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  1. CC Goes to the ORIGINAL maker, any ideas from this RP are subject to suggestion and are for entertainment purposes only. Any character pertaining to peoples living or dead are purely coincidental. Please read the rules before jumping in to RP, also wait to be accepted.
    Fantasy High
    Welcome to Fantasy High. A school sat shrouded in mystery for centuries. It's purpose is unclear to humans, its aura however sets humans from ever even thinking about entering. So, enter Demons, Hybrids, or otherwise non-humans, for this place was specifically crafted just for you. Here you will learn and grow. We do not teach in ways of mingling with humans or hunting them down, our soul purpose is to teach you in a normal school environment humans aside. Please keep your killing of humans to a minimal! Don't kill each other unless directed to do so, and have fun! It's YOUR school. Make it your way.

    No matter if you are a vampire, a witch, werewolf, or even an albino lizard you can rest assured here is where you finally belong.

    use this:

    Picture: (a tasteful unique rendition of your characters looks)
    Year: (pertaining to Japanese schools and their year system. Which one would you like to be in?)
    Birthday: (Yeah, I put it here)
    Abilities: (We are all DYING to know don't go overboard)
    Personality: (At least a paragraph required)
    Background Info: (two paragraphs is the new requirement)
    Any Extra Info:

    And post over in the "Thread" tab (not sure what this is all about STILL so, sorry....)

    Because the owner was immanent about it, here are a few pesky rules and some of my own standard to my own role play.

    • Be nice, we are all friends here (no one should have a problem with this one... :veryhappy:)
    • Fill out the entire Skeleton (Character sheet, I hate it when people don't do this, it hurts me mentally) :devilfire:
    • Be creative, if you have a monster that you have not seen in the suggestions then please.... please freaking make one up. :vampire:
    • :brokenheart: No being your own mate or friend (I LOVE THIS RULE, IT FORCES YOU TO MINGLE WITH OTHERS SO SHUT UP!)
    • Due to the pitfall that was the original role-play I am putting a timer on your character. :clock: Don't respond in three days without proper excuses and I am killing them. A PM notification of you dropping out or leaving is completely acceptable. Though I am still probably going to kill them. Cuz it's fun.
    • :censored: Cursing is a thing of the past! ENJOY YOUR BAD ENGLISH BITCHES!


    I alwatys inform outside readers and thopse who have taken off for a few days where everyone is, seeing as how I am human updates will be once a day as IIIII see fit.

    It will go like this

    Character name/gender/location/ Owner username/ link to pm said owner

    The list shall commence after some people join... (I am almost positive that is not the official use for this tab, but, whatever.)

    Matan Laggak/♂/17/Conversing with Group of students/DeadAxl/Private Message
    Iona Song/♀/16/Unknown/Cybermoon/Private Message
    Lillith Ruby/♀/17/Unknown/Strawberry/Private Message
    Laec Wynchell/♂/15/Inside the school, reading/CrimDeamon/Private Message
    Alexander Grim/♂/17/On top of a pillar(?) stalking you/EddiEddie/Private Message
    Yami/♂/16/Unknown/"Lost"/Private Message
    Travis Paul/♂/19/Legi0n/Private Message
    Luna Cuan/♀/14/looking around for someone to guide her places/LittleWolf/Private Message
    Yoshiko Miyasato/♀/18 "ageless"/inside around somewhere/GracelynShepherd/Private Message
    Frankie Jordan/♀/18/Unknown/Lexy/Private Message
    Leone Valcorsse/♂/Unknown/AshenAngel/Private Message

    And my characters
    Astrya Deucao/♀/12 "Ageless"/conversing with a group of students
    Momiji Inubashri/16/♀/between a rock and a hard place/CZDoubleU

    Article: Type your article here

    I have a strong feeling that THIS is not what this tab is for either, but Role Play shall commence here. I plan to put up the separate thread for signing up.

    I LIED.

    This is the place to squee about all things OOC!!!!!!!!

    Apparently I am just a dirty liar.

    Use this thread to sign up AND OOC.... There. When finished go to THIS thread (I know there is a link on this page somewhere I just can't find it and I don't want to assume you can either: CLICK

    My characters::::

    Deucao Astraya

    Age: Ageless (like... she doesn't actually age...)
    Birthday: 22. December
    Species: Dragon-wolf God
    Abilities: not much, literally. All she can do is create snow and clouds. She can freeze water but can't do much else. When in her dragon form she can breath ice.
    Likes: Snowflakes, the colour purple, green things (She doesn't know why... she just does) is rather found of cats, and loves Pokemon. Also. Soup.
    Dislikes: stuck ups, people who pissing her off just to get reactions, and warm days.

    Personality: Astraya has the personality of a 12 year old girl. She loves to play around, you cab often finding her on playgrounds or outside alleyways playing with the stray kittens in them. She can be found most often in libraries reading children's stories or researching on cats, there are rae occassions where she can be found NOT doing eaither of these things and instead will be just generally researching. There is almost never a dull moment with her, she is the most outgoing and intelligent in her entire family. She hates to be alone but if had to will not enjoy it but does it anyway. She only ever cries if someone takes her crayons from her, her brother loves to do this and it makes her angry to which she responds with freezing his feet to the floor. After that she skips away happily. Despite the fat she is the oldest in her family is possibly the cutest of them all, she has just the mos adorable way of going about things, and as if this doesn't help her squee-ing over snowflakes and Pokemon usually do. Likes putting on the whole tom-boy motif where she could stay up all night long playing video games, it's almost as if she never sleeps. She loves playing the violin, signing and drawing. She will try anything once and again if she enjoyed it but will make it clear if she didn't like it. She gets along with everyone, including but not limited to the bullies type and the bullied, commonly at the same time. This could be because she is the perfect balance between good and evil. Though she does get depressed at times it's always a good thing to just invite her sister and brother over to comfort her. Being soulless she cannot actually leave earth and so dying does not scare her, especially since she knows she will just come back anyway. She really hates goodbyes and so will not say them. Likes pranks, enjoys pissing teachers off and even from time to time will ditch class and let her grades slip, but not forever.

    Background Info: She was Born first to her vast family of many gods and goddesses. Children of the first two hierarchies. God as her father and Satan as her mother she grew well worshipped by most beloved by all. As she grew, the thousands of years that passed her by, she became bored and went to her parents asking for a more significant reason for her life, to which they responded by giving her the power to create weather and temperature changes, but only cold weather. In many folklores she was Jack frost, but, possibly more accurately she was seen as winter solstice, the goddess of winter. It was the perfect tittle for her and one she lived up to greatly. Alongside some of her closest siblings they thrived for centuries after, until, that was, the great war of the heavens broke. No one needs to explain how it happened it's all a nasty memory, but what no one said was that there were surviving gods.

    Astraya and her four siblings were the only survivors, cast out of heaven and cast out of hell the children were dammed to be almost mortals on earth, only difference was their inability to die, forcing them to literally spend forever on earth. They were determined to make it work though, some making their way on earth by choosing very selectively what to become each time they died. Astraya had only ever died twice making herself just a dragon Wolf mix. She always tried to make it a fun time for her brother and sisters. They continue to search for their other siblings while roaming around earth, that was until their search brought them to Fantasy High, no one was brave enough to enter and after a vote Astraya was elected to be the one to search inside assuming the school-girl motif a part she plays quite well.
    Any Extra Info: Please understand that this particular character is GREATLY religion based, I feel that you should now since I decided to mash all the religions together while making her an act that yes, I am going to say it because I can, I am an atheist and as such I choose not to believe any god or gods exist branching this beautiful character.

    Momiji Inubashiri
    Age: Sevral thousand years in maturity level, only 16 in human years
    Birthday: 3. March
    Species: Okami, Kami or even just Wolf-God
    Abilities: Basically she kills you. (And because she harvests the wolf-spirit she can transform into it but only at dusk and stays this way all night until dawn.)
    Likes: To rip and slash at unsuspecting victims of pure circumstance, she also enjoys guiding small children, the lost and people who pray to her, people who stand their ground
    Dislikes: The people who don't pray to her, fire, coyotes clumsy people and... monkeys

    Personality: Momiji, while kind and generous to the few people that can make it to her inner circle and become good friends, is most often cold and cynical on the outside. She will not openly converse with random people due to her rather "loner" folklore. It is believed that she travels in packs but Momiji stays true to her past and does not actually do such things. She can often be found in the woods on paths that aren't often travelled and even during full moons howls without intentionally meaning to. Since she cannot stop herself from becoming a wolf, it goes without saying that she does not remember or coherently decides what she does as a wolf, so if she tears you to pieces while in it, likely she will not remember the next day and neither will you, obviously, because you are dead. She never says sorry once she finds out what she has caused, as she never feels bad about it, because she only kills people that deserve it in her eyes. She believes it was your fault you tripped, you insignificant fool who can't even walk right. She has a strange like for people who can rather prove themselves worthy, like, standing their ground or making it through paths hey do not know without harm, she believes that honour is a big thing to have and those who can show her honour deserve her respect in return. She will not kill people who stand quickly after tripping and can often be seen bowing as this is the ultimate sign of respect. For the most part she can be cute and sweet but only on rare occasions and with the people she thoughtfully trust

    History: As age-old as folklore is, there isn't much anyone knows of a true wolf-spirit as they are generally loner creatures with not much ties aside from the land in which they are tied to. Momiji is true to this except one small detail. Being a Yokai, it is hard to keep the bloodline pure, her mother managed to disregard this completely by the thought of wanting children, blasphemy in its rather finest forms considering Okami are generally bound to their land/ While being bound to her shrine she still managed not one but two children, Momiji and her twin Momizi, basically they were the same and so their names were also the same. Growing up wasn't hard for these twin Okami, as they grew their mother taught them everything she knew about the land, teaching them of the other spirits that ruled the neighbouring lands. When they were finally old enough to withstand the teachings, only then was their mother comfortable teaching her daughters to kill those less worthy. They did learn quickly, beginning with a slight interest, it eventually turned into pure bliss for the girls. Killing people was a trade they had needed no skill or training to know how to do. Their mother was quite impressed with them, but knew that as teachings go, she would need to teach her children when an honourable kill would happen and when it would not occur. To satisfy both needs in the girls she began to teach them to hunt like traditional wolves. She explained that this would keep them from killing creatures who proved honourable, she also mentioned that if people were to rise quickly from their mistakes instead of allowing themselves to be swallowed by their own misery then they were to bow and leave them.

    After a few years their mother, being bound to the land where they were not sent them out on their own. Swallowing up life and everything it had to offer the twins eventually departed and separated from each other deciding it to be best and once every full moon meeting to converse of the travels they had seen. Now as their nature goes, and what they are they also decided upon meeting up that together they would kill someone every time. As time went by, they created a legend for themselves becoming the assassination duo hat would find the darkness and hatred within you and kill you because of it. Little did anyone really know that they were just satisfying the urge to kill ruthlessly. To this day they meet up once every full moon for their ritual, no matter where they are.
    Any Extra Info: Momiji can assume a dog form or Inu whenever she wants this looks much like: THIS. Every night however she assumes her wolf form which varies anywhere from a ten story wolf to a normal sized one all with various degrees of visibility spectrum. She also carries lots and lots of weapons on her and wears tuns of variations in her normal wear observe HERE and HERE
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  2. I will recreate my cs here. Just need to finish up a paper for class.
  3. [​IMG]
    (Black scales, Emerald eyes, and magenta underbelly and wing membranes. Six silver horns adorn her head. Iron tail-blade and iron blade thumb claws.)
    Name: Cynder Black
    Age: 16
    Birthday: October 10th
    Species: Dragon
    Abilities: Her Elemental powers over Wind, Shadow, Fear, and Poison. Each Element has a variety of moves depending on her skill level in each Element.
    Likes: Flying, reading
    Dislikes: Being underestimated, called weak
    Background Info: Don't ask, you might get slashed. Her past was troubled and she was often led down the wrong path.
    Personality: Cynder is fierce. This black Dragoness is not one to take lightly. Be careful of what you say around/about her. She does have a kind, caring side, if you can get her to show it.
    Any Extra Info
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  4. Picture: [​IMG][​IMG]
    (I couldn't find the original picture I had)
    Iona Song


    December 2

    Ice Witch

    She controls ice

    + ice
    + singing
    + making new friends
    + her loyal friend and companion, an ice wolf whom she named Sir Winter
    + ice skating
    + mountain tops

    - fire
    - bullies
    - the feel of melting

    Iona is kind, naive and all around sweet. She is always curious about new things and is willing to learn. She hates it when people are being bullied and is always there to lend a hand.

    Background Info:
    Iona is an ice witch of the Alps being born and raised there since infancy. Her race is mostly female, thus they must lure men of other races there and conceive a child with them. Her mother, the leader of the race, took an unknown ice creature and conceived Iona with him. For most of her childhood, Iona was kept on the mountain, learning the ways of her people and learning to one day take up the mantle of her mother and lead the ice witches. When she was old enough, her mother sent her out to the school for those not of the human race to learn about them and find a potential mate. Iona took this with pride and did as her mother asked, finally being allowed a freedom she had wished for forever.

    Any Extra Info:
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  5. Lilith Ruby
    Lilith Ruby.
    The name "Lilith" meaning "of the night." In mythology, this is the name of a Mesopotamian storm demon associated with the wind and thought to bear disease and death. In ancient Semitic folklore, it is the name of a night demon.


    June 6

    Lilith is a crossbred hybrid of Demon, Vampire, Nymph, and surprisingly, she has Angelic ancestry.

    How cool would it be to have the powers of a demon, vampire, nymph, AND angel? Pretty cool, right? Too bad. The powers Lilith inherited are mostly from her father's side of the family--Demonic and Vampire. She has the ability to form objects from 'darkness', which makes her in turn more vulnerable during the day. At night, she can turn anything into weapons. It seems to be out of no where, but really, she's using the "Darkness" that comes with the fall of night. That could mean anything from the shadows, to the darkness within a person. Her Vampire powers also results in her vulnerability during daytime, but unlike Vampires of the past, she doesn't turn to dust in the sun, or die from garlic. Wow, what a stereotyped cliche. She may be less powerful during the day, but that's exactly what makes her so powerful during nightfall. Her vampire ancestry comes with the ability to fly. Also she has sharp fangs. That's relevant because? No reason. They don't do anything much. Unless, of course, you count being able to bite through hard candies and her own tongue. Yeah, it's really more of a hassle to have those..

    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・「:yinyang:」・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・「:yinyang:」・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


    The night. I mean, have you read anything I wrote in my Abilities?

    The daytime. Ahh vampire, ahh!! ...get it?


    Lilith is rather playful. Almost never serious, she's very sarcastic, witty, and full or retorts. There's always a grin or smirk on her face, regardless of the situation. She's always out, socializing and getting into trouble. Never trust her to play fair, she'll only do something, if it means an advantage for her. Snitches get stitches? Yeah, but guess what else they get? A major advantage in every situation. To Lilith, life is pretty much a game, so she might as well win. She happens to be the king, and everyone else are merely pawns at her disposal.

    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・「:yinyang:」・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・「:yinyang:」・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

    Background Info:
    Her dad is a Demon Vampire hybrid, while her mom is a Nymph with Angelic ancestry. Lilith happens to be very mixed, which isn't particularly odd for a xx century born. What is odd, however, would be the fact that her parents come from completely different backgrounds and classes. One, from the light upper class, the other coming from the dark lower class. Like one might expect, not a lot of their kind respect or tolerate this level of interspecies bond. At the young age of six, Lilith lost both her parents. She lived on the streets, in the forests, you name it. Not only is she unaccepted by the Vampires and darker class, the kindhearted light nymphs and angels refuse to accept her existence. She grew up taking, stealing, and lying to survive. Now, fully grown, she always seems to be carefree with a grin on her face, yet she always keeps her distance.[/du]
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  6. When I read this all I could think of was:

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  7. Picture:
    Human form
    Harvest Form;

    Name: Alexander Grim
    Age: 17
    Birthday: Dec 10th
    Species: Grim Reaper.
    Abilities: Death, lots of death, and lots of other things as well. like comas, and sleep, and well pretty much anything like that. oh and he has a great big fuck off scythe. what else do you expect? His dad is the grim reaper. death incarnate.
    Likes: Chocolates, People who are immortal, or close to it. spicy foods. living life to the full. Kittens.
    Dislikes: lazy people, those who would rather watch the world pass by than get involved.
    Personality: While Alexander is cynical and sarcastic he also loves living life to the full and trying to, as he puts it 'outrun death' and often encourages others to join him.
    Background Info:
    Death Incarnate, The reaper. The world over he is known as the Hooded collecter of Souls. but in a few small places he's known as the man without a mask, The partier who dosn't need a costume. These are the places Death goes to have his holiday. once on one of his holidays, he found a partner, a woman. and they had a child. Alexander was born, half alive, half dead. Half grim reaper, half human. Over time he became more and more death like, yet he never let go of his human half. He spent his young years learning from the best tutors time (and death) had to offer, letting his father drag him through time to learn things from maths, to all sorts of languages.
    Eventually his mother got tired of him disappearing off the face of the planet for weeks at a time, And told his father that he should go to a proper school. So he was at first sent to a standard school, that all went tits up when he knocked out another kid with just a poke. This was when his father realised the child had far more potential than expected. the potential to become a true reaper. So, once again his education was taken across time and death, however this time it was more focused on learning the art of death and life. the ability to minipulate both and use them as a reaper should. Once again his mother put her foot down, and this time she chose the school, and so he was sent here.
    Any Extra Info: The great big fuck off scythe has loads of forms, from a broach pin through to a full on rwby scythe sniper rifle thingy!

    I may or maynot do a second character (who doesn't know alexander at all)
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  8. At work will start accepting characters after.
  9. Picture:

    Name: Yami

    Age: 16

    Species: Demon

    Type: Unknown

    Ability: Can control shadows at will

    Likes: Sleeping and Messing with people

    Dislikes: Getting attached to things and bright lights

    Background Info: Born a Demon and raised by demons, however they abandoned him after a few years and left him to grow up alone, he has been in the school since living out his daily life...

    Personality: He acts all dark and rude however this is due to him trying to fit in as a demon, he hates getting attached to things because he's scared of losing them so he generally pushes people aside unless he's going to mess with them...

    Extra: His right eye is green and left eyes is red, when he becomes emotional (angry) his red eye glows as shown in picture.....
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  10. [​IMG]
    "I guess I'm cool."


    Frankie Jorden


    May 21


    Kinetic energy manipulation.

    Warm weather
    Loud, obnoxious music
    Humorous people

    Quiet, small spaces
    Being alone
    Ignorant people

    Frankie is outgoing, atheletic, and eager to leanr new things. Although she may sound like your typical goodie-goodie, She would always be willing to get into trouble if it were for the sake a bit of fun. She doesn't try to make new friends, but lets other people make ad no problem with it, she didn't see anything wrong with it.

    Frankie lived a normal life, with normal friends at a normal school, other than her two mothers, she is your typical normal kid. Frankie moved schools at the age of 12 and got involved with the wrong groups of kids. That is where she got her shameless, willing-to-do-anything side. She has been attending the same school district for 6 years now.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Travis Paul


    October 20

    Fallen Angel

    Distortion of Time

    + Apples
    + Coffee
    + His Family
    + Video Games
    + Anything he finds funny.
    + Good music

    - Humans
    - Crappy food
    - Tea
    - Non-fallen Angels

    Background Info
    Travis' parents were angels that joined Lucifer's attempt to usurp God. Because of their forbidden relationship which lead to his birth, Lucifer blackmailed them into joining his rebellion. The rebellion proved extremely unsuccessful and God cast all angels involved off of Paradise and into Earth. His parents decided it would be best to fit in with the Humans, which Travis seemed to hate. So he set out to make every single Human he meets miserable, causing him to move schools until he landed in this institute.

    Travis is a calm and reserved person. Intelligent and quiet, he usually hangs around with his small circle of friends, never bothering to make new ones. Although he is not "good" as one would suggest, as he has done some nasty things he regrets, to people—particularly humans— by using his powers.

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  12. [BCOLOR=transparent]Picture:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] White Wolf Girl.jpg [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] White Wolf.jpg [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Luna Alina Cuan[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] 14[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Birthday:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] January 24[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Species:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Nekomata/Werewolf Hybrid[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Abilities:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She can change into a wolf, obviously, but that’s all. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Likes:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] lilies, snow, white things, sparkly things, cold things, rain, purple things, stormy weather, music[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Dislikes:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] heat, red things, dull things, the sun, math[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Luna is very nice and caring. She almost never lies to people she trusts. She never would betray any of her closest friends. She learns quickly. Luna accepts people for who they are, and she always tries to make people be who they are. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Background Info: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Luna’s parents, her mom a nekomata and her dad a werewolf, didn’t think they would have a child due to each of their species. That was wrong. When Luna was born, her parents put her up for adoption. Luna never did get adopted, but she was okay with that. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She always had other kids there with her to help out. She didn’t get lonely often. One of the adults that took care of her was a werewolf, and they put her in Fantasy High to make sure she could be around more people like herself.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Any Extra Info: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]None[/BCOLOR]
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  13. Yoshiko Miyasato


    Yoshiko Miyasato

    Yoshiko appears to be around the young age of 18, though no one is quite sure of her real age.

    December 1st

    Fallen Angel

    Hydrokinesis. The metaphysical psychic ability to control and manipulate the movement of liquid water using the power and focus of the mind!

    Close quarters combat, Swordsmanship. Yoshiko was a warrior of the Lord before she had fallen, believe it or not. She tried to be the best soldier for the only family she had ever known.

    Any place near the ocean. Why not? It's warm and surrounded by water!
    Thunderstorms. Why? Rain is everywhere! It's so soothing.
    Music. Yoshiko finds anything with a beat fascinating.
    Animals. They're so innocent!

    Confrontation, if it can be avoided.
    Bugs. She can't get over all those legs..
    Deserts. Not enough water.

    Yoshiko is a well-disciplined, sweet, and loyal type of girl, though she does come off reserved and quite. Once you get to really know Yoshiko, she's a very loving type of character, but sometimes she becomes despondent due to her current position.

    Yoshiko doesn't know how old she is exactly, but that was always okay, for age was irrelevant to her kind. When the Lord had brought her into Heaven, the first emotions she had ever felt was happiness, and love, though worldly terms can't come close to explaining just what she felt. She fell right into line with her brothers and sisters, feeling as if she has known them forever.

    The sound of wings fluttering pulled Yoshiko from her momentary bliss, and her aquamarine colored eyes landed on a being standing before herself. She could not find the words to describe what it looked like, but this felt natural to her, as if this was an every day thing. It was the Archangel Chamuel, and he called out to Yoshiko.

    ''Angels, when they are first brought into creation, are to choose a class that calls to them. There are four main classes; Archangels, warriors, soldiers, and guardians. Archangels are a being of the eighth order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, and are ranked higher than the rest. You will not know our exact purpose, but what you may know is that we do serve the Lord personally. You cannot be an Archangel.''

    ''Warriors are ranked below the archangels, and they are generally leading the soldiers out onto the battlefield. Soldiers aren't so different, they all have the same goal to keep the Kingdom, and the Lord's creation safe. They take orders from warriors, and follow them into battle. Guardians are assigned to a specific persons, following them through their walk through life until their time is up.''

    It was then Yoshiko learned of the on going battle with Lucifer and his demonic following, and when she decided to become a warrior so that she may protect her father, brothers, and her sisters. She spent thousands of years training with Gabriel, the warrior of the Lord, and one of the seven archangels. Here she learned of her ability to wield a sword, and close quarters combat in the event that she loses the sword.

    During these thousands of years, Yoshiko became one of the more mentionable warriors, for she had won thousands upon thousands of battles, and she owed it all to her brothers and sisters. During her battles, she became close to a messenger named Malachai, who often would send messages directly to the battalions spread out across the battle field. Yoshiko spent more time with Malachai than any other angel, and over thousands of years they became inseparable.

    A time came where Yoshiko returned to Heaven after winning another battle, and happened upon the in-progress banishing of her dear friend Malachai, for treason. Without thinking, Yoshiko pushed herself through the crowd of angels until she finally reached the front, where they had Malachai bound entirely with chains. Yoshiko learned that he had been attempting to send messages to the other side, to Lucifer and his demons. Yoshiko begged the archangels to let him free, that it was her doing, and that she had forced him.

    Yoshiko doesn't remember much after that. She remembers darkness, and a sharp burning sensation all across her body as she plummeted from the only home, and family she had ever known.


    ((I swear I'll tweak this tomorrow! I was so tired towards the end it might not make much sense, but I'll improve it I swear!))

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  14. Okay so hear is my list:

    @CynderTheDragoness I like your character cherrie but try to flesh out your character a little more, add a bit to the personality and the history, actually write one. Then you can be accepted.. Promise.

    @Cybermoon I love winter miku so much, soo.... You are accepted I love how you explained her history, I would like to see her personality more fleshed out but that's because I am a writer, make the changes if you wish, you are accepted so.

    @Strawberry Your own sarcastic retorts are nothing like your character. (insert sarcasm here) Anyway you are accepted, I like how you explained her weaknesses in her abilities instead of just what she's good at, a truly great rper can accept and hone in on weaknesses making the character great. ^~^ *(The extra pictures add-on are cute, but I am not sure how relevant they are, perhaps I am just missing shit.)

    @CrimDemon All I can say to you aside from accepted is... wow... Um... on to me much. I was born a day before your characer and that is amazing. I love how well-rounded your character is, even going so far as to keep to the merman's true nature of not being able to grow feet. I like it.

    @EddiEddi Hi there, it's alwasy nice to see a new face can you please flesh out your character some more though? You can keep it simple just more details.

    @"Lost" I always forge that your user name has the quotation marks in it. Anyway. You know I love your character, how could I not? Everything is great. Honestly, like most fleshing out is good, if not great but I can tell you put a lot of effort into your character and it tells me everything I need to know. So if you want to edit it, by all means but it's not necessary.

    @Lexy oh my god. I was reading your charrie and looked down to find it wasn't complete! Filling it out in whole is necessary for acceptence. Please go forth and finnish your awesomeness.

    @Legi0n hi there... So I would like to bring to your attention the duplicate responses that seem to have been left by accident. Your personality could use some work, but. I like it. Delete the duplicate and you are accepted as well.

    @LittleWolf wow. Your character moved me. In so many ways. I can't say that I didn't like it- cuz I did. But the movement that bothered me the most was that pitfall in her history where it feels like I just jumped off a cliff and died. Do me a huge favour and flesh that out. Add some more detail about how things effected her. Don't just drop off like no one liked her or was like her. Please.

    @GracelynShepherd ohhqhahgaggshahjodlla!!! What the heck!!!? Your character also so perfect wondrous and amazing but then you had to not finish!!!! Dammit! Tell me the fucking history or so help me!!!!

    Okay that just about covers it. If anyone is feeling like I'm being to harsh. I'm really not trying to be. Please note everyone's character is amazballs I love reading about characters so I know. And it helps you guys as well.
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  15. @CZDoubleU What sort of deatails do you want?
  16. Hahaha, I didn't quite post a history because I was working on it. But yeah, I'll go ahead and get a history up right away!
  17. @GracelynShepherd that makes sense. And I know how you feel. Please excuse the rush. Also. I added you to an RP chat we have going on where you can meet the other members.

    As for you @EddiEddi i would like to see a history. Not just a synapses of what he does every 200 or so years on his day off. Even characters who are harbingers of death have backgrounds. Tell yours like its the last one I'll read.
  18. Maybe it is. not meny people learn about death's history and live....
  19. Eh well you know. I'll take my chances. @EddiEddi
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