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  1. OHMERGAWD the RP page, so I lied on the other form. Sorry.

    Please head over to the RP Overview here: CLICK to find out what we are all about and post some crazy OOC stuff and sign up.

    Just to be sue EVERYOE knows This is the list of accepted people, if you do not see your name or your characters name you are not accepted yet!

    Matan Laggak/♂/17/Conversing with Group of students/DeadAxl/Private Message
    Iona Song/♀/16/Unknown/Cybermoon/Private Message
    Lillith Ruby/♀/17/Unknown/Strawberry/Private Message
    Laec Wynchell/♂/15/Inside the school, reading/CrimDeamon/Private Message
    Alexander Grim/♂/17/On top of a pillar(?) stalking you/EddiEddie/Private Message
    Yami/♂/16/Unknown/"Lost"/Private Message
    Travis Paul/♂/19/Legi0n/Private Message
    Luna Cuan/♀/14/looking around for someone to guide her places/LittleWolf/Private Message
    Yoshiko Miyasato/♀/18 "ageless"/inside around somewhere/GracelynShepherd/Private Message
    Frankie Jordan/♀/18/Unknown/Lexy/Private Message
    Leone Valcorsse/♂/Unknown/AshenAngel/Private Message

    And my characters
    Astrya Deucao/♀/12 "Ageless"/conversing with a group of students
    Momiji Inubashri/16/♀/between a rock and a hard place/CZDoubleU
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  2. Astraya moaned slightly and rolled over. A snot escaped her lips as she felt the prickle of a bush behind her. She scarcely realised that she had fallen asleep just outside the school before she heard the ominous bell shaking her awake. Her heart nearly skipped a beat. Jolted awake by the sound of the bell and taking a few seconds to relax after the initial jolt, she stood shaking her wolf shaped head and body before stretching. It was early morning the sun barely started to peak over the mountains. A threshhold of students threatening to trample all over her tail and fur would soon be pooling in. Alternatively, she knew she didn't have enough time to shower, sufficiently, the gym did have showers and it was right after martial arts practice, a ritual that began that time of year, right? All Astraya could think of was a mass of different sized people going up against one of the largest strongest students of the school. A smile curled on her lips from this early morning revelation and she began to trot over to the gym. A few people scattered around watched her walk. It was rather uncommon for people to take their animal forms but this was where Astraya felt at home. She sported longish purple and white mixture of fur which covered her entire body except her legs, half down, where shiny scales took over and her tail with the same effect. Most people barely looked passed her scales, her wings or even the fact she was just a large wolf. If only they had seen her in her dragon form, only then would they barely be able to tear their eyes away. This always went through her mind and though she selfishly enjoyed it she never showed it. Here being a dragon was just normal. Large wolf or not, it was just normal.

    Astraya made it to the gym before the whistle signalling the ending of the class blew. She shed her wolf form for her human form. Her longish purple hair became long luxurious curls framing her body stopping only above her butt. Her purple ears had light purple tufts of fur still sprouted from them. She took off her school uniform and began her shower in the steaming water. At first it hurt but she grew quickly used to it. Her pale skin soon tuned red like a done lobster and only once almost every inch of it had turned red did she leave the shower. Her hair would need several hours to dry, probably the entire school day so she parted it into two long braids after wrapping a towel around herself and drying it partially with another. A quick wash of her school uniform in the sink while flicking her tail-fur back and forth in attempt to dry it and she was good for the day. Normal daily routines or her included a lilac scented perfume and after her shower her shimmer lotion. The scent form yesterday, along with the maple smell form the leaves she slept, on would have to do. Surely she would be hearing this from the headmaster sooner or later, but for now she exited the gym feeling rather fresher than before. By now many students had started to pool into the school. A few buses sat parked just in the front by the gym letting off students of all different shapes and sizes off of them. A few tall students and one who was very much taller than every one else, a trick in of itself getting him on the smaller than him bus.

    Students stood around talking and conversing as ritualistic for children in that day and age. Astraya was curious sometimes to enter these conversations but fear that she would be ostracised for entering mid-conversation made her keep her distance. Instead she strode over to a group of students she knew well. A smile pressed across her face as she approached them. "Hi," A small wave played on her fingers as she spoke.

    Momiji Smiled slightly, a large yawn came to her lips making her large white wolf ears twitch. Competitively speaking she was much thinner and slightly taller than the average female of her class group. She blamed her father for how she turned out, her sister was not as tall as her and yet looked exactly like her including but not limited to, her white hair, matching wolf ears, fluffy tail and pale skin. Her eyes were even a dark sinister red which, aside from the fact she really took joy in killing people she wasn't evil. She had feelings, most included lust, fear, and separation. Right now she was worried. Worry pegged her because she had just stepped foot for the first time into a school she had never been filled with people she had never met, most like her and others similar but not quite her. Her eyes traced around the school watching all the unfamiliar faces, she tried not to stare but her nature was to do so. It took the rush of a few students playing around with another students bag for her to tear her attention away from the students. They took off and so did she, right after them. Seconds later they tripped and she was on top of them. She tore the bag away from them snarling at the top of her lungs, however the student she managed to tackle so happened to be a serpent demon and hissed at her right back spitting his forked tongue at her. Taken slightly aback but not afraid she did the only thing she could and slapped him, it lead to her being torn off of him and dragged away.

    Hands crossed over her chest and her tail lashing back and forth the headmaster had her sitting in his office, her first day, not even five minuets om campus. His eyes asked her why she was even here but his lips asked her why she had tackled that student. She responded with a simple explanation about how the serpent student had managed to make off with another students bag, she tried to rationalise his hiss as fear to which she was not actually afraid but explained it as such to help her case. She remembered shortly, however that she was in his office and not that serpent kid. Her face grew pink with anger. As instinctual as it was she knew what she did was wrong but her nature was to eradicate humans and even other daemons that proved unworthy of themselves. Plus. "He tripped," said the wolf girl at last. Not meaning to say it, this time her cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment and the staff in the office stared at her with shock. Even the woman droning on the morning announcements of the previous nights school prank stopped talking to stare at her. Her tail began to lash faster shortly after. Knowing she had signed her death wish and a paper stating she accepted her new two week punishment in the form of starting with the painted walls, ending with whatever the headmaster decided fitting. The headmasters face was strong with anger and he snapped his fingers signalling his ever working staff of only females to continue with what they were doing. Momiji waited to be excused but remembered that as her first day she needed her things to begin.

    "Can I have my schedule and locker number?" Such a bold statement proved too shocking for the ladies and, again, they stopped working to stare at her. "God-dammit, get back to your jobs!" she snapped embarrassingly tacking yet another week to her punishment. Rolling her eyes, she tried her absolute hardest not to get into even more trouble then she was already in. She was shortly handed her schedule and asked to leave the headmasters office in the hopes he would not be seeing her again. Her long white hair flicked back behind her when she left the office and out of her anger and not paying attention, she ran straight into another student. Her eyes shut tightly and she seized up clenching her fists in fear that the headmaster had been watching and so watching ready to tack on another week for harming another student. "I'm Sorry," a squeak of two words barely loud enough for anyone to hear escaped her lips.
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  3. Matan cracked his knuckles as the monthly early-morning athletic club meets had finished up and the first bell rang. He smirked as he tossed his opponent, one of the new recruits that he had been assigned to break in, on his rear end with a simple shift in weight and application of force. He bows, and offers the poor first-year his hand, helping the kid onto his feet. "Good fight, kid. You've got plenty of potential, but as of now you've got a long way to go. Now go hit the showers." He pats the recruit on the back, sending him on his way. He follows shortly after gathering his overly massive sword. He spends a few moment looking at the thing in disgust before heaving it over his shoulder with relative ease. The massive orc nods to a few of his clubmates as he passes them by on his way to the locker room. Once he arrives, he opens his locker, setting his sword next to it. He strips, and changes into his school uniform, although he leaves the blazer unbuttoned, due to the amount of blazers he had destroyed last year thanks to his large physique. Once he finishes, he grabs his bookbag, slinging it over his left shoulder, before shutting his locker. He then hefts his blade over his other shoulder, and heads out to the crowds that began pouring into the school. He cracks his neck, towering over most of the other students, which just so happen to give him a wide berth. He approaches a certain group of students that he's familiar with, he lifts his sword slightly as a simple wave. "Why, 'ello there. You lot sure are early."
  4. Laec was on his wheelchair just outside the entrance of the school, a cool and calm expression hiding his beating heart. He thought to himself, thinking he was still not comfortable with being on the land like this. The thought faded away as he saw students start to pass him from whichever direction. The young merman knew that he was doing this for his own good, despite it just feeling like everyone else urged him to come here to get rid of him. He moved his tail slightly as it grew uncomfortable on the wheelchair, more than used to moving it all of the time. Not wanting to hesitate any longer, he started to roll the wheels slowly and went towards the part of the sidewalk that dipped so he could proceed. Laec nearly fell of his wheelchair after moving over something that made him almost hop out of his seat, but luckily the bars of the school gate was there to give him leverage. He bit his lip and positioned himself correctly as he glanced around, hoping no one saw him. "Very graceful, Laec..." He quietly cursed under his breath as he laced his fingers through his white hair, briefly shutting his eyes. The merman slowly opened his eyes and brushed out a wrinkle in his blazer as he rolled his wheelchair towards where the other kids were going, ignoring the many stares he got when he was finally inside the building. Laec glanced towards multiple directions before he saw an area with little to no students as he wheeled over to it, stopping and turning the wheelchair around. He glanced up at the school clock in the area and thought silently to himself. Seeing as he had some time to read, he pulled out a small book from his bag and opened the book to where the mark was. Laec then started to drown out the noises around him as he started to read the book, seeming to read it quickly.
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  5. Yoshiko's aquamarine colored eyes focused on the entrance of the school, her heart feeling as if it was about to leap out of her chest right then and there.
    To be entirely honest, Yoshiko felt down right terrified to her core. What if she isn't good enough for this place? What if they throw her out? What if she can't find friends?
    Oh goodness, this was almost too much for the little angel to handle, but she had to do this! This was her best option in learning about her new home. Besides, she'd finally get to meet new people! You know, that aren't angels! It's very exciting to her! But also down right terrifying. In fact, She doesn't entirely know how to feel. She doesn't like this whirlwind of .. whatever she is feeling. Yoshiko drew a shaky breath before taking ridiculously slow steps towards the entrance, feeling that her heart rate was growing faster with each step.

    Her gaze flickered from student to student, watching them interact with each other. Some were laughing together, some were just merely talking, others were running about without a care in the world.
    Yoshiko was not used to the care-free lifestyle that many of these students seemed to have, and this caught her interest entirely. Something told Yoshiko that she would enjoy it here, hopefully.
    Yoshiko finally made her way into the entrance of the school, her hands clamped together in a some what awkward fashion. Her eyes roamed up and down the hallways, across the lockers and different kind of doors.
    Yoshiko continued forwards down the hallway, eventually happening upon a room with a very scarce amount of students. Yoshiko wasn't feeling as terrified as she was outside, but a new problem had a rised for our little angel. She glanced around the area, her eyebrows furrowing together ever so slightly.
    ''What do I do now that I am inside?''

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  6. Alexander walked through the throng of people in the main entrance. As normal he passed through them unnoticed, Death came and went as he pleased and Alexander could do the same, It wasn't that he walked THROUGH people, its just that people chose not to see him untill he made his presence known, they'd just move slightly to clear a path without realising it, After all you didn't want to get in death's way right? It made for cutting through crowds like this easy. He stopped every so often to look round and watch the other students, He saw the shape shifter looking girl get in to a fight and took a moment to close his eyes and really SEE her, not just to look at her, but to see her as the grim reaper would see her, he knew she'd feel it, but he doubted she'd remember him doing it, or even be able to find him afterwards. He saw two of them and then realised what they were and laughed to himself. The feeling of being looked at by death wasn't a fun one, it felt like everything you were was being stripped away under the gaze, rendering you in to your purest form, bearing your soul.

    Walking onwards he stopped again when he saw the guy in the wheel chair almost fall out, He tilted his head and took a moment to read him as well, He smiled and shook his head, well he shouldn't be surprised, its not like he was death walking on the earth, why shouldn't their be aquatic creatures as well? he wondered how people would react when they finally did notice him. onwards he walked stopping here and there to look at other students, some got the full brunt of his gaze, others took only a cursory glance, eventually his eyes caught a Angel who seemed to be in a hurry to get through the crowds. He closed his eyes and looked at him in the same way he looked at the Wolf-god-girl and then shrugged. No one really interesting yet, at-least as far as he could see. He shrugged and looked round for a good perch to sit on. While he liked being able to stand in the middle of a stream of people and not have anyone bump in to him, He didn't like the fact that no one could see him or interact with him. spotting one of the pillars by the entrance he made his way up there lazily before settling down and letting the normal rules apply to him, suddenly people could see him and realise he was there. Though he was still watching those who came in out of interest.
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  7. Luna wasn't very excited for school to start. She really didn't like to be around so many people at one time. She decided that she would be in her wolf form for this. She was a rather small wolf with her white fur getting ruffled in the wind. Walking onto the school grounds, Luna tried not to be stepped on. This proved to be rather difficult, considering there were some people here who were giant compared to her. She did happen to see another wolf, but this one was different, with scales on her lower legs and tail. She decided that that wolf had some serpent or dragon heritage. Luna walked on. She didn't even know where to go, so she was wandering around. She saw a lot of different species, most of which she had no idea what were. Since Luna didn't want to be late, she tried to find someone who knew where she should go.
  8. Two weeks before school officially started, Lilith was enjoying her last bits of freedom, completely free of worrisome things like school. She spent her days lounging around, battling dragons somewhere in the distant realms (of the video gaming community, because let's be real, there's no way she'd win against a real dragon). Even a week prior, she had still been lounging around, carefree as ever. Slight things changed though. Instead of battling dragons of all shapes from all dimensions, she had moved on to video games with graphics like evil fairies and human warriors. Truly without a care in the world, she hadn't been worried whatsoever by the upcoming presence of school. And so, two days before school started, she had remained in her world of oblivion, continuing her gaming marathons and pulling all-nighters. Ah, what an absoulutely horrible, terrible... Wonderful idea! Yeah, fantastic, really. I mean, who wouldn't want to walk into school feeling like a pile of dead rocks (because rocks were obviously alive at some point duh)? Lovely, ugh.

    Lilith stumbled into school, swaying from side to side. Yawning time and time again, she rubbed her eyes softly. And by softly, I really mean that she was rubbing so hard it was surprised her eyebrows didn't fly off from friction. She sincerely felt like a bag of dead rocks. If you ever wonder what being a bag of dead rocks feels like, don't hesistate to ask. You will receive p a groan, a rolling of the eyes, and a sigh as a response. Plenty enough to answer your question, honestly. If not, you must be preeetty dense, just saying. ;*

    Evading greetings and hugs, she made her way through the halls. First avoiding bumping into a particularly odd but beautifully colored wolf, she also stumbled away from the crowd gathering around the fight between some kind of a serpent and wolf. Just as she reached the edge of the school, preparing to find her locker, she barely managed to move out of the way from a kid in a wheelchair, seemingly calm and unphased. She was glad she didn't knock him over, as that would have been bad, messy, and troublesome to deal with on her very first day. Lilith pressed her forefinger to her temple, completely out of it from having stayed up all night. Great idea, let's stay up night and play videogames. Don't worry about something silly like school! She had thought the night before, when she had been engrossed in a new videogame she had discovered on the Internet. "Yeah, just a reminder, you should never listen to yourself again!" Lilac hissed at herself quietly, probably seeming mental to any onlookers.

    Wandering and wandering, she made her way back to the busy hallways, still attempting to find her locker. Honestly, just how hard could it be to find the thing? It seemed like it had been forever! She really didn't feel like dealing with something trivial as school this particular morning. Finally finding her locker, she made an eccentric little victory dance, leaning against it and thanking the gods. Yep, the exact gods in which she didn't believe. Angels might of been in existence, but gods were still an unknown gray area.

    Amused, Liltih grinned slightly. In the midst of the crazily packed hallway, she saw a kid. Not exactly a kid kid, but someone her age or possibly older. It was entertaining to watch the people part way for this peculiar boy. They didn't even seem to really notice him, but nonetheless never failed to make way for him. Observing him, it seemed that they were somewhat similar. Their ancestry seemed to originate from a darker class, though his bloodline felt more pure than hers. He seemed to be purely dark, while she was what they would call a dirty mix.

    (I tried to have some interaction with everyone, although it was incredibly brief face-to-face time. If you don't find yourself in this post, do not fret! I save the best for last, right? ;) You'll appear somewhere in my posts eventually.)
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  9. Yoshiko spun herself in a circle, taking in the sight of the room and the students that currently reside in this sitting area. What was an angel to do? Well, ask questions of course!
    Yoshiko's aquamarine colored eyes landed on a tall, rather well dressed male student. His brunette hair was long, but it was not below his chin. His eyes! Oh, they were a very beautiful shade of cobalt, and his skin was pale. He seemed to be engaged in a book, but she could not quite read the title. Should she ask him? Would he mind? Surely not, maybe he gets asked questions all the time by new comers.. Right?
    Yoshiko stared at the boy for a few moments before suddenly inhaling sharply. This was it! Her first interaction with another being that was not an angel. How exciting!

    Yoshiko took a few hesitant steps towards the boy, wondering if this was the right thing to do. After a few hesitant steps, Yoshiko nodded her head once and began striding with purpose towards the boy. She was going to have her first interaction and the boy better be pleased with it! Well, wait. That doesn't sound like a pleasant first interaction. Maybe she should keep it simple? Or should she give a very in detail reason why she's asking him? Oh, goodness she was over thinking this! Yoshiko finally stepped within interaction range of the boy, opting to keep it simple. Upon hearing Yoshiko's footsteps, the boy's cobalt colored eyes flickered up towards her figure. Yoshiko's heart felt as if it had just decided to jump out of her chest as soon as he glanced up, and she came to a screeching halt.

    ''Can I help you?'' The boy asked, raising his eyebrows ever so slightly.
    ''W-- We--'' Yoshiko stuttered as she nervously twiddled her thumbs. The boy took notice of Yoshiko's general uncomfortable-ness and slowly closed his book.
    ''Are you okay?'' The boy asked, a hint of concern in the tone of his voice. Yoshiko's eyes widened slightly before she replied in a hurried tone.
    ''What? N-No, I'm okay! I mean, I think I am. I'm not in any physical or mental pain, nor am I in immediate danger if that's what you're wondering! What about you, I mean, are you okay? You look a little-- Is .. um.'' Yoshiko rambled nervously, trailing off at the end of her sentence, leaving a some-what odd moment of silence. Talking isn't this hard! Oh, goodness, she's butchered this already!
    The boy stared at her, the momentary silence still hanging in the air. Oh goodness, what does she do now? Should she walk away? No! She must keep this positive. Yoshiko forces a rather awkward and unnatural smile towards the boy. The boy raised his eyebrows before letting out a breathy laugh.

    ''Are ya' sure you're alright?'' The boy asked once again, he appeared to be confused.

    ''I am-- I am the .. um. I am the okie dokie. Thank you for your time.'' Yoshiko spoke quickly before turning away from the boy. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks as they turned a light shade of red.
    Okay, so this wasn't so positive. Yoshiko practically ran out of the lobby like area. If she leaves fast enough, maybe he'll forget about it, Right? No, probably not.
    Oh goodness, is it going to be like this all the time? Surely not.

  10. Travis groaned, whined, cursed, screamed.

    Why, you ask? It's the end of summer. No, rather, it's the beginning of school.

    He, an angel, who was cast out of heaven, who ruined too many human lives, who aced every single test or project given, who has the ability to distort motherfucking time. Still has to go to school?

    Screw you, Lucifer.

    Well, atleast he's going to a school with no humans, right?

    "Right." He sighed, finally calming himself down.

    He got up and did his usual morning routine begrudgingly. Brush his teeth, eat his breakfast (which usually consists of apples, toasted bread with butter, and milk), take a shower, and get dressed, in no particular order.

    He noticed that his parents weren't here, Must have left earlier. He thought. His theory later confirmed when he found a note pasted on the door.

    His eyes reading every word, he sighed. Something about how their jobs demand them to wake up early, encouragement, and the usual xoxo's.
    He put the note in his pocket before slinging his bag on his shoulders and starting his long journey to the school.


    Finally, after a long and slightly tiring walk, he arrived. Crowds of students ranging from tinkering goblins and small dwarves to the mysterious and ancient entities entering the entrance, with no one batting an eye.

    He looked on at the crowds, mouth hanging in awe in the many different creatures present, before focusing his gaze on an Angel rushing through random people. Kinda funny, actually.

    Huh, a Fallen as well? Interesting. He thought, mildly surprised, continuing onwards to the entrance of the school after.

    An idea popped into his head, why not use his power to move in unnoticed?

    He focused and focused, passerbies fastening their pace because of the weird angel guy closing his eyes and mumbling something incoherent. But then...

    Time slows, then stands still. He grinned. I guess it's "time" to move.


    It would have been quick, if it weren't for the white haired guy sitting on top of a pillar, unaffected by his distortion of time.

    Okay. Creepy. He walked out of there, he had an uneasy feeling with the guy. Damn, is he related to Abaddon or something? He shivered, that guy was weird, in a scary sort of way.

    Moving on, he noticed that he walked into the middle of a serpent demon and a wolf-human hybrid fighting, feral looks etched into their faces.

    Two flashes of light later, their faces are now forever saved in the memory card of his phone. Hey, it's funny to me.

    The strain of his powers was now affecting his mind as a headache was unleashed unto him, signaling the near end of his time-stopping. He moved away from the fight as he let time flow, massaging his temples.
    As the scene unfolds, he walked through the hallways, still reeling from the head ache as he witnessed the Fallen Angel girl bump into some guy, in a pathetic attempt of stuttering apologies before running away.

    So I guess she's not the social type, he shook his head, still massaging his temples before deciding to help the girl. Fallen Angels should help other fallen angels, right?

    He followed the angel, biting an apple which he pulled out of his bag.
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  11. Today was Iona Song's first day of school and she was very excited and scared all at the same time. This was the first time she was let off the mountain tops in all her life and she was worried if she was over dressed. Looking down at her usual winter wear, Iona shook her head and walked forward into the school, her ever faithful companion and childhood friend, a white wolf named Sir Winter, walking with her. She was a little hesitant at meeting new people but buried those emotions as she entered the school. Once inside, she instantly felt heat coming from everywhere and pulled a bit at the collar of her jacket. Being of a colder race than most, Iona was more susceptible to the heat and always felt like she was melting if it got too hot for her. She continued on, trying to figure out where she needed to go to get her class schedule, locker number and classroom.
    She took notice of a lot of other supernatural creatures and sometimes stopped in the middle of the hallway to observe then but thanks to Sir Winter, she was forced to keep moving. She started to feel scared again and when that happened, a chilling wind followed her around, the temperature dropping every few minutes she felt scared. It was only a defense mechanism that won't cause too much harm other than making the entire hall feel as though it was hit by an ice age.​
  12. Yami Yawned, he slowly opened his eyes only to see dim light coming from the sky. He was in a dirty, dark alleyway surrounded by bloodied and unconscious men, he'd got into another fight with his own race again! He slammed his fist against the wall he was slumped against before standing up. "God dammit" he said through his mask, before laughing it off and walking to the men and searching their belongings. Some money, hair gel and a pen exactly what he needed! He was wearing black trousers and a white shirt, his blazer was ruined so he tore it off. He sighed before the shadows began clinging to his chest making a perfectly black blazer for him, you wouldn't even realised it was made of shadows unless he lost he cool or he fell asleep meaning it would slowly brake down.

    He put his hands in his pockets and walked out of the alleyway into the sun, "school today huh?" He said before walking in the general direction of school. He walked through the gates and stared at the crowed of noisy kids and smiled evilly under his mask, he was going to have fun tormenting them later but he was tired and needed to relax "Where am I meant to go?" He complained before seeing some shade under a tree with no one near and collapsed under it. In the corner of his eye he saw a boy in a wheelchair reading, he was the closest person to him but that's not what had caught his attention it was a nice smell emanating from where the boy was but it didn't matter, he was to tired so he slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep. Black particles began slowly coming off his blazer as he lost consciousness.
  13. Alexander Felt, rather than saw the shift in time, settling in to run with it he watched the Fallen Angel walk in to the area. Now this was intresting. He watched him carefully before slowly rising from his point and jumping forward, Using other students as a spring board he danced after him. His scythe, was for the moment little more than a pin badge on his chest. When the angel walked out of the crowd and slipped back in to the normal Time Stream Alexander didn't. he remained in the realm of non-time, landing behind the Fallen Angel and returning to time he grinned and watched as people looked shocked and worried as well as somewhat upset as they felt someone push of their heads, though it was hard to work out who with the perpetrator not even visible to them. Tapping Travis on the shoulder he gave him the biggest grin he could before dashing onwards. Using his powers once again to slip in to the realm of the unnoticeable. This year was going to be FANTASTIC!

    It was only when he saw Lilith did he really let himself re-enter the realm of the noticeable, just in time for someone to bump in to him. "bugger." He growled before walking over to Lilith and smiling "You're the second one who's managed to notice me while I've been incommunicado with the universe. I'm Alexander, and you might be?" He asked, holding his hand out to her "How were you able to do that?" He added, curious as there weren't many creatures that could see him while he was out of the noticeable range.
  14. Liltih yawned and yawned again and again, tears threatening to spill over the sides of her cheeks from the amount of times she had yawned. She had felt like a bag of dead rocks earlier this morning, but now it was more like a bag of dead boulders. Yeah, boulders. She still couldn't help feel the presence of those similar to her. Creatures of a similar race and presence. She couldn't describe what it felt like, but she just could feel something. It was odd, she had never been in much contact with her kind, whether it be angels or demons, and it felt slightly intoxicating suddenly feeling the presence of many.

    Since it was the end of summer, and the beginning of a colder time, everyone seemed to be dressed rather warm and cozy. Everyone but Lilith. Since Liltih had demon ancestry, she felt immune to weather fluctuations. Having been born in the pits of hellfires, you could say she was a little hot blooded. She had dressed up in the usual: thin lavender tank top with the symbol of hell--because why the hell not;)--and a plain pair of black tights. Hey, comfort over fashion. Especially when you've only had... Hm, zero hours of sleep! It's a miracle she even managed to dress herself at all.

    Suddenly, Liltih looked up, at an unfamiliar voice who seemed to be talking to her. She couldn't help the grin that crawled onto her lips. He was the 'kid' she saw earlier. The one that had everyone making way, though his presence seemed to be concealed. When he had told her that she was the second one, her earlier thoughts were confirmed. There really was an abundance of those like her in this school. It would definitely take some getting used to. He extended a hand and introduced himself, to which she accepted and replied, "Hm... I'm Lilac." Shortly following their brief introduction, he had asked her a question, to which she answered: "that's for me to know, and you to find out, isn't it?" Her tail swayed around from side to side, a sign that her interest was perked. It should't take much to figure out. She constantly had her tail out, not to mention the horns from time to time. Now, if only she could find her scyth, he'd most defintielt figure it out. Alexander, was it... She thought silently, enjoying her first interaction on her first day. @EddiEddi
  15. "Don't tempt me." He said with a dark grin. He wore little more than a black t-shirt, with a silver scythe broach on the chest, and a pair of long gray jeans. The moment Lilith grabbed his hand he spun it round and lifted it up so he could kiss her hand before letting go. "its a pleasure to meet you. you look a little....dead." He said with a grin and then laughed. "want to get some coffee or would you prefer just to go back to sleep?" He asked, He was undoubtedly glad that the first few days of the school were lesson free. or atleast so he was told. He took a moment to look her over properly and then laughed "It seems we are similar in the sense that the chill means little to us. Tail, Horns," He said and then grinned. "Do pardon the intrusion." he said as he closed his eyes and looked at her through the eyes of the reaper. The feeling, as before was not unpleasent, but it wasn't nice in the slightest, it was as if someone was taking you apart and examaning every bit of it. "Oh, such a mix, such a fantastic mix." he sad as reality returned to him. "familiy reunions must be a delight." He said before giggling. "a Demon, vampire and a lot of other things. care to tell me, do you need to drink blood?"
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  16. Lilith chuckled softly, a little surprised when Alexander had taken her hand and given it a kiss. "Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you too," Lilith humored, not usually this polite with her greetings. She doted on the word pleasure, enunciating it in a way to hint at a sarcastic undertone. She couldn't help but slip that slight bit of sarcasm in there, it was just who she happened to be. Her eyes zeroed in on some kind of brooch or medallion or maybe pink on Alexander's t-shirt. It didn't feel like a normal brooch or pin. Perhaps it was a magical item, as pins are a common way to hide magical items so they're not too conspicuous on a day-to-day basis. Squinting, it looked rather like a scythe. Although she knew he defintiely wasn't someone belonging to the light class, she still wasn't quite sure what role he played as a dark being.

    "Excuse me what-" she was about to ask, before feeling his gaze pierce through her. The feeling was foreign, and she was quick to fight it, unable to adapt to the odd sensation it left her. His eyes were closed, but it felt as he could see everything about her--her past, her family history, everything. When she finally snapped out of it, her tail lashed around wildly in sync with her heartbeat, trying to comprehend what had just happened. As she came to, a grin crept onto her face. It had been so long since the last time she felt such euphoria and her heart had beat as if she flew off a cliff. It had given her such a rush, almost as if she were on some kind of high.

    Quirking a brow, she looked at Alexander with a questioning gaze, "And you would know because..." It hit her, was Alexander really able to see into her history? How interesting... "Yeah, family reunions are absolutely a blast," She replied sarcastically, making a hand signal where she pretended her fist was a bomb and it had exploded. So, literally, a blast. As she laughed at his unexpected questions and odd straightforward personality, she replied, "Yes I'm a vampire and we all know vampires drink blood." She bared her fangs and mimicked what a vampire from the old days looked like, trying to fake her best dracula accent. In reality, not all modern vampires drank blood. Especially not ones with a mixed bloodline. And as we all know, Lilith's bloodline was very, very mixed. "So you better run, before I sap you dry," Lilith taunted, licking her lips mockingly, "I do happen to be very hungry right now."

    It was refreshing to interact with such a straightforward person. He spoke his words with no form of holding back, regardless of the backlash it could possibly cause. He didn't seem to care. It was all very... Odd--in a good way. She found herself grinning instead of yawning, intrigued by this mysterious creature in front of her. Within the first few minutes of talking with him, he had already known about her family history and bloodline. It was time to find out about his bloodline. "I think I'll take you up on that coffee," Lilith faked a yawn, "and you should really tell me more about what kind of Demon you are. It's only fair, right?" One way or another, she would not stand to be the only one who's history was spilled.

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  17. "Oh do go ahead and bite" He said and tilted his head to the side, wondering just what her reaction would be, partly because if she did bite him it'd be a totally new expiration, and partly because it'd give him an excuse to REALLY misbehave.
    If she bites him:

    Alexander let out a sharp hiss then relaxed, before laughing, his hands going round her waist and pulling her in to a tight hug. "I didn't expect you to take me up on that. though I can't say I'm not surprised." His blood was sweeter than it had any right to be, almost like treacle. He wasn't worried about her threat he wasn't allive to die. Though it was a laugh. Once she was done he stepped back and rubbed his neck. "well, now it looks like you've just given me a love bite, and before I've had a chance to buy you a drink, dosn't that make you look a little eager?" He teased before looking at her and giving her a grin.

    "Demon? No, Far from it in-fact. I'm not a demon, or anything like that." He said and spun on the spot, a eruption of pellucid darkness around him rendering him invisible for a moment before he was floating afore her in his Harvester form, the faceless shade of death. I am the Reaper. Harvester of Souls. Lord Of Necropolis. I. Am. Death. His voice seemed to skip her ears and go right to her brain before he surged forwards and returned to normal to land infront of her and bow. "At your service." all with the grin on his face and a mad glint in his eyes. He started towards the cafeteria, one hand half held out as if to encourage her to follow, though it would be all to easy for her to just outright grab it to stop him walking.
  18. @CrimDemon

    Yami opened his eyes as a nice smelling breeze blew over him, he looked in the direction of the smell "Oh it's from errrrr.... nice smelling boy?" He said drowsily through his mask. He slowly stood up and brushed his back off then fixed his shadow blazer. "What a pain" he said as he stretched his body, silently he walked in the direction of the boy in the wheelchair. Luckily he had his back to him so it wasn't exactly hard to creep up on him but he was inside and Yami was outside, he just wanted to eat whatever smelt so nice so he slipped in through a nearby open window that was near the boy. He crouched down by the boys shadow "hmmmm" he said as he reached out to grab it.....
  19. Again, Lilith raised a brow, looking at Alexander with a face of are-you-serious? Lilith, being only part Vampire, had no real need or requirement to drink blood. A burger, some chips, or a pizza was plenty enough to satisfy her nutritional dietary needs. Shrugging to herself, she approached him slowly. Might as well tease him a little, she smirked. "Don't regret this later..." She murmured, resting her hands on his shoulders and sinking her sharp, Vampire fangs into the side of his neck. She jumped a little, surprised at his arms around her waist. Lilith had never actually drank blood before, so this was a rather new experience for her. As the blood actually entered her mouth and pooled on her tongue, her pupils slowly dilated, her Vampire instincts coming alive. It was such an odd thing. His blood was so sweet. So delightfully sweet. She wondered why as a Vampire, she had never tried blood before.

    "Hmm... I should really learn to embrace my inner Vampire," Lilith murmured, licking the excess drops of blood from her lips. Grinning, she unwrapped his arms from her waist and leaned against the cold surface of her locker, staring at the Mysterious creature in front of her. Her senses seemed to be heightened, she could feel her heart beating, she could feel the cold surface of the locker against her skin, and she could hear all the conversations around her clearly.

    Suddenly, Alexander's origins seemed so clear. He explained how he was Death itself, and she couldn't help but chuckle. It was all somewhat ironic. Death--the all mighty grim reaper himself, was attending high school. Not only that, but she had tried to kill him. Though she wasn't actually going to kill him, she found it amusing how he hadn't been scared whatsoever by the feux threat she had made to drain him dry. She was also humored by his witty retorts after she had just pierced his neck.

    As Alexander started to walk away, he offered a hand to Lilith, as if to encourage her to come with. Considering it, she took his hand and followed, grinning. It was amazing that in the first hour of school, she had managed to try blood for the first time, and meet the great Death himself. Maybe having to wake up seven-billion-gazillion hours before her normal Summer mornings (more like evenings) wouldn't be so bad...

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  20. "Maybe you should. Maybe I should leave a mark on your neck in return." he teased as she lent back against the lockers.

    As she took his hand he spun her around, mostly on the spot so that his arm was around her waist, though she still had hold of his hand. "So after giving me a love bit you're holding my hand?" He teased her before he lead her in to the schools small cafeteria. "I bet all your senses went in to overdrive right?" he said before a idea came in to his head and he could do little to stop it comeing streight out of his mouth. "I wonder what it would be like to kiss or make love with your senses like that." he then grinned at her. "Or is it alittle to early for those jokes?" he said as he sat her at a table and headed over to the serving area, It was about 3 minutes before he got back. "I ordered you a chocolate cake and some coffee, that ok?"
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