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  1. Excuse any spelling mistakes please. Samsung's keyboards were designed by Satan. As you can tell I am fairly new to this site so play nice :)
    Some generics about the fantasy; I'll fill in more stuff if this gets the right amount of people:
    World Setting:
    World Name: Rechamus
    This rp will be set in a world with no sun whatsoever. Instead, life survives off of the heat and light of the nearby 6 moons. Time is measured by when each moon is the largest in the sky, and due to this the measurements of time aren't equal. The names of each moon translate to Dirt, Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. The year is 400 earth days long.
    Geography: The far north is a frozen tundra with extremely high peeks deemed to be unclimbable. Slightly south of that is the Great Chasm, a some-hundred mile long gap that extends over a mile down. The Great Chasm is north of the Forest if Ceaseless Time, a dimly lit forest shrouded in permanent twilight where time itself seems to slow. In the middle of the Forest is a lake a few hundred miles across and about 50 miles vertically. Below this is the Bountiful Plain, the home of humans since the dawn of time. This area is roughly the size of the US (the world in general is about a quarter of the volume of this world) Surrounding this continent is a vast expanse of ocean, and although it has been rumored other lands exist, they are just that: rumors.
    Countries: The humans have split into two factions since the Deserting almost a thousand years ago. One country, Munii, stays close to the gods and still practices magic with the gifts bestowed by the gods ages ago. The other country is Goheg, a warlike state that has deserted the gods and has since developed new weapons and technology (pre WW1 era tech)
    Religion: The Munii still follow the old ways and believe that the 6 moons are actually the homes of gods and goddesses, and that their magic was bestowed upon them by the gods, each elemental magic being attributed to the gods. I'll edit this part later with the whole shabam
    Other general stuff:
    Magic was much more powerful before the Deserting.
    Speaking of which, the Deserting was the name given to when the Gods, which once walked the earth, mysteriously disappeared.
    Munii runs with 5 schools of magic, Fire Air Earth Water and Light. Dark is forbidden. Each child is tested at the age of 5 to determine which element they can control. Men are smiths and warriors, using their elemental magic to create weapons, armor, and shields imbued with elemental power. Women, more in tune with the goddesses, control the elements in magic and learn spells.
    Earth specializes in defense and healing
    Fire specializes in full offense
    Water specializes in scouting and mixed attack and defense
    Air specializes in flanking and quick attacks that can be repeated
    Light specializes in powerful focused attacks as well as healing

    General plot:
    A rift to the past opens up mysteriously in Munii territory, a time portal to the Deserting. A girl comes out, a priestess of light, extremely powerful by the day's standards. She tells the Munii what happened and how the goddesses were imprisoned in a crystal by the Dark God and the crystal was locked away. In order to restore their power, the Munii must find the crystal and release the goddesses. At the same time, a 17 year old boy, previously thought to be a water disciple, creates two blades imbued not with water but with pure darkness. The authorities find out about this and banish him. His friends from the various elements decide to leave with him, and when the priestess finds out about this, she leaves with them in order to get them to find the crystal and release the goddesses. I'll explain more later.

    Looking for:
    Light Priestess (f) 《----the one from the past
    Fire disciple (m)
    Earth disciple (m)
    Water priestess (f)
    And Air priestess (f)
    I'll play the Dark disciple. If we get to all 6 then a full bio (img, name, age weight the whole 9 yards) is required. I will also add more information as needed.
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  2. that sound s fun and intresting i am in
  3. This looks pretty fun! It's nice to see another new person.

    It's scary being a newb T-T

    Anyway count me in!
  4. I'll add more stuff tomorrow for religion and explaining stuff. I'm juggling iwaku,hyakujin, hammel, swrp, and a flu so my brain is fried
  5. Eeek. *passes you soup*.
    Add a unicycle and then you can charge money.
  6. Somewhere buried in my s memos and microsoft word documents I have a 5 page background that I did the other day. I would make a map but I draw like (quoting a friend) an autistic 5 year old and thats without the crappy mouse and windows paint.
  7. I like this a lot! Count me in. :]
  8. Time measurements: (400 day year)
    Fire month: 63 days
    Water month: 157 days
    Earth month: 90
    Air month: 46 days
    Light month: 44 days
    There is no month celebrating the Dark moon, as it is only prominent at noon on the last day of Light Month once every 1000 years.
    Notable Days:
    Fire solstice: This day commemorates the day in which the Fire Moon is the largest in the sky. Normal festivities include firebreathers, belly dancing, and a bonfire.
    Water solstice: This day celebrates the day in which the Water Moon is at its largest. Normal festivities include heavy drinking and a water show put on by local Aquamancers.
    Earth Solstice: Festivities include contests of strength and the Climbing of the Rock, where youths attempt to climb the giant Mountain outside of the city.
    Air solstice: Festivities include kite flying, a high jump contest and glads blowing.
    Light Solstice: Festivities include the shining of the Beacon and a light show from luxmancers.
    Selection Day: Youths at the age of 5 are tested for their natural affinity to each element and placed in the proper school/barracks. Normally a student's element is their birth month, and the closer to the solstice the better.
    Desertion Day: a solemn day of praying to the Gods to return to the people of Munii. Fasting and vigils are common.
    Religion: as stated previously, the people of Munii worship the five goddesses of the moons and treat the God of the Dark Moon as evil. Schools double as temples dedicated to the goddesses.
    City layout: the country of Munii is a large city shaped like a square with the outskirts being farmland. Each school has its own corner with the school of light in the middle. Housing, markets, and parks are found on each corner. Surrounding the tower of Light is the central hub of life in Munii.
    The Rift: a giant zone outside of Munii that is linked to the same spot 1000 years ago. It was said that as a last hope, the Goddesses created this rift to save themselves 1000 years in the future.
  9. Could I possibly be water? It sounds like a fun role.
  10. Yeah! I think I had it up there as water being a female, but the gender doesn't really matter as long as its about even :)
  11. I'm fine with a female. It makes me think of Katara.
  12. If we're doing claims, I'm interested in air. :)
  13. This sounds really interesting! Have you opened sign up sheets?
  14. I think you can just snag someone. That's what I did.
  15. I'm staying home sick tomorrow so when I get the chance I'll do sign ups
  16. So I think we still need Earth and Fire, right?
  17. I think so. I don't know which ones Aurorah and Dakota wanted, assuming they're still aiming to play.
  18. Okay we just need an earth now.
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