuri had somehow managed to trip on her own feet and fall on her face into the ground with a relatively loud thud. Ouch, that's gotta hurt. However, any wound that she might have ended up coming down with seemed irrelevant, as the primary tragedy was something else.

    Her sandwich was ruined! Soiled!

    "O-Oh no! My breakfast! My toast! My peanut butter! My strawberry jam! Craaaaap, I've done it now! Now I'm gonna starve for the whole morning! This is how I die! This is how I dieeee! ;-;"

    Truly, a tragedy that would make Shakespeare shiver.

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  19. Aurora left her bag ran over and went to help the girl saying hey are you ok? she helped the girl up and handed her a napkin to wipe her face off. she also handed the girl her lunch saying here you can have mine.
  20. "Jesus Christ!" Etain shouted. A girl just face-planted right next to her.
    "O-Oh no! My breakfast! My toast! My peanut butter! My strawberry jam! Craaaaap, I've done it now! Now I'm gonna starve for the whole morning! This is how I die! This is how I dieeee! ;-;"
    The girl was making a big deal about her sandwich, so Etain offered, "Hey, you like Lays? I have some in my bag."
    But another person rushed up, seemingly more concerned about the lady's lunch than her own.
    "Alright, whatever." She thought.
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