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  1. Hello there to anyone who bothered to read this! I have been pretty bored lately so I've decided to start a roleplay. I was thinking of having a fantasy roleplay revolving around a war and the chaos ensuing in result of the battles. I was thinking of having two kings warring for power with various supporters from different nations that are taking sides. From the war there can be soldiers training and recruiting, prisoners of war, and survivors of cities that were destroyed. There would be some rather dark themes and probably sexual ones too with some smut. I am under 18, so I can't partake in smut with anyone older than 18 because of the rules.
    I can further work out the plot with anyone that is interested, but for now that is my general idea.

    -must be under 18
    -must be a decent writer and provide responses that are at least two paragraphs long
    -must be able to play FxF and/or MxM
    -no godmodding/over powered characters
    -no anime style characters, sorry
    -must be able to help further the plot and storyline, so someone who is not fully passive

    I think those are all of the basic requirements.

    I also have a few ideas for some pairings: (*roles I'd prefer to take)
    -*werewolf and vampire
    -master and *slave
    -human* and vampire
    -human and *werewolf
    -human* and demon
    -soldier and soldier

    That's all for now. PM me if you are interested and keep in mind that I can only accept one or two others. I don't want to be completely swamped with roleplays.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.