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    Hello! And welcome to Fantasy High! Here you are able to express whoever you want to be! Whether you're monster or witch, sorcerer or sorceress, all are welcome, except mortals. Everyone is a friend, so no being mean! Here are some basic rules! (Please don’t hate, this is my first time doing this >.<)

    -Be nice! Everyone is a friend!
    -You can swear all you like! You don’t have to use *** at all!
    -Have fun!!
    -No being OP or ‘God Mode’ it’s annoying

    And here are the roles!
    Fantasy Creature (Example: Unicorn, Pegasus, Dragon, ect.)
    If you have any suggestions, please tell me!


    Background Info:
    Any Extra Info:

    Now, here's my character!

    Name: Erin BlackWood
    Age: 16
    Role: Sorceress
    Likes: Reading, Writing, singing, art, creativity.
    Dislikes: Mean people, doing a spell/potion wrong, talking.
    Background Info: She was transferred here after her parents abandoned her as a child. She's basically lived and grown up in the halls.
    Personality: She has major trust issues, but when you gain her trust, you find out that she's a kind, gentle, hard working,soft kind of person. She's extremely loyal and would do anything to save the ones she loves.
    Any Extra Info: She's a bit mentally unstable after an accident that happened as a child.
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  2. Picture:

    Name: Yami

    Age: 16

    Role: Demon

    Likes: Sleeping and Messing with people

    Dislikes: Getting attached to things and bright lights

    Background Info: Born a Demon and raised by demons however they abandoned him after a few years and left him to grow up alone, he has been in the school since living out his daily life...

    Personality: He acts all dark and rude however this is due to him trying to fit in as a demon, he hates getting attached to things because he's scared of losing them so he generally pushes people aside unless he's going to mess with them...

    Extra: His right eye is green and left eyes is red, when he becomes emotional (angry) his red eye glows as shown in picture.....
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    (Black scales, Emerald eyes, and magenta underbelly and wing membranes. Six silver horns adorn her head. Iron tail-blade and iron blade thumb claws.)
    Name: Cynder Black
    Age: 16
    Role: Dragoness
    Likes: Flying, reading
    Dislikes: Being underestimated, called weak
    Background Info: Don't ask, you might get slashed. Her past was troubled and she was often led down the wrong path.
    Personality: Cynder is fierce. This black Dragoness is not one to take lightly. Be careful of what you say around/about her. She does have a kind, caring side, if you can get her to show it.
    Any Extra Info
  4. Yay I'm so happy, thank you! *glomps* cx
    Name: Akira
    Age: 16
    Role: Nine-Tailed Fox

    Playing Music, Dancing, Being Crafty, Practicing Magic more
    Dislikes: Nosy people, Sudden and really loud noises and movement, people hugging/tugging her tails or ears

    Background Info:
    Akira was born somewhere deep in the forest and was raised by the foxes. It is believed that she is a Kumiho, a half-human half-fox that feasts on human hearts, but never in her life has she been seen doing so. Despite this, some who have seen her while she still resided in the forest attempted to kill her, and if it wasn't for her speed and quick mastery of her magic she would not be in the school right now. Fantasy High took her in when one of the staff found her, and the school serves as her safe house from the danger the outside awaits her.

    To a lot of beings inside and out of the academy, Akira seems very distant and reserved. She's very graceful and quick in movement and also very cautious about her surroundings. Because of some thinking that she's a Kumiho, even those in the school avoid her. Those who are brave enough to get to know her though are awarded with great friendship and care. Akira once she gets comfortable with you is very cheerful, playful and friendly, but at the same time she still maintains her admired elegance and beauty.

    Any Extra Info: Akira's ears and tails are very sensitive, and that's why she doesn't like anyone touching them all of a sudden.

    Full body image
  5. Alright, PM me when you want to start!!
  6. PM me when you'd like to start!!
  7. What's going?
  8. Name: Willow Shadowwolf Wolf with Crystal Ball.png *Wolf Form Above and Human Form to the side*
    Age: 16
    Role: Werewolf
    Likes: Wilderness, darkness
    Dislikes: Enclosed areas
    Background Info: Grew up on a mountain in the wild.
    Personality: Extremely Shy
    Any Extra Info: Can disappear at any moment.
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  9. I can't see the human form...
  10. My picture is the human form.
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  11. ahhh, that's clever :D
  12. I'll get something up soon. Gonna go with a completely original creature type.
  13. Sounds cool
  14. Shall be organised by colour, such as:












    Name: Arune (Family name is constant): Yaiyu, Eride, Tsuya, Dairu, Kurena
    Age: 16 (all)
    Role: Arune (lit. Existence Noise. I thought it sounded pretty cool in relation to the idea of radio noise - the kind of static you get between frequencies).

    Arune are more commonly known as the Chaos Persona species, or simply Chaos for short. Unless you observe an Arune mid-shift, you probably wouldn't notice they were an Arune and simply think they were an ordinary whatever they may be. Arune are a curious species. They have a certain ability, but are otherwise human. An Arune can absorb the existence of another person, provided the other person fits certain characteristics. Simply, they have to be the same age and gender at time of absorption. The absorbed person retains their own conscious will, however, the Arune has complete control over the absorbed personality and appearance, capable of rebuilding them from the ground up if needs be to suit their desires. The Arune may switch at will between each of their persons. Doing so will also change the outward appearance. Additionally, the Arune may 'lend' the existence force back to the absorbed person, allowing them to manifest on their own in a seperate body to the Arune. Finally, should the Arune choose to, they can permanently return the existence force, allowing the absorbed person to return to owning themselves. Their personality and appearance will remain in the altered form, however.

    The forms for the ones who aren't Kurena:

    Artificial angel who can alter reality.

    Succubus with fire and charm magics


    Demon with phenomenal physical strength


    Likes: (WIP - ran out of time.)
    Background Info:
    Any Extra Info:
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  15. [​IMG]

    Name:Kane steel
    Role:shape shifter
    Likes:changing into different things,reading a book alone
    Dislikes:people who make fun of him
    Background Info:he does not like talking about his past so don't ask
    Personality:quiet and calm does not usually like talking to people when you get to know him he's pretty nice
    Any Extra Info:
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