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  1. id like to do an rp that touches down on all emotions over a period of time ex: most of the time an rp is set with an angry mood and it stays that way till the like it to be more. my partner can either be male or female.. but if its a male there will be no relationship between the characters.. so yea I guess if you interested we can talk plot.
    I really love anything to do with zombies
    having powers
    and future tech like being hackers ....mainly action.
    if you'd like to start a group rp im fine with it.. so yea..:)
  2. I wouldn't mind doing an oneXone with you.
  3. any specific ideas for a plot in mind?
  4. Well I like the post-apocalyptic idea. I actually am writing a story like that but they are demons who have taken over not zombies. Do you have any preferences.
  5. that sounds nice .. I was thinking of (zombies) but it could also work for demons.... where they take over and our two characters are meant to join forces to hel stop the apocalypse but for like the first few days of the apocalypse we don't know eachother but we are told by who ever that we will meet ... something along those lines...
    if yes would we be humans or other creatures?
    idk maybe we can go from there. if so ill write up the rp and post it..
  6. That works, we can just be humans.
  7. ok .. I have classes all day today (in college).. but it should be up by 5 o'clock.:) ill just put our names as the title of the rp
  8. Okay. I can understand classes (In college as well)
  9. oh..ohk:) its my first year. so im just getting used to it all
  10. :) ... where do you go to school . I go to Buffalo state college its in upstate ny
  11. Towson University, MD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.