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  1. Hello.

    Forgive my lack of colourful code, but I like to keep these fairly straightforward. I'm looking for a partner who is interested in a fantasy-ish roleplay that is or isn't of the darker variety. At this point, I really don't care. I have a few vague plots in mind (and one highly specific one) that I'd love to share and discuss, so if you are interested in the genre(s), let's talk. If you have an idea for a plot you'd like to try, let me hear that, too. c:

    Genres (open)

    - Quest stuffs
    - Traveling for...reasons?

    - Let's plot

    - Let's plot

    Gothic Horror/Grimdark
    - Complex plot idea, please PM for details
    - Somewhat Bloodborne-flavoured
    - Heavy on blood/gore
    - Some supernatural elements

    - ???

    About Me:
    • Long-time RPer and writer
    • 20-something male who will only write with other adults
    • 2-5 paragraph standard, possibly more
    • Writes in third person and expects partner to do the same
    • Adaptable and will try to match partner's posting
    • Open-minded and chatty; also a little bit weird
    • Plays male characters; sucks at writing women and doesn't wish to subject others to it
    • Is a busy adult and expects partners to understand absences
      • That said, I will notify you if I will not be on for a few days. If something comes up, I will always do my best to let you know ahead of time, and I ask that you please do the same. I won't be upset, life always comes first. c:

    What I am interested in:
    • Mindful writing/grammar! I will probably ask for a sample!
      • THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME. Call me an asshole, but I cannot write with someone who doesn't have a firm grasp on the English language. I need my partners to use proper grammar and punctuation or I will drop the RP like a wingless rock.
        • This doesn't mean I never make mistakes, because I do. I'm just asking that you know the difference between affect/effect and understand that sentence fragments are bad and need to go away from this planet.
          • Seriously. If you don't write at an adept+ level, I'm not the partner for you. I'm also bad at telling people I don't like their writing, and if this happens I'm likely to make up a reason for needing to drop. Either way, I will tell you I'm dropping and will proceed to drop. Please do not hound me about this. If I tell you I'm dropping, I'm dropping. (Like a wingless rock.)
            • To amend what probably sounds really dickish, I'm not going to drop for not liking your word choice or something silly like that; if your style is weird for me I'll talk to you about it. I'll only drop when I know it's just not going to work. (if u post liek dis aftertelling me u write at an advanced level)
    • M/M or F/M
      • I'm into the slow burn at first, maybe something awkward, maybe some fantastic sexual tension; there also needs to be some chemistry.
    • Original characters (no Mary-Sue/Gary-Stus)
    • More plot than smut
    • Friendly partners
      • I like to chat between posts
    • Partners who are willing to plot with me and help develop a story!
      • Please don't be so passive I have to make all the decisions. You probably won't like the outcome.
    What I am not interested in:
    • Poor writing skills/grammar
    • Partners who are easily offended
      • I'm snarky and say non-PC things sometimes.
    • OP characters and/or God-moding
      • Please do not assume control of my character. If you do, please prepare for some silly shit.
    • Anime physics
    • "Yaoi" characters
      • I'm fine with MxM. I'm not fine with designated character roles. If a character is more submissive or more dominant, that is totally okay. HOWEVER, there are not weird labels and rules that need fulfilling. Let a character develop-- don't just assign them a role.
    • Bathroom-related sexual escapades
    • M-preg
      • Or pregnancy in general, sorry.
    • Super-passive characters
      • Please do not try to pitch me the super-cutesy/hyper-feminine shrinking violet. Please. Do. Not.

    If you have any questions or are interested, please send me a PM! Thanks for reading. c:

    Oh, and if you'd like to see a sample of my writing, please feel free to ask me!

    ***Addendum: You do not have to be a perfect writer for me to RP with you! I don't want this to be intimidating-- I don't bite, I promise! My writing is far from perfect-- I make mistakes and sometimes write really silly shit! Please don't be afraid to PM me! :D Look at all these exclamation marks!!!
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  2. Still looking.
  3. Still looking.
  4. HELLO! I am interested in roleplaying with you ^.^ what's your top priority in genres/plots?
  5. Consider my interest piqued. Would you like me to PM you for details?
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