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  1. RavenRaven walked up to the large school, looking around at the other students. She sighed and looked at her schedule again. She ran a hand through her hair. Today was the day that people got settled in their dorms, and found their classes. Classes didn't start for a day (Or two). She sighed and looked at the paper for her dorm number. She sat down on a bench outside of the school. It wasn't open yet because not everyone was there yet. They made sure EVERYONE was present before officially opening. She looked around and then back down at her schedule. 'What of they don't like me? What if I decide to open up and show myself to people... No... I can't let that happen... not again...' She thought to herself while shaking her head. 'I can't lose another...' She looked up and saw signs in the air with dorm numbers on them. She looked above her head to find that her dorm number was right above where she was sitting. She thought it was convenient and just looked back to her paper.

    Thane Thane walked around. He was looking at the building while his twin stuck close, clinging to his arm. He smiled. 'Maybe we'll have a new start here...' He thought to himself. He looked down at his small sister and laughed lightly. She looked terrified. "You'll be fine Ross, there's nothing to worry about." He smiled. Suddenly signs appeared in mid air with room numbers on them. They found their number and stood under it, waiting for others.

    Ross Ross looked up at him scared and back at the large building. 'What if they're scared of me...' She thought to herself. She held tighter on to her twin's arm as they continued forward. 'What if I'm made fun of again? I am pretty small...' Her brother's voice broke though her train of thought. "You'll be fine Ross, there's nothing to worry about." She looked up and smiled softly and took a deep breath. She slowly let go of his arm, but stayed close. They decided to stand by the doors, watching the other people find their roommates. Suddenly, signs appeared in mid air with room numbers on them. They found their number and stood under it, waiting for others.
  2. Katsurou sighs, an annoyed expression on his face, has he looks between a scrap of paper in his hand and the various floating signs. His uniform is completely open, showing the purple skin of his well-toned chest. He runs a hand through his long and wild silvery hair, as his eyes rest on one of the signs that are marked with the number [223]. He shrugs, making his way through the crowd (which gives him a generous berth, due in part to the massive iron club rested on his shoulder and his general delinquent demeanor), before taking his place under the sign. He crouches down in place, using the club as extra support, not really caring enough to stand. "Wish I could be anywhere but here, but I kinda need a key to the place I'll be stayin'..." He says, to nobody in particular, thinking aloud.
  3. Eleri:

    A faded yellow taxi pulled up to the school and stopped with a high-pitched squeak of old brakes.

    "Well then. This is it. That'll be twenty-eight dollars and thirteen cents," the cabbie said, looking at her via the rear view mirror with an expression that said he'd really rather not look at her. Eleri handed over the money and a couple dollars for a tip. She'd seen The Look the moment he laid eyes on her. That mixture of revulsion and pity they felt when they weren't sure if they should just be repelled by her uncanny appearance, or express sympathy for someone in 'her condition,' whatever unfortunate 'condition' that might be.

    He popped the trunk, and was about to get out and retrieve her luggage when he looked down from the mirror and saw some of the other kids through the windshield. One of them was a towering boy (?) with horns, and a gigantic club worthy of a full-throated Fi-Fi-Fo-FUM.

    "Don't worry, I got it," Eleri said in a thick Scottish lilt. She opened the door and climbed out, wearing a futuristic-looking white Mod-style dress with matching calf-boots and opera gloves. Instead of reaching for her suitcases, she levitated them up and out with her mind, then closed the trunk without lifting a finger. No reason to hide her abilities here, was there? "You have a nice trip back to your normal world now," she said to his expression of wide-eyed shock. With a little squeal of tires, he backed up, then drove off at a rate of speed rather inappropriate for a school parking lot.

    Alone, Eleri turned to face the school, and the conflicting emotions in conjured. On the one hand, everyone here was Strange in one way or another, though most of the others she could see at the moment managed to do it in attractive ways, such as the addition of angel wings or prismatic scales or vibrant skin colors or just appearing to be normal, good-looking young people whose 'Gifts' were not outwardly obvious. On the other hand, she was the New Weird Girl At School, and here, the bullies would have metahuman powers.

    People seemed to be clustering around the entrances to the dorm buildings rather than the school proper. Numbers appeared in the air over the buildings; holographically projected, or perhaps created by some minor cantrip. She spotted her dorm number and headed toward it. So far, there was no one else there. Right then, here we are, she thought, waiting with a mixture of trepidation and curiosity for her roommates to arrive.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Huff huff huff.

    Room 224, huh? Alright, cool. Not that she really knew who her roommates would be, but that was alright! Now that she was in this school, everything would be different now. Now, in this new place, she could meet new people, learn new things, see new sights, and of course, live a new life! That is, as long as she'd be able to not be kicked out somehow, but she could worry about memorizing all the important rules later when they'd actually go over all that junk.

    With that said, the young sorceress in training known as Sayuri Endo made a mad dash for the school, slipping by everyone else due to her fortunately small stature.

    Stopping in front of the gate that seemed to separate everyone from the school itself, Sayuri took a breath. Early, huh? Well, it couldn't be helped, and it was probably to be expected, as the girl had been so eager to get there for some odd reason. Maybe, as mentioned previously, it was the good feeling of beginning a new life. The fact that nobody (hopefully) knew her here was like a double-edged sword. Right now, there was no established comfort zone, but that only meant that she now had the chance to mold the comfort zone to her liking with the people that she'd make friends with! Yeah!

    Well, whatever. May as well actually put on her uniform right in that case. Hmm, let's see... Tie hair into ponytail... Gah, how do people tie these stupid ties again?

    Looking around for anybody nearby, she puffed her cheeks for a minute, not wanting her first impression to be one where she was in a position to look dumb, but it couldn't be helped. If she couldn't even follow uniform regulations on the first day, she'd have bigger problems to worry about than that!

    "H-Heeeeey, anyone! Does anyone here know how to tie a tiiiiiie??" Sayuri called out emptily in the crowd.​
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  5. Yay, Cain picture


    A reddish orange blur appeared in the sky flying horizontally for only a moment before it started diving downwards towards the academy. She had been flying for some time, hanging onto the wrist of her friend to give him a lift. Since the two of them were rather foreign to the planet and their culture, Summer didn't want Cain to have to try to get a lift from something or walk there without being absolutely sure of where he was going. He, like her, was still understanding and adjusting to Earth, and would need some time before they could take public transportation comfortably... They had until Winter to do so. But for now, Summer's flying would be their mode of transportation.

    When the concrete was coming into view, Summer flapped her wings hard against her direction of movement, one after another to cease her momentum. With the wings, large gusts of wind formed with each flap, successfully slowing herself and her friend down until they could safely land.

    "Phew!" She murmured, running her hand through her bangs then took out her paper from her bag. "Okay! ...Two...Two...Three. That is correct, yes?"

    Summer handed the paper to Cain for him to double check, given that he had gotten the hang of the English language better than she had.

    "Yes. Find the numbers that match that, and that'll be the room you stay in."

    With a nod, Summer went on her way. Though she needed to push others to get through, she eventually found the sign with the numbers matching the ones on the paper. She had been too focused on trying to find the matching sign that she hadn't noticed the giant student crouching underneath it yet.

    "Two... Two... Three." She repeated to herself, looked at the sign, then back at the paper before a smile spread. She found the matching numbers!


    Was Cain worried that Summer, fellow friend and Vermilion Bird royalty, wouldn't be able to land or make a mistake during her flying? Absolutely. This was the first time he and Summer had flown together at all, and that was because the two of them didn't want to try and risk taking public transportation to their location of study. Summer may be able to fly by herself or carrying lightweight objects, but she had never had to flown with Cain, a 200 pound man, hanging onto her wrist whilst flying at... very fast speed.

    Thankfully, the two landed and the urge for Cain to vomit had subsided. Now, there was no need to be flying like that again for a while... Or at least until one or both of them could trust each other enough to be able to take public transportation... The type of transportation where if they did not know where they were doing, they would be lost in a city they knew almost nothing of...

    Cain took out his paper, letting himself recover from the flying for a second while reading the numbers. '221' was what it read. Which was easy enough, given that he was able to count to 10 in English, he'd be able to find the door numbers. Summer, on the other hand, could speak English but still had trouble understanding the written term. He could only hope that someone would assist her in understanding the culture a bit better... just like he needed to do a bit of research himself.

    "Phew!" He heard Summer murmur, "Okay! ...Two...Two...Three. That is correct, yes?"

    Cain took the paper from her then looked it over. He gave a nod of confirmation, "Yes. Find the numbers that match that, and that'll be the room you stay in."

    With those instructions, she was off doing her own thing once again. Cain was about to go find his own room when he heard a young woman ask if anyone knew how to tie a tie. Unfortunately for her, Cain barely knew how to tie his own tie, let alone assist another person. So, he had to walk along and find his room. Someone else would be able to assist the girl.

    When he managed to make it to the door, he looked at the sign then at the paper. They matched, so it was definitely where he was going to be. And there, he also noticed another girl standing under the sign. Using "common sense", as its called in English, he figured that she would be his roommate. He only hoped she wasn't crazy or murderous.
  6. The Oni sighed, still somewhat annoyed with the mandatory assembly, but he sits down, laying his club next to him. He looked over at the student under the sign next to his, the one that read [224], giving her a look over. His eyebrow raises a little at her odd features, though he doesn't give a disgusted or pitiable look. He simply dismisses her as one of the many freaks that were, for all intents and purposes, banished here for not fitting in with Human society. He frowns a bit as he looks over to another student who had run into the courtyard, seemingly out of breath, calling for help with her tie. He gives a shrug to himself, not bothering to learn about ties at all, since they usually make him feel like he's getting strangled, a feeling he feels nobody would like in a normal situation. Hearing the heavy beating of a pair of large wings, he looks up at a girl carrying a boy, both wearing student uniforms. He gives a whistle at the sight of the female. Normally, bird-girls aren't his type, but her body intrigues the young Oni. He calls out to the girl who had issues with her tie, sarcasm dripping from his voice: "Nope, looks like you'll have to go home!"
  7. "Wha... Huh? Eh?"

    When someone actually replied to Sayuri through the thick crowd, that notion alone had surprised her, enough to make her stop fidgeting around for just a second, the girl blinking in place for a second, before reacting again once she had registered who said it (an Oni, not a very common sight back where Sayuri had come from, but then again, not entirely surprising, as anything was possible in this sort of school), and what the big guy himself had actually said.

    Alas, she had bigger things to think about then... Well, the big guy himself.


    When the Oni would speak, it would seem that the sarcasm in his words would fly right over her head, almost as though his words were too high to really reach her in general. With a suddenly panicked expression, Sayuri seeming to completely believing the guy's words, she began to start looking around frantically, as if looking for something.

    "No no no, I can't get kicked out on the first daaay! What if... W-What if we found some scissors?! Maybe we could cut the tie and like, make it a ribbon! That's what most of the other girls wear! Do you think your horns could cut it? Actually no that's rude I'm sorry this is such a bother I shouldn't ask that from someone I just met what do I do what do I do though??" The eccentric girl spoke, her last sentence eventually breaking into a random mishmash of words.​
  8. Alexis was kinda surprised that his schoolmates were optimistic and open, well, not like he was THAT optimistic about the new life thing. He started shivering
    ~Calm yourself down...~
    He thought, as strange bell noise went through his ears. Grass started shaking, not because of wind, but because of WATER inside of it. Their color changed to dark green, as on them apeared small, increasing in size water bubbles. Bubbles slowly slided to center of dark grass circle, raising from it in the form of water arm. Alexis looked on arm, as arm changed it pose like it wanted to hug Alexis. With a loud splash, arm exploded in fountain of water, as Alexis walked to school building.


    Okay, calm down. Alexis physically felt like cutting everything and everyone around him in "salad" As he wanted to calm down, either stop thinking about painful tortures... Near school, was standing a beautiful tree, which was actually kinda tall. Alexis only thought about the tree, as with a loud "FOOOSHH!"
    On tree appeared medium deep slice. Alexis heard loud gasps, as he tried to sneak away from tree. He breathed hardly, he NEVER lost control... Since THE LAST TIME.
    When he calmed down fully, he heard some girl yelling about her tie, especially about how to USE that human thing. He thought about himself
    ~Wait... WHAT IS A TIE?!~
    Alexis WAS well educated... But in questions of fashion he sucked. Near him appeared little transparent bird, as it spoke
    ~Tie is a-~
    Several minutes later Alexis knew about tie, and even wanted to help that girl tie a tie...
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  9. [​IMG]
    Location: School Gates
    Wearing: Uniform
    Interacting: Sayuri @Verite
    "Nous sommes ici!" Came a gleeful exclamation from the front of the car. Paris opened her eyes, tired after the long drive. She peered out the window, and sat up. She was pretty excited to start her year. As they parked, Paris opened the door of the rather fancy car, and went to the trunk to retrieve her things. Her parents followed her, helping her grab things. Once her luggage was ready to go, she gave them each a kiss on the cheek. "Tu vas me manquer!" She told them, hugging both her mother and father. Her mother looked like an older Parisa; white hair and blue eyes. Her father, on the other hand, had short black hair and a thin beard. The white hair was a source of pride for mages of her type.

    After the slightly tearful goodbye, her parents left the parking lot, and Paris made her way into the school. So many people had gathered already. There were many people speaking, and some sitting alone. She found her room number. 221. Okay, easy enough.
    "H-Heeeeey, anyone! Does anyone here know how to tie a tiiiiiie??"
    The mage heard a yell, and searched the room. Her eyes settled on a short red-headed girl, near a large hulking brute of a man. "Oui!" She called, practically gliding over. She gave the girl a smile. "Let me help." She said, her accent thick. After a few swift motions, the tie was tied properly. "There. You will not be kicked out." She said with a small giggle.

    Location: School Gates
    Wearing: Uniform
    Interacting: Raven @Cry.EXE
    Sable arrived like many people had; by taxi. He had noticed a couple in the parking lot. After paying the fare, he gladly got away from the stench of the cab. It smelled of old food and sex. Why sex in a cab, he will never know. However, he simply paid the man, took his luggage, and left without a word. He made his way into the school, smiling softly at all of the students. They were quite interesting to him, and he was excited to learn more about them. He had little knowledge of creatures, despite living for a long time. He rarely made contact with any.

    He looked to the room numbers, making note of his room: 223. He wasn't sure who his room mates would be, but he was easy to get along with, and he was sure he could please anyone he was with. He only hoped they liked stories. He glanced to the side, seeing Raven. He could feel a demonic energy from her. Apparently he wasn't the only demon here. "Good morning." He spoke to her with a small smile. "Nice to see a fellow demon." He added, still looking over his paper.

    Location: School Gates
    Wearing: Uniform
    Interacting: Nobody
    Titus had fallen asleep with earbuds in his ears, before he felt himself shaken awake by his father. "Come on, time to get moving." His father told him, helping him get the luggage from the back. His mother hadn't been able to make it to see him off, which he was okay with. She wanted to come, but she had other things to attend to. He knew she wanted to see him off, and that's all that mattered.

    "Now remember, no burning this one down. I don't want to get a call that you got in a fight with a fire elemental and you burned the place down again. Just... Keep your fire to yourself. I had to learn how to control it, and so did your mother." George spoke, giving his son a quick hug. "Do us proud. Get a mate. Come back safe." He said, turning to leave. Titus chuckled a bit. Typical dad, not letting him speak. "Bye dad." He waved, heading up to the gates of the school. His room was 224. He'd have to find it and his roomies before long.​
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  10. When he saw the girl react so seriously to his comment, Katsurou couldn't help but burst out into laughter. "Bwahahahaha! That chick actually thought she was gonna get explelled for missin' a tie? That's Priceless!" After a few more seconds of laughter (which garnered a few odd looks from some of the nearby students, as his loud resonating baritone was hard to ignore), the oni wipes away a tear from his eye that had formed from the gut-grabbing display of amusement, he grabs his club, using it as a brace to help stand up. Once at full stance, he shoots a few looks into the crowd that were giving him stares. "What're you punks lookin' at? Huh?! You wanna fight?!" His sharp stare and the fact that he towered over most of the other students gained many turned eyes, some out of fear, and some out of avoidance. He cracks his neck as he walks over to the girl who had made him laugh, who was currently being helped by another student with her tie.

    Once he reaches the two, he plants the end of the club on the ground with a grin, eyeing the two women over. "Heh, you crack me up, missy. As if anyone could possibly get expelled from this place. There's nowhere else that would accept freaks like us, and the faculty knows it." He damn near undresses the two with his eyes, whistling out a wolf-call. "And 'sides, it'd be a crime to kick out a cutie such as yourself. Name's Akayama Katsurou, but you can call me Katsurou." He flashes his fangs in a cocky grin at the two, clearly giving off a "devil-may-care" attitude, somewhat ironically.
  11. SUMMER

    She visibly jumped at the words of the man sitting under the same sign as her, her face paling a little when hearing him say such a thing. Did students who did not have their ties done have to be sent home? That was the equivalent of expulsion, no? She looked down at her own chest, then at the other students nearby. Summer could see that those tutorials had benefited her for that day, though that poor girl... Did she not look up something to assist her?

    She looked through the crowd, squinting a little to see more clearly, and could see a nice lady helping the girl who... looked a bit like her really. Except this girl had darker hair and lighter skin.... And she did not have pointed ears or bird wings. Exclude the ears and the wings, Summer could pass as her tanner sister by sight.

    Summer had to cover her mouth to stifle her giggle, hearing this man demand if anyone wanted to fight. The Vermilion bird still didn't understand what the Earth found positive and negative yet... For instance, on her world, the man demanding to know if anyone wanted to fight was the equivalent of a child puffing out his chest and trying to convince others he was a fully grown man. On Earth, that was him being intimidating to other students, and it seemed to work. But she could see Cain had chuckled as well from the demanding question, which meant she wasn't alone on finding it humorous.

    Another huge example of their cultural differences was that on Earth, it was unacceptable for a man and a woman to fight. In her culture, there was no such thing as chivalry. A man and woman were able to fight without any backlash from the male side. Though hopefully she'd be able to clear up anything with a fellow student who would be willing to help.

    Summer sat down underneath the sign and rummaged through her bag, pulling out a small book with a red circle on the back with a line across the white bold words of "NC17". She had always found what the humans found sexy very interesting... Some of the things she had seen in these books would never be allowed on her constellation.



    He had read about demons in the books he used to study Earth, and frankly, they were intriguing. They came in various forms and could master separate things in short amount of time. They were also written as charming and intelligent individuals, so that they could outwit any human. But supposedly, they fed off of "sins" and other evils of the world. Was that part true? He could ask, but decided against it. It would be like asking a human if something they did was actually human. He could imagine there would be confused looks on their face, and wondering why this strange person was asking them about their race.

    Though his attention was drawn by loud laughter of what was obviously a male. He looked through the crowd, and saw a very very tall individual standing up. And suddenly, he demanded to know if anyone wanted to fight. That exclamation made him chuckle, because who would have thought such a large man would behave in such a manner. He knew Summer would have found it funny as well... These cultural differences may end up being their downfall, unless the Earth individuals were patient with those barely comprehending their language and societal norms.

  12. Eleri:

    Bugger, Eleri thought, noticing how many of the other students were already in uniform. Either she'd gotten the wrong impression that she'd get the opportunity to move into her dorm before being expected to be in uniform, or the others were jumping the gun. They're probably not all new here, so...bugger. Her sleek white dress was among her more inconspicuous outfits, and she was glad of it. The Jolly Horned Giant was already giving her the Raised Eyebrow; best not to become a target for mob hate before she even had a chance to get the lay of the land.

    A girl approached in a rush, panicked about her tie. Wanker, Eleri thought when the big guy decided to mock her instead of help or leave her alone. He finished up with a traditional 'What you lookin' at? You lookin' at ME?! Wanna fight!' bully-boy routine. Eleri was just starting to concoct ideas for making his life more surreal when he switched gears and decided to flirt with tie girl and the one who came to help. Wanker. With any luck he'd shove off before too long and she'd have a chance to go show the girl a few different knots.

    Eleri was pulled from those thoughts by the approach of a guy who looked like he'd just stepped out of a magazine. Golden hair with the sort of 'random' look one got from a pricey stylist. Caught by eager morning sunlight, it glowed like yellow tongues of flame. His eyes also flashed orange-gold, like a cat's. And he was headed right for Eleri, or at least her dorm. No way I'd have the delta-vee to match orbits with someone like that, she thought, lowering her eyes.
  13. [​IMG]
    Location: School Gates
    Wearing: Uniform
    Interacting: Sayuri @Verite, Katsuro @DeadAxl
    Paris gave the large man a very uncouth look. She glanced to the red headed girl, and back to him. She wouldn't leave this girl's side until she was safe. She wasn't sure about his intentions. While he could be a harmless flirt, there was always a small chance of something worse. "Impoli..." She muttered. "Très impoli..." She looked him up and down, before flashing a small smile. "Perhaps instead of flirting with someone you just insulted, you would use the spare time and spare room in your brain to learn your manners." She told him, ushering Sayuri back with her. "Quel salaud!" She shook her head, staying near the girl.

    "I'm sorry, I just wouldn't feel safe leaving you alone with him." She told her, smiling a bit. "We may be in a group, but the Bystander Effect is a very powerful thing." She said, holding out her hand. "My name is Parisa, but you may call me Paris. In fact, I prefer it." She gave Sayuri a bright smile, hoping she wouldn't become offended that she had brought her elsewhere.
    Location: School Gates
    Wearing: Uniform
    Interacting: Eleri @Zarko Straadi
    As Titus walked towards the school, he quickly looked at his phone, typing out a quick Tweet, before finally paying attention to where he was going. He scanned the crowd, stopping at the edge, eyes landing on a girl who had been looking at him, and then looked down. He shrugged it off, leaning against the wall, waiting for school gates to open. He returned to his phone, taking a quick selfie. He may have been a guy, but he knew he was hot so he ran with it. It got him internet fame. After typing a status, he put it back in his pocket, looking around the crowd. The girl before was nearby, so he nodded to her in greeting. "I see they didn't give you your uniform yet."
  14. RavenRaven looked up at the tall man. Well, tall in her case. "Well, you've got a sharp sense for demon's... don't you?" She smirked, continuing to read her schedule. "What type of demon are you?" She asked, patting the seat next to her. She had a strong British accent and didn't seem to enthusiastic at all. She uncrossed her legs. She seemed to be the only girl in pants instead of a skirt, like the normal girl uniform. Although, no one could really tell if she was a boy or a girl, unless you talked to her. She was pretty flat chested and skinny. She also always had this 'I'm gonna fucking murder you and your family' look on her face. But that's really all a facade, yet no one can ever get to really see her unless they're close to her.

  15. Alexis saw a beautiful woman, walking over to girl with a "tie problem". That was really kind, as Alexis sensed powerful magical aura around her, which he could tell about almost every student.
    Although Alexis was powerful... He never thought that others would be negative towards him for being.. Defective ..
    He took out of his small backpack book of ancient Scandinavian tortures, wanting to relax, as he heard some guy say a "professional bully speech" afterwards wanting to flirt with the same girl. Alexis raised his eyes to that guy, preparing to cut him in half for those words, but...
    Alexis got a little bit "red", although the red color was shown for his skin tone as grey.
    For the time being in human society, Alexis determined, that by normal morale rules, man must love female. But...
    Alexis hated the rules, so he liked both males and females... But that guy...
    OKAY, stop thinking about him!
    Alexis looked on especially painful torture picture, smiling with his special "creepy" smile. As he took out his phone. He typed several... THOUSANDS ... Of words, replying to several his best paganistic and celtic friends.
    ~Oooh, he married to fairy!~
    Sensing by his butt that something will happen, he looked up, as he yelled out "OH FUCK" in danish.
    The huge tree, which was cut by him, slowly falled down. Alexis exhaled loudly, his eyes glowing with blue.
    Water slowly raised from grass, making huge circle of soaked grass near tree. Water mass formed intho giant arm, lightly holding tree. Alexis tried to concentrate as hard as he could, but:
    1.Tree was too heavy
    2.He was afraid he is going to kill others
    Tree was falling down slowly, as Alexis had no choice. He split his arms widely, as his hair become more blue, extending to half of his neck. Huge water wings raised after him, as his hydrokinesis increased. Water arm lightly pushed the tree, instantly putting it back on place. He did momental horizontal movement of his hand, making several water circles around damaged parts of tree. After all that, he exhaled loudly, and fell to ground, fainting...
  16. Thane Thane saw what had happened and started running over. He caught Alexis before he hit the ground. "Are you okay?!" He asked, laying him down. He looked at him worried. He had used a lot of energy on that tree. He looked around for Ross, seeing that they had got seperated. He couldn't just leave the poor guy... "I'll just wait here for her... she'll find me eventually..." He thought aloud to himself.

    RossRoss looked around, seeing her brother had ran off. "Thane?" She looked around scared. Her heart was beating a million times a second. She breathed heavily and looked around, terrified. There where so many people... so much noise... she couldn't freak out... but she was scared. You're nothing without him Ross... everyone knows that... She started shaking and put her hands over her head, sitting on the ground and curling into a ball. She couldn't move besides the shaking that was already happening. She breathed heavier and looked around. She felt like everyone's eyes where on her. It was hard to breath and her lungs felt on fire. Everything was spinning. She didn't know what to do... she couldn't move. She was petrified. She felt the weeds that where in the cracks of the cement around her start to rise and wrap themselves around her ankles. They started going higher, but very slowly. This happened when she was scared.
  17. The delinquent smirks at the girl with the odd accent. He raises an eyebrow, thinking about where she could originally be from. Definitely French, but was she a city girl or not? Ultimately, however, this is the amount of thought he gave it before opening his mouth again. "My, my, ain't we a fiery one? I like your style, lady. But, unfortunately for you, it's all but common knowledge that us Oni don't have manners. Just doesn't mix well with our culture." He leans back, popping his spine a bit, somewhat audibly, before reaching into his blazer's inner pocket for the only reason why he would ever wear a blazer: a canteen. He pops it open, and a sharp odour emanates from it, denoting it's contents as alcohol. He takes a long swig from it, before replacing the cap and putting it back into his blazer. "Oh, and, one more thing?" He says, his expression turning from jovial to serious. "I'm not much of a romantic, but I sure as hell wouldn't try to force myself on anyone. I may be an asshole, but I'm not a criminal." He scoffs at that last remark, however. "Well... Maybe not THAT much of a criminal." He chuckles, leaning onto his club again.

    @Tarieles @Verite
  18. Well.

    A lot happened.

    First thing she knew, the Oni who would later introduce himself as Akayama Katsurou would start laughing. Evidently, it would seem that the big guy lied to her about being expelled! He played her like a damn fiddle! Or... something. And then he called her cute, prompting Sayuri to puff her cheeks a little in mild embarrassment as she did so, totally not meaning to look even cuter as she did so. Before she could think up a snappy response to his advance or whatever that was, a nice girl who looked as though she had been sent down from the heavens itself went ahead and intervened, tying her tie for her, introducing herself as Paris.

    Hehe, she smells nice...




    Clearing her throat, Sayuri would step between Katsurou and Paris, as though intending to stop anything from blowing up, the girl would put her hands on her hips and finally take the opportunity to speak.

    "Okaaay, okaaay," she spoke, puffing her chest out as though displaying strength like a little boy would, "Now that I finally figured out that he didn't actually mean what he said about being kicked out and now that my tie problems have been but solved, I guess I should introduce myself. The name's Sayuri Endo! I hope we can be friends, Katsurou, Paris!" She said with an enthusiastic, toothy grin as she'd wrap her arms around the back of their necks and pull them into a sudden hug.

    Well, she'd try with Katsurou, but couldn't really reach that high, so she awkwardly tried pulling him in by his back.


    This was going to be a long year.​
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  19. A figure stepped out of the crowd of students lining up in front of their classes, finding their way, gossiping, laughing.
    He stepped away, sighing, holding his hand forward towards the girl trembling on the ground.
    The girl was Ross, who seemed to be having a panic attack.

    His long, red hair swayed in the gentle breeze. His clothing was wrinkled and his tie wasn't fully tied. He seemed to have been in a rush to get here.
    He was smiling, although his eyes looked annoyed. He was doing his best to look reassuring.

    "Uh hey there," the young man said to the girl. "Don't you think the ground's pretty dirty? Here, take my hand. I'll help you up."
    He extended his arm towards her, opening his palm.

    "My name's Gin, nice to make your acquaintance."
    He said, trying to get the girl to calm down.
  20. The huge man lets himself be pulled into the hug, giving Paris a cocky grin. "See? Play nice, and ya can make easy friends." He pats Sayuri on the head with his free hand, one still holding onto the club. He chuckles, and looks down at her. "Well, that'd be just fine by me, Sayuri. Once everyone's all done movin' into their dorms, how 'bout we walk 'round town? I was gonna do so myself once I got all my crap in my room and claimed a bed, but explorin' a town ain't too boring with a friend, ya know?" He holds the hug for a moment, before grinning mischievously. "Well, now. Most people would be off-put about having to hug a half-naked Oni, 'specially if he's a stranger they jus' met." He gives her a nudge in the side, clearly joking around.

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